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Post your friend IDs here!
ID: 186471287
Name: Mattman324

Units I typically lead with:

~Level 80 maxed Attacker Solar Aquarion (not powered)
~Level 80 maxed Imber
~Level 80 maxed Granteed
~Level 80 maxed Kantam Robo
~Level 60+ close to maxed Gunbuster
Used to lead with a level 60 Attacker Exia that was maxed for 60, but it's been tabled for being worse than the Aquarion. Will probably add the Defender Mazinger Z JS and similar things I've gotten to level 80 to this list eventually, but in general I switch things up when the event requires it.
Sent a friend request to everyone in the topic on my new account. The name is Orochi.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Send me again Orochi :\

my request list was full at the time i cleared some space now
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

It would be nice if you can send it to me too Orochi.
I usually put lvl 70 Nu Gundam or lvl 58 Summer Kallen as leader.
X-Omega Friend code: 107098332
Sent it to you two.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Here Mr. Orochi ;DD

IGN: Katsumotto
Currently using: Lvl 80 Shooter Tallgeese III
ID : 158280097
Name : OmegaZero

I try to lead with my Lvl 69/70 Arbalest, to dish out the loot bonus, but. Been mostly using the 72/80 JS Mazinger and Maxed Granteed.
Started this past friday night so don't have much yet. FC is 146693008
Top Nep and Wish, friend request sent from Zaibatsu.
Got it.

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