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Unit Review thread
Van Reis (Blaster Omega)

[Image: 19900976.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  18350
ATK 11460
DEF 9880
AGI 12210

Aus Frigge
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 2 Cores; 3x3 Wide Range; Deals Medium Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 4 Cores; Targets all enemies; Deal 150% Damage; Ignores Guard and Barrier; Boost ATK by 50% and ignore Bunshin when attacking for 2 Turns; Boost AGS by 1000 for 3 Turns

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 3 Cores; Full Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 3 Cores; Y-Wide Range; Deal 210% Range Damage; Ignore Guard, Barrier, and Bunshin

RevolGriff (Omega Version)
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 4 Cores; Full Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 4 Cores; Targets all enemies; Boost Accuracy by 50%; Deal 240% Range Damage; Ignore Guard, Barrier, and Bunshin; Boost ATK by 50% for 2 Turns; Immune to Status Ailments for 3 Turns


Women's Secrets
- (Normal/Conquest) Medium chance of Bunshin when attacking
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Full Bunshin as long as its HP is above 1/2

Exceeding Power
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost Accuracy, Evasion, and Movement Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If HP is below 1/2, boost DEF and Evasion by 200%, AGS by 1500

Awakening to Understanding (though 'Appreciation to Arousal' is another translation becaise of the obvious situation Asahi is in, the lucky bastard)
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK, CRT Hit Rate and CRT Magnification
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For each turn, heal 50% HP, remove Status Ailments, and give 2 Rainbow Cores

Killing Immotality (Unlocks at Level 70)
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks ignore Guard and Barrier and an increased chance of knockback
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost ATK, Accuracy, and Guard by 100% and reduces damage by 30%; Boost AGS by 1000; Reduce damage received by 50%

EX Ability:
- Erect a Barrier that nullifies damage from all attacks

Faced a number of these at the Arena, and its abilities does sound intimidating, if not annoying. This unit has all the special defenses (Guard, Bunshin, Barrier) equipped, a further reduction to damage, high healing and removal of Status Ailments, and a high AGS and high Evasion if it's HP goes low. Turns out I overestimated this unit and had no issues taking Asahi down.

Blaster Nu can ignore all of Asahi's special defenses by attacking normally or use the All Range Attack Hissatsu. And since the Van Reis doesn't get its 200% Evasion bonus until its HP goes down in half, it means it only has a standard Evasion rating, so by the time Amuro's final ability kicks in, the rest of my team will make mincemeat out of the Van Reis. Throw in Char's Funnels that reduces Action Gauges, the Van Reis is incapable of striking back. Blaster Nu isn't the only one that can ignore special defenses. The Neo Granzon and the Blaster Dix-Neuf are just among the list of units that are capable of doing this as well.

Doesn't mean the Van Reis is a weak unit. You just need to know when to put its special defenses to good use in each Arena battle. Faced with the Taiki Tauburn Compartment? Van Reis's Bunshin will help dodge Takuto's first attack. Dealing with the Destroy Gundam? Van Reis's Barrier will ensure it takes no damage, and any Status Ailments are removed by the next turn (if you get the Van Reis to perform its Omega Hissatsu first, then it's a full status resistance). Units that are Anti-Bunshin and Anti-Barrier? You've got Guard with an extra damage reduction bonus.

True, the Van Reis lacks enough of an accuracy boost to deal with Dodgers. But if you have the Asahi/Shatte/Honoka Pilot Part, it has the Miracle Seishin that can potentally give the Van Reis a maximuim accuracy of 200% (an extra 50% if you use the RevolGriff Omega Hissatsu). Units like the Fighter Dragonar can help increase the Van Reis's accuracy even further to help deal with the top Dodgers. Tankers are the only units the Van Reis won't be able to break through due to the its lack of nullifying DEF percentage boosts.

You would want to use the Van Reis in Conquest Mode thanks to its abilities. Stick to the Aus Frigge than the RevolGriff to help bring down multiple enemies easier.
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Daitarn 3 (Fighter Omega)

[Image: 12000036.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  21380
ATK 13260
DEF 9940
AGI 9840

Daitarn Hammer
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 1 Core; 3x3 Square Range Surrounding This Unit; Deals Small Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 2 Cores; Targets Enemies Surrounding This Unit; CRT Hit Rate up 50%; Deal 180% Damage; Ignore Guard and 100% of DEF; Reduge Action Gauge by 50%

Sun Attack Midareuchi
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 2 Cores; 3x3 Wide Range; Deals Medium Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 4 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Boost Accuracy by 100%; Deal 150% Range Damage; Ignore Bunshin and Barrier; Reduce Evasion by 50% for 2 Turns; 80% Chance of 3 Burns for 2 Turns

Sun Attack
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 3 Cores; 4 Square Horizontal Range; Targets 1 Enemy; Deals Large Range Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 2 Cores (3 for Omega Ver); Targets 1 Enemy; Boost Accuracy and CRT Hit Rate by 50%; Deal 160% (210% for Omega Ver) x2 Damage; Ignore Bunshin, Barrier, and Guard; Reduce DEF and Evasion by 50% (100% for Omega Ver) for 1 Turn

