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Leader Skills
Oldrin new pilot part its the exact same as the one that we had before, same effect and same seishins, i didn't got Judau yet, but that seems to have caused some mixed reactions on people, because blue chips are rare things, and even if i have two Oldrins, its normal that most people only have one, and have no need for two of her pilot parts, since the new one is animated, voiced and free....

but get it anyway you never know when you will get the Defender Oldrin on some promotion or get the High Grail, its not a Taiki and not exactly a power house unit they might add to the SP tickets
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Moar of them:

Judau Astha

on Blue and Yellow missions raise evasion and armor for the entire team.




Yellow missions increase the dodge rate of the entire team

Rebound - gives 1 shooter core, and increase attack speed (this is traded for Soul given Huckbein very high attack...i don't know if its a good idea)
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Effects: Arena Mode and Challenge mode (Red missions) increase hit rate and evade of the entire team
[Image: HyDRMoF.png]

Swap Katalina seishins for:

Inspiration -  greatly increase hit rate and dodge for allies units near. (short time)
Flash - greatly increase dodge. (long time)
Miracle - Recover own unit HP, and for a certain period of time (short time) increase attack and dodge.

This is a very good leader skills with great set of seshins, if you don't have Katalaina at 70 yet raise her, her ability "Natural enemy" increase her attack a lot against attacker, she also have the best set of seishins of all the solis girls, being a great option if you don't have Roux and want to use a support shooter, she also only cost 13 to deploy being very  beginner friendly.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Haman Karn -
Effect - On Conquest Mode greatly increase dodge and Aim.
(pic latter)

Swaps Haman's seishins for.

Iron wall.
Hot blood.

she loses awakening and souls, its a downgrade so if you're not doing conquest mode don't bother
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Athrun Zala:
Effect: On arena mode hit rate up for the entire team
[Image: EBqkGMQ.png]

Intuition - Greatly increase hit rate and dodge
Refill - greatly heal a unit HP (the one with the lower hp on the moment)
Ignore Barrier - Can pierce trough barriers with normal attacks and hisatsus.

get this one, and equip on the shooter version of the unit it fix its glaring problems of the shooter version not having seishin that are useful for shooters at all, and turn him into a pretty good shooter, even for Arena mode if menage to get him to 70.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

[Image: C6JcHIu.png]

Increase armor of the entire team and dodge on conquest mode (normal) and events.

swap L'arc seishins for:

Furry ~ Great increase on attack and critical rate
Courage+ ~ Over time attack increase,armor up (Vs mode, give a core of you own color and increase dmg and hit rate by 30%)

Dixneuf was a pretty good unit on release, and till this day still can beat down some shooters, however the unit was power creeped and don't returned from it, this was a chance to give it a new life it makes it more viable for the normal modes, but still don't useful for all the vs modes, on conquest vs you might wanna use her now to blow some of the shooter units, its probably that she can one shoot the annoying shooters from conquest vs 20 with her Hisatsu now

it don't helps that the attacker Dix'neuf was outshined by Chico and before it by Summer Kanako and Room Stoll that are now the meta attackers of the game.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

If Dix Neuf is weaker now, that makes sense - it'll make its transformation something to look forward too. Unfortunately I doubt this L'arc will be usable for Buster Machine 19, given her outfit swap.
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