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Post your friend IDs here!
Hi guys I just made a "new" account, I was called Rom-Stol in the old forum and I used to post art and sprites. I now go mostly by this new nickname.
Since I know a little japanese I post info about the game in the new facebook Cross Omega group (
My ID in Omega is 105389293 (Rank 51, player name Blue).
And my cousin's account run now by me since he left the game (Rank 78, player name Fel): 114217966

Hi friends!

My ID = 145 519 497; I lead with Wing Zero since someone said it's good. Thank you!
Friend Request sent to Seigi, Bluemachine, and egghead.
I'm Zaibatsu and sometime I changed my friend unit, but right now it's the Defender Getter-1 as it's an event unit. Big Grin
ID: 166947747

Just started last week.
X-O Friend ID: 180957233

Same username as on this forum.
X-O Friend ID: 180957233
Info in sig, if anyone is interested.
X-O ID: 159677720 (Primary) - HyperEX
X-O ID: 180595884 (Secondary) - Hypereia
Premium Pack log
Here is my Friend code:

There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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