Iron Wall

Pride of Humanity
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost DEF and CRT Magnification and greatly boost ATK
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Reduce Damage by 50%, CRT Damage and Accuracy up 100%, AGS up 30%, Full Guard with Damage reduced by 30%

Rumors of Banjo Haran
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks ignore Barrier and Guard
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost ATK, CRT Hit Rate, and Status Resistance by 20%, AGS up 200, and Accuracy by 50% to all allied Fighters

Carrying The Sins of The Father
- (Normal/Conquest) After receiving minor damage, reduce damage from all attacks (negated if HP is full)
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If HP is less than 1/2, Evasion up 200%, AGS 2000

"The Sun is in My Presence..." (Unlocks at Lvl 65)
- (Normal/Conquest) After receiving minro damage, greatly boost ATK, CRT Hit Rate and CRT Magnification
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Seishin Skill cooldown reduced by 3 Turns

EX Ability:
- Boost HP by 20,000 at the start of battle

First thing you'll notice when comparing this to the Attacker Taiki version is that the Fighter Omega version has much higher stats, especially with AGI being at 9840 vs the Attacker's 5320, which is a huge difference as far AGS is concerned in the Arena. The Attacker's Accuracy boosts were 90%*, whereas the Fighter Omega's is 150%*. May not be much when fighting Dodgers, but if you combine the Intuition Seishin and use the ranged Sun Attack, the Fighter Omega version would have a total accuracy boost of 350%, and quite a damage to boot. If the enemy happens to have Toughness, you can negate it by switching to the close ranged Sun Attack as it deals combo damage. Its Anti-Barrier properties assures you can take on the Neo Granzon, Taiki Tauburn Compartment, and the Omega Van Reis. Switching to the Daitarn Hammer will help take on Tankers like the MazinKaiser.

If you maximize the level of Banjo's Seishins, the Cooldown is reduced by 1 turn. With his final ability, it's reduced by another 3 turns. In this case, Intuition would have a 1 Turn Cooldown, Iron Wall can be used every turn, and Soul's Cooldown is 3 turns. This is quite a big deal and puts Banjo in a unique advantage against others.

The wording on Banjo's abilities in Normal mode is a little weird, as if implying the damage he receives must be a minor one for the abilities to take effect as opposed to taking a huge hit. Would be easier to just say the abilities kick in if his HP is less than full. I am not sure if you can fuse this with the other classes of the Daitarn 3. But in any case, this version is a keeper if you get it.

*This is assuming Banjo's ability to boost accuracy to allies apply to him as well

Dancouga Nova Max God (Blaster Taiki)

[Image: 14400025.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  18340
ATK 10670
DEF 9920
AGI 7160

Final Dankuuhou
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Cost 3 Cores; 3x3 Full Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage and Ignores Barrier
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Cost 5 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Boost Accuracy by 50%; Deal 200% Damage; Ignore Guard, Barrier, and 100% of DEF; Reduce Action Gauge to 0.


Life Form of Earth's Representative
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost Movement Speed and Greatly Boost ATK
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Accuracy up 100%, Full Guard with Damage reduced by 25%, AGS up 500, and boost HP by 20,000 at the start of battle

Trancendence Mode
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost Accuracy and Greatly Boost CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal attacks ignore Guard, Barrier, and 100% of DEF, as well as reducing Action Gauge by half

- (Normal/Conquest)  Each time this unit hits an enemy, boost ATK and CRT Magnification
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Able to attack twice

Evolution of The Utmost Limit
- (Normal/Conquest) The longer you do not perform the Hissatsu, the stronger its effects when you do
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For each turn, boost ATK and Accuracy by 20% and AGS by 200 to all allied Blasters

EX Ability:
- Immune to Status Ailments and Action Gauge Reduction

This unit is an Anti-Tank unit thanks to its ability to ignore DEF, Guard, and Barrier. Its ability to attack twice gives you more potshots, and the Action Gauge reduction assures your target cannot fight back unless he/she is immune to it. Avoid fighting units with an Evasion boost of more than 150% or Bunshin. You will have to choose your Seishin carefully as the Dancouga Nova has a slightly low AGI , no DEF boost, and lacks a healing ability unless your allies can make up those weaknesses for you.

Worth noting that including the Dancouga Nova, there are only 8 Blaster Units that are Taiki (no Omega unit as of yet). The others are the Gundam Zabanya, Rafael Gundam, Nu, Tallgeese 3, Raiden, Hanabi's Kobun F2, and the Dix-Neuf. So having any of them in your team will surely benefit from Aoi's final ability.

Speaking of Aoi's final ability, in Normal mode it allows her Hissatsu to become stronger the longer you don't use it (the effect obviously resets when you do). Makes it sound like this Dancouga Nova is also designed for Conquest Mode, specifically Stage 20-C where you have to deal those annoying horde of Overman units.
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Nova’s ability is probably “Representitive of the Earth’s Life Forms.”
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