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Support Coins

So far I've gotten nothing. Thougun I finished Valsione last night already. Shu+Shu+Masaki made point grinding a lot faster.

I tried 2 more pulls in the gacha. Pull. Was grass garbage, the 5 cost pull gave me a other cybuster!....Too bad it was the SR, so into the garbage it goes where it belongs.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You tough i forgot the event Coins i didn't

Masou Kishin Coins

Coin Name
: a stuborn young sister
SSR: Precia Zenoaskis
Large Evasion up
[Image: tABtON8.png]

We have numerous coins like this one, on this event for example we have Sara coin that its similar, what makes Precia coin shines its that she raises more than coins that raises multiple attributes for example a SSR coin that raises 2 attributes are raising them by 5% 7% at best, a coin that raises a single thing is raising by 10%/15%, so you want to equip this one on dodging units, the Event Spec The End is a good choice as any dodging real.

Coin Name: Beautiful Genius
SSR: Wendy
Coin Effect: Wave heal
[Image: fNwEwmG.png]
Coin name: Shu miserable familiar bird
SR: zombie birds of from the zombie man
Effect: equip it on a defender for a increase on attack power, and a large increase on armor.
[Image: 2OGH9XB.png]

you equip this support coin on units like Shu,Asuka those people that keep alive like freaking zombies with guts that refuses do die and are always the last unit on your squad alive on the arena, those.

Xmas event

Coin Name: Mari's Sword
SSR: Oldrin
Effect: Attack up, Critical up, evasion up (5% everything)
[Image: j3ODpF7.png]

Basically its a general purpose coin, its not attached to any class, overall you will equip this on units that have some benefic on inflicting critical hits, like Ayano's Alexander, OO Raiser and units like that that give status on critical hits, do not expect too much from the dodge.

Coin name: Longing for the universe Pilot
SSR: Nono
Effect: Attack up, Critical up, Hit rate up
[Image: YL4r6EA.png]

general purpose coin, 5% everything raises hit rate instead of dodge, overall its a okay coin to have around.

(for Mari's Coin check page 4)

Coin name: simple way of thinking
SSR: Inui Asahi
Effect: Equip it on any Shatte's unit and she will gain more Xps
[Image: 0vLg7rR.png]

Random ones:

Coin name:
Evil kid with evil eyes
SSR: Ana
Effect: as the waves goes on gain a large increase on attack power
[Image: iq8Dm62.png]

Jokes aside this is a great support coin to use on conquest mode and normal game modes if the stage its 3 waves by the last wave you have a 30% upgrade on attack, and if you pair this with some of the evas that gain attack as the wave goes on such as the defender 01 and Taiki Asuka, its +50% attack power on the end.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Daitarn Coins:
[Image: KcG5Ftt.jpg]
Coin Name: A Versatile Gentleman
SSR: Garrison
Effect: Large incrase on critical rate

[Image: 9XgBA4a.jpg]
Effect: Increase drop rate on the quest "Gold Rush"

[Image: TqKvpPz.jpg]
SR: Professor Mizuki
Effect: Increase hit rate of shooters

SSR: Flower Girl
Effect: Equip on a attacker for a large Evade up
[Image: hwimk55.png]

Coin Name: Lady Capricious
SSR: Louise Harvley
Effect: Every time you defeat a unit increase attack power and hit rate.
[Image: nQEiouv.png]
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

[Image: upCpV8t.jpg]
Increase Armor, Moviment speed and evade (5%)

[Image: nlNL1lT.jpg]
Greatly increase attack and critical hit rate (10%)
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Coin Name: Wako smiles at her first useful appearance on this game (Wako unit when?)
SR: Wako
Effect: Large increase on dodge at every wave
[Image: 3vjxj4g.png]

You don't have a dodger? you dodger don't works? you cry everytime you try conquest 60? you savior has arrived, know Wako coin |o

The increase of Wako coin its a large one at every wave she gets 10% stackable dodge to your unit, if we're talking about 3 waves she stacks at 20% + your unit passives + captain abilities and command skills, so you the strategy is, make a unit away from danger for the first 2 waves and send it on the third.

Wako will make it very hard to hit.

Coin Name: More Ryouko coins at this point we don't even know how many there are.
SR:Ryouko the coin queen.
Effect: Large increase on evade when the unit has more than 50% hp
[Image: NmMd4sE.png]

So now you ask, why use Ryouko instead of Wako? because Ryouko gives you a 10% right of bat and Wako coin gives you 0% on the first wave, and only gives you 10% on the second wave onward.

as you can see the girls coins are to be used with their partner units.

those are two SR coins to keep, as you have no reason to get rid of the support coins anymore.

dodgy girls aside

Coin Name: Ninja Guy from G Gundam
SSR: Ninja Person
Effect: Great increase in critical magnifier + dodge increase (20%)
[Image: pC2QnDL.png]

Ninja person increase you critical magnifier, i don't know by how much but i assume that he increases as much as Chidori at least since he is a SSR coins, the evade up, its a normal evade up 5%

its a good coin for dodge reals like the Eureka Seven ones for example.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

(03-29-2017, 12:03 AM)Mai Wrote: Ninja Guy from G Gundam

Schwarz Bruder.

Also yeah Wawna as playable would be awesome.
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Zegapain coins round 2

Coins Name: The cute Twin
SR: MeiYen (??)
Effect:resistance to stun and slow
[Image: kNkQLtN.png]

This can actually be useful on a  conquest mode stage, and maybe on some event, outside of that nothing impressive.

Coin name: Hometown toughs
SR: Mayu
Effect: resistance to burning and darkness
[Image: RnlEUTj.png]

Same as the other one, keep it, have you been noticing how lazy they where with this coins arts?  keep her you might want to protect yourself from burning on some map, its always nice to have around but i don't think this will see much play.

Coin Name: Former Ace
R: Hayato Crocio
Effect: attack up each time you kill an enemy (1%)
[Image: 6wYMDfZ.png]

not really worth we have two other coins who do the same and are better than this one, being Tamaki that gives 3% by each blowed unit, and another one that has similar effect with 2%, save if you want to deploy several units with that ability (attack up on exploding a unit) its not worth, but well we do have a lot of these units, but they are all egoistical units that you won't be deploying together anyway.

Coin Name: Vice President
SSR: Ema
Effect: When the battleship hp its on 4/5, greatly increase mobility,evade,hit rate (20+%)
[Image: zeaUkZx.png]

Get this one, its not hard to maintain the battleship at high hp after all, and the coin is really great, you can use it on any class of unit and gives a good boost.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Coin Name: Innocent Hostility
SSR: Quess Paraya

Effect: criticla magnifier of attacker units greatly increased
[Image: qQzrHlG.jpg]

this coin give +25% dmg on your critical's its 5% more than Schwarz the previous critical overlord, but Schwarz coin also give you dodge +20% as well so this makes this one a collection item.

for people confused about the % of the coins

Increase = 5%
Large Increase = 10%
Great increase = 15/20%
Greatly = 20%+
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I'm confused, because I thought there was only normal and large bonuses; the only distinction being when "大" (dai?) was used.

I thought the only difference from there was if you see a normal or large bonus on different rarity of coins, i.e. a large bonus on an SR coin would be lower than the one on an SSR, assuming the two coins only had one buff on it.
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Same, but Dangeki did the % modifier datamines I'm just posting it, they said that Chidori its a SR with Large but 15% same as some SSR coins so I'm using greatly instead for the 20% to not confuse things but for the game its a great increase, its just that some increase by 15 and others by 20+ %
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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