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Ascending your units R+ to SSR
Quote:Total requirements for fully ascending the R+ units to SSR:

Small : 25 pink & your relevant color
Medium : 45 pink & your relevant color
Large : 20 pink & your relevant color

R+ to R++: 10 Small each
R++ to SR+: 15 Small and 5 Medium each
SR+ to SR++: 10 Medium and 5 Large each
SR++ to SSR: 30 Medium and 15 Large each

Both the pink one and the relevant color of your unit.

This is a tutorial on how to ascend your units, all the hero units of X-Omega can now be acquired via a special chip that you will receive, we all have one now.

this works like the "select the series that you like the most" on regular SRW.

1 - find this menu, and click on the last option.
[Image: D0xE8D1.png]

2 - This take us to the unit select screen, just select a unit that you like a lot.
[Image: JQRAqQa.png]

Holding down on the unit you can check its status, and stuff, like i said we can only get the main unit and it will be piloted by the series hero, think well about your choice to not regret it latter, those units that have a  red "1" on it its showing that you already own the unit.

i will get the R+ Nirvash, since i always wanted one.

3 - now i claimed my Nirvash type Zero, and have to get back to the previous menu and click on the first option and after that on your unit.
[Image: h8KM7cj.png]

looks like i need to Raise Eureka level to 40 and have some weird new items, browse back to the dailies.

4 - Daily missions.
[Image: 4zCAzEL.png]

that's the new daily mission that drop coins, so go there and explode things, get the coins max level your unit and repeat the process until it turns into a SSR.

the dailies coincide with the old daily dungeons,so with attacker xps we now have attacker coins as well (the red ones) all the attacker units use attacker coins, the pink coins are used by all units so you can farm it today, since you will need a LOT of them

the chips that allow you to pick another R+ unit its a rare item that will be given on events and stuff
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I'd rather not click it until I can be sure.
So if I click the unit on your point #2, in this case Eureka Seven, I get a warning confirmation. Something about R+ Nirvash Type Zero and R+Chip x1.
What exactly am I procuring here? Because I'm pretty sure I don't have Nirvash Type Zero at all in my garage.
Just simple trade 1 chip for 1 R+ unit you choose, in this case Nirvash Type Zero.
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IGN: Arado
Oh I see. That means we can actually buy units now? Neat.
And that also means we can't ascend our normal R units at all. Oh well.
Yeah, what matter is how rare that R+ chip, still didnt know how to acquire it.

Time to purge all R and buy naked gyaru Big Grin.
X-Omega Friend Number: 193079218
IGN: Arado
and since you can only buy ONE of each no matter how many hexagons you have, that means the only way to break them is to get those limit break items Big Grin
I am torn between Eureka or Oldrin. Argh.
I hope we get more info about how to get this R+Chip.
Link with the quantity of cell needed par each upgrade:
I went and got a Sousuke , I want that loot ability.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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I am guessing the idea behind this is that you have at least one guaranteed robot from a series you like, which you get to raise like a Chia Pet. My getting Gunbuster so early on likely had a great deal to do with my interest in this game being maintained this whole time, so it's a smart move.

Like others though, I am currently paralyzed on who to pick. I'll probably wait and see how things pan out with this update - I'm sure I'll probably need to start maintaining Blasters and Fighters sooner or later. The last event and the Twitter campaign fixed my lack of strong Defenders up right quick.

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