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Leader Skills
its not fine lol

they have to make it smaller it cover all your screen. they have to fix it :O
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

You do not fix what is already perfect
Ryoma's also taking up half screen. But Olive is a new high. XD
Got sick of Olive's leader card in less than a week. Her leader seishin are inferior to her regular seishin anyway. Pfft.

The same can be said to other leader cards too. Kamille, Rei, Shin Asuka... I took 'em all out for $30000 each.

Trading "直感" and "魂" for "信頼" and "共鳴"? That's on the verge of insanity.
SRW X-Ω フレンド No. 192310204
Amuro Rei
Incrase Evasion on all modes and events minus formidable foe events.
[Image: L9jCWLG.png]

Ok Amuro deserve a write his leader skill is the best till now, works on all modes and its a evasion up, however he does have its ups and downs like all the other Leader skills.

unlike Char Amuro don't have a commander skill so you won't be getting double buff from him, its all right however he does have a problem, if you use Nu Gundam for burst damage, his seishin changes take it away from him. its exactly the same as what happens to Olive.

Amuro swaps his first senshin for a Flash+ , that its a awesome skill. afffect all the field, and its vital for a dodger team, also combo with his leader skill to stack dodge.

his second seishin that was Soul, its swaped to Awakening, Awakening its not a bad seishin, not shooters are attacking as fast as attackers, this skill is insane with a Tekai unit doing critical hits, however you lost the immediate burst that soul gives but one should analyze to see if all that burst damage from Nu Gundam is needed after all. for the Defender Nu Gundam there's not much to lose since its attack its not big after all, and the main thing about him its his defensive Seishin.

his last skill is swaped for Miracle, that its a great seishin, it restores hp and give a large increase in evade.

until now its the better leader skill, up to you if you need the burst from soul or not, if you only Nu Gundam its the defender one you have nothing to lose equipping this.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Kallen and Rei pilot parts can now be equipped on their summer variants Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

^Giving them... CLOTHES?!? WHY?!?
(09-13-2016, 05:58 AM)Mai Wrote: Kallen and Rei pilot parts can now be equipped on their summer variants Smile

I noticed that a few days ago.  Strange.
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X-mas Kallen can now equip her leader skill as well, so with that we arrive on the conclusion that summer shooter Kallen its her strongest version, and totally worth maxing for the nuke and the knockback on the normal attacks.

Takaya  Noriko
Whole team hit rate up on Arena Mode and Event Quests (minus formidable foes)
[Image: 7svNjLS.png]

Swap Noriko Seishins for:

Lock on/Valor (attack up + defense up)/Miracle (medium healing + attacker power up + evasion up)

This might be my favorite leader skill yet, we can say that Noriko its not a niche leader her command skill is pretty usefull,  we can however use her with Touya to mitigate his downsides, she can also be extremely useful on the Arena to hit Scoopdogs,Nirvashes and other dodgy units.

she will make supers viable there, she will lose hotblood but i think its a fair trade for 3 good seishins, if you have Gunbuster you should take Noriko Pilot Part now when its 10 chips, you will probably regret letter don't having it when you menage to get a Gunbuster.

Effect: On Event quests all team receive a critical rate up (exclusind formidable foe events)
[Image: ABZvi4I.png]

Swap Simon Seisins for:

Faith/Trust+/Yell (small attack up + medium dmg reduction for a medium period of time)

This one turns Simon more on a support leader for critical teams, however as you can see its not usable outside the yellow missions, its quite good if you have Yoko/Mellowlink or Lockon, or any unit that its critical based, but otherwise it not really shine, he also lose his HotBlood, and lockon seishins.

its usable on a critical setup on my opinion, it could be more useful if it worked on conquest mode
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Oldrin Zervon
Effect: On conquest mode raise the critical damage of all the allies
[Image: KYqu277.png]

Swap Oldrin Seishins for:

Trust +(healing across all the field)/HotBlood(2x damage for a certain time)/Inspire  (increase attack, and speed of all team for a certain time)

you should definitively get if you have her, since its a direct upgrade of her regular seishins while maintain her damage intact, also Oldrin will be handful to fight bosses that have barrier or high hp, add to this that she also its a commander for attacker units with a lvl 2 skill for this, and you have it.

a good boost on your attackers and a good boost on your team criticals on conquest mode.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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