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Support Coins
Mai I'm not stealing your thing, I'm just doing some good coins that you missed Smile

Coin Name
: Source of rumors story
SSR: Sakakibara Yuri
Effect: Increase Attack Power, Avoidance Rate, Critical Magnification of Set Attacker
[Image: Screenshot_2017-04-26-11-55-22.png]
This coin is great Smile . If you have 15% additional critical rate or less, then it's stronger than Chidori and Schwarz Bruder coin. If you have 16% or more additional critical rate then give it the Chidori or Bruder coin as a first choice.
It's great for units like Master Asia Hyper Mode that have high attack but low crit chance.
(*Additional critical rate from abilities, equipment, ally buffs, leader bonus and battleship effect all added together)

Coin Name
: Single Combat
SSR: Shikinami Asuka Langley
Effect: Increase Attack Power(4%), Armor(4%?) At The Start of Each Wave
[Image: Screenshot_2017-04-26-13-03-58.png]
I want to do a review for this coin because Asuka is the best and Mai didn't review it. It's a nice coin, though not really for everyday use. The first wave doesn't count, so on a 3 wave quest you get 8% attack and armor on the last wave. That's higher than what you usually get from SSR coins that have two effects(7% max effect). The only drawback is if you are in the ship when the wave begins then effect won't increase for that wave.
Don't use this on strong enemy stage :|
that's nice :O the more people to do this the better
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Mai, are you sure Waco gives evade on every wave except for the first? The text seems to indicate it's only on the boss wave?

I ask because I'm comparing evade coins to use for Xan. Seems like the best ones are Waco (large evade up on boss wave?), Ryoko (large evade up while above 50% HP), and Schwarts (Critical damage up, evade up).

I wonder what the actual percentages are, though. For instance, would a normal 'evade up' on an SSR coin be equal to a large evade up bonus on an SR coin? Can we find the actual numbers anywhere?

FGO (NA): 006,634,728
Nops the SSR coins always have larger modifiers, the thing with Chidori coin its that she was for a long time the only coin that increased the critical magnifier and not the critical rit hate. and about Wako coin you're right i did it wrongly because i was using it on a event that had more than one boss wave, so it stacked two times, but you will get a large increase on boss wave 10% since its a SR coin, you better of with Ryouko

Coin Name: Lady of Uwig.
SSR: Katejina Loss
Effect: Attack increase for every unit defeated. (2% stacks at 25%)
[Image: lE1D9h7.png]

We have some of those coins already, units that excels with them:

- Blaster Katalina (1 Core Hisatsu)
- Blaster Marida (2 cores MAP Hisatsu)
- Taiki Haman (2 Cores MAP hisatsu)
- Taiki Shooter Nono (cover all the map)
- Taik wing Zero (MAP)
- Taiki Nu Gundam (all the map)

Other interesting uses:

- Shooter I.Justice Gundam ~ This unit has a ability that increases its attacks as it hits things, and it stacks with Katejina giving him a wooping + 45%
- Attacker Nono ~ Same as Justice, however she does get a even higher increase due to having higher attack power.

Not use when:

- you are using a unit that has single target Hisatsu.

meaning that if one of those units shoot a hisatsu and blow 10 units at the same time you instantly receive a 20% increase, that's not hard to achieve, you should probably find a lot of uses for this coin its one of the best support coins on the entire game.

Jullieta you're just a poor Katejina copy u_U

Coin Name: Glinda Knights Head
SSR: Marybell Li Britannia
Effect: Great increase damage against enemies suffering from any abnormal state (15%)
[Image: 2M5H1NX.png]

Mary its Oldrin's love, and as it couldn't be different her support its designed to work with Oldrin, she works like a Snipe lite, the snipe skill give you a huge increase on dmg on the same conditions, Mary just gives you 15% but as everything else on this game it does stack with other things, and it can be used to fix some units that have a ridiculous low attack but can apply status effects (looking at you Yoko)

Units to use this on:

- any Oldrin
- any OO Raiser/Quant
- Lockons
- Yoko
- Ryuune
- any unit with snipe really
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Coin Name: Wake up Live
Effect: resistance to hisatsu seal.
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Effect:equip on a attacker large attack up
[Image: MZH45ul.png]

SSR:Kira Yamato
Effect:Large Dodge up
[Image: 6XTe7RB.png]

Effect: Large increase on critical rate
[Image: 83FqNb5.png]
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

New support people

[Image: YZ75LRW.jpg]
Fighting on a good Range ~ Large increase on hit rate.

Useful on Conquest (30 and 47)

[Image: 6CAXrfy.jpg]
SSR Kyo ~ Boss Wave large attack and evade up

[Image: nczGIkx.jpg]
Clean and discreet ~ Resistance against the Darkness status effect
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Anniversary coins.

Coin name: Powerful Smile
SSR: Fastenia
Critical Magnifier up + Accuracy up

Coin Name: Intelligent Smile
Hp recovery as wave advances

Coin Name:Cooking with good ingredients
SSR: Retsel
Large Dodge up and Aim up.

Large Aim Up

Attack power and speed increases as wave advances

Coin Name: Dark Knight
Large attack power up, increase critical rate
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

What does this Support Chip do?

[Image: 59900075.jpg]
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Large critical rate up.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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