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Support Coins
> SR Arthur - Raises the experience gain of a unit
Does that mean that one unit gets more XP
Or is it the XP you get for the entire team?
Does it stack with Exp up for Bright, Tessa and Albegas?

> easy to acquire get you cat right now
It took me 10 tries to get that cat.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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Yes the TheBigB all the effects of the game stack, the dodge coins stack the drop rate stacks, for example if you run two Sousukes instead of one you get 20% more drop chance, and if you run two Sasukes with Toori you get 30% + chance of drop.

hard to tell if its the entire team or juts one unit, i didn't tested yet, but assuming that Toori coin affect all the drop chances, it might be.

SR: Vice President
Coin Name: Mascot in the night flight
Effect: increase drop rate
[Image: EJgv98Y.png]

Vice President will be your best friend on most of the game yellow missions, he will help you to farm containers, those coins are pretty popular and good choice to equip on your units on the greencubes day, and on events that require a lot of farming for drops, like the tickets fiesta ones.

those red tickets are limited but its good to have him around since he is a SR, i assume that he raise the drops less than Toori SSR coin.

however i will wait Dangeki tells by how much
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

More Coins

: Kuryu
Coin Name: Bodyguard of the family head
Effect: Large evasion up when hp its more than half (its the HP of the unit not the ship one)
[Image: Ulq9VRx.png]

If you're already playing this for a long time you have better coins to use, however if you're new. keep him, he will be useful for the Eureka Seven and Votons units, a solid dodge coin and its a SR one, we never know when there will be some sort of event that don't allow us to use SSR supports.

SSR: Wang Liu Mei
Coin Name: The Young Head of the Royal Family
Effect: Greatly increases armor and greatly reduce evade
[Image: DkzABqO.png]
Mixed feelings? nah there's no Mixed feelings this is a great support coin and its unique one as well, obviously the demerit its ridiculous small on relation of what this coin do, it increases the defense of a unit by 10 or 15%, obviously you will equip her on a Super, units like Evas,Gunbuster,Mazingers,Grendizer, and other supper units, can't dodge at all ,so you are just receiving a big defense up.

of the reward units you can probably use it on the Gift defender Jet Scramble Mazinger Z.

the R coins of this event are not all that worth keeping on the hangar they're just, like a situational dodge coin, and things like that, the Zegapain event coins where pretty meh.

Ryouko one increase hit rate and doge on attackers, but its by a regular amount 5%

Reika one increase container drop rate.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Do the drop rate bonuses stack, though?
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They probably stack, or there would make no sense in giving us a lot of those coins, since we got one for the Zegapain Event and other one on this
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

as i said before i won't go hardcore on this event, its not that i don't like Code Geass i do like it a lot, its the fact that its another FOE event, and i have ZERO OMG crystals to try for Lancelot Albion that's the thing that i want the most there.

so i will just do a pull when the twitter rewards arrive (if i can register my twitter in game that is since i can't write there)

so i ask you people that will finish the event to please post screenshoots of the support coins so i can update this section Smile
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

We have some Coins that are not here yet so lets update this, starting with the Code Geass ones, i didn't got all of them because like i said i didn't really finished the Code Geass event.


SR: Ninja Maid the woman of the future
Coin name: Shadow Defense
Effect: Critigal damage up + Evade up.
[Image: XFKcQUm.png]

Everyone wants to have a maid in home, and everyone that has a maid wants her to be a Ninja, c'mon Ninja maids are a trend, must be something that you train in order to be a maid nowadays.

Overall a decent SR coin, i would keep it, it raise critical damage and evasion, its a excellent combination with Oldrin and the new Gekka ship.

SR: Kururugi Suzaku
Coin Name: Will to change the world
Effect: attack up and evade up
[Image: f6uRulw.png]

You know how this goes, Suzaku its pretty much a status up coin, with no requirements, so you can use it on your Blasters and Fighters, however like all these coins he raise in attack and evade its not very good, and we have coins that are similar to him, but not with the exact same effect so keep it.

SSR: Euphemia Vi Britania
Coin Name: Friendly World
Effect: At every 1/8 of HP lost, it gives a large evasion up on the next attack.
[Image: fF3vw6J.png]

Ok that's a strange coin right? you will equip it on a dodge real, however Euphemia its a stall coin, meaning that you get shoot, them you mostly evade, them get hit again, them dodge again, it might be extremely useful for Lancelot Albion/Chirico for example, you can combo it with Amuro pilot part.

that's it for the Code Geass coins, i don't have Nunally next the new Votoms coins.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(09-25-2016, 12:34 AM)Mattman324 Wrote: Do the drop rate bonuses stack, though?

Yes, all form of drop bonuses stack. So all support coins, units with the skill, etc.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
SR: Suspicious Girl
Effect: equip it on a shooter for a hit rate up and dodge up
[Image: FAS8igB.png]

Well i would recommend to keep this suspicious woman on this strange pose on your garage you might need her on the future, hit rate  + dodge up its a good combo for shooters like Suzaku for example.

SSR: Fiona
Coin Name: Phantom Lady
Effect: When you hp reach 1/4  or less, the unit receive a large dodge up and a large attack up.
[Image: 9xhAlIv.png]

Why would you use this? you want this coin on Eureka,Anemone,Gainer,Suzaku and Chirico dodge a LOT with this coin equipped, so keep it, you can also notice that its a Large attack up with no class requisite so you can use on Blasters and Fighters.

overall Large attack ups always have requisites of class, i don't really like coins that are only active when the units are near blowing, however now we have units that skills only active when this happens, you might not have Suzaku,Eureka or Chirico yet, but who knows when you will get one of them?

so keep it.   

and we are done with the Votoms ones now on to the new ones.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

SSR: Irie Tamaki
Coin Name: Shameless Natural Love
Effect: At each enemy defeated attack power and movement speed increases (there's no limit to how much it increases).
 [Image: LlDNnMy.png]

even if you're not doing the event grab Tamaki's Support coin. i dare to say that its one of the better ones released till now, this coin is excellent for those super hard missions, and make almost all other coins miserable near it, since you can stack the attack of you nuker and go loose on the bosses.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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