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Support Coins
Mai I'm not stealing your thing, I'm just doing some good coins that you missed Smile

Coin Name
: Source of rumors story
SSR: Sakakibara Yuri
Effect: Increase Attack Power, Avoidance Rate, Critical Magnification of Set Attacker
[Image: Screenshot_2017-04-26-11-55-22.png]
This coin is great Smile . If you have 15% additional critical rate or less, then it's stronger than Chidori and Schwarz Bruder coin. If you have 16% or more additional critical rate then give it the Chidori or Bruder coin as a first choice.
It's great for units like Master Asia Hyper Mode that have high attack but low crit chance.
(*Additional critical rate from abilities, equipment, ally buffs, leader bonus and battleship effect all added together)

Coin Name
: Single Combat
SSR: Shikinami Asuka Langley
Effect: Increase Attack Power(4%), Armor(4%?) At The Start of Each Wave
[Image: Screenshot_2017-04-26-13-03-58.png]
I want to do a review for this coin because Asuka is the best and Mai didn't review it. It's a nice coin, though not really for everyday use. The first wave doesn't count, so on a 3 wave quest you get 8% attack and armor on the last wave. That's higher than what you usually get from SSR coins that have two effects(7% max effect). The only drawback is if you are in the ship when the wave begins then effect won't increase for that wave.
Don't use this on strong enemy stage :|
that's nice :O the more people to do this the better
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Mai, are you sure Waco gives evade on every wave except for the first? The text seems to indicate it's only on the boss wave?

I ask because I'm comparing evade coins to use for Xan. Seems like the best ones are Waco (large evade up on boss wave?), Ryoko (large evade up while above 50% HP), and Schwarts (Critical damage up, evade up).

I wonder what the actual percentages are, though. For instance, would a normal 'evade up' on an SSR coin be equal to a large evade up bonus on an SR coin? Can we find the actual numbers anywhere?


Nops the SSR coins always have larger modifiers, the thing with Chidori coin its that she was for a long time the only coin that increased the critical magnifier and not the critical rit hate. and about Wako coin you're right i did it wrongly because i was using it on a event that had more than one boss wave, so it stacked two times, but you will get a large increase on boss wave 10% since its a SR coin, you better of with Ryouko

Coin Name: Lady of Uwig.
SSR: Katejina Loss
Effect: Attack increase for every unit defeated. (2% stacks at 25%)
[Image: lE1D9h7.png]

We have some of those coins already, units that excels with them:

- Blaster Katalina (1 Core Hisatsu)
- Blaster Marida (2 cores MAP Hisatsu)
- Taiki Haman (2 Cores MAP hisatsu)
- Taiki Shooter Nono (cover all the map)
- Taik wing Zero (MAP)
- Taiki Nu Gundam (all the map)

Other interesting uses:

- Shooter I.Justice Gundam ~ This unit has a ability that increases its attacks as it hits things, and it stacks with Katejina giving him a wooping + 45%
- Attacker Nono ~ Same as Justice, however she does get a even higher increase due to having higher attack power.

Not use when:

- you are using a unit that has single target Hisatsu.

meaning that if one of those units shoot a hisatsu and blow 10 units at the same time you instantly receive a 20% increase, that's not hard to achieve, you should probably find a lot of uses for this coin its one of the best support coins on the entire game.

Jullieta you're just a poor Katejina copy u_U

Coin Name: Glinda Knights Head
SSR: Marybell Li Britannia
Effect: Great increase damage against enemies suffering from any abnormal state (15%)
[Image: 2M5H1NX.png]

Mary its Oldrin's love, and as it couldn't be different her support its designed to work with Oldrin, she works like a Snipe lite, the snipe skill give you a huge increase on dmg on the same conditions, Mary just gives you 15% but as everything else on this game it does stack with other things, and it can be used to fix some units that have a ridiculous low attack but can apply status effects (looking at you Yoko)

Units to use this on:

- any Oldrin
- any OO Raiser/Quant
- Lockons
- Yoko
- Ryuune
- any unit with snipe really
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Coin Name: Wake up Live
Effect: resistance to hisatsu seal.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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