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Leader Skills
Oh, I didn't know there's a Ryoma one. How do we get it? *game under maintenance, can't check. grumble*
These leader skill only work on main story quest?
So Leader Skills are a very common element in other phone/browser/gacha games. Usually in those they're boiled into units from the start, so even crappy grunts have one (a crappy one, discouraging you from putting them in front even more).

They're pretty typically used to dictate team strategy in those games though, with effects like "1.5x attack for all units, 2.0x attack for units of (xxx) element/type/race" - I'm glad to see they're not going that route, since that can get a bit restrictive. Although, like the random unit power boosts lately, I do find it annoying that it's a benefit only bestowed to scant few units for now - but I guess they have to play catch up here. And, like those boosts, it does pull player's attention closer to having to get specific things beyond just their favorites series units at the moment (simultaneously scratching that itch with the pickable R+ raising units), which I suppose is a sound strategy...
does anyone know what shinn's leader skill does? :O
Once we equip this, we can't remove it, right? It's specific to that particular unit only?
(07-02-2016, 12:52 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: Question:
Once we equip this, we can't remove it, right? It's specific to that particular unit only?

Removing cost gold and Yes. Type doesn't matter you can give Kouji to Mazinger Z (JS) Defender and Attacker.

EDIT: Here are some updates, according to Google Translator.

Kamille - Event Quest Evasion up
Shinn - Event Quest Offensive up
Kouji - Event Quest Amor up
Ryoma - Story and Event Quest Offensive up

To get all the Leaderships skills
Kallen: Chapter 1-1-3
Rei: Chapter 2-1-3
Setsuna: Chapter 3-1-3
Kamille: Buy at shop
Ryoma: Buy at shop
Shinn: During Event
Kouji: During Event

Only Kouji and Shinn have voice's, you can find out if a voice button is on the status screen.
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wtf shinns effect is only for the event??? wtf, we get him on 80 kills, i hope they update it when this ends xD
Updated the leader skills on the first post, i will keep updating there so you people can check it, its missing Ryouma and Kamille only for now
Its never too late to start loving again
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Too bad I can't give Kallen's into the X-Mas one. Sad
so..., im still curious about this shinn effect..., does it work for all yellow quests? (including dailies?), if not..., did they update it post event? :O

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