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Unit Review thread
Raiden "Judge Igniters"

[Image: 18550037.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki in parenthesis)
HP  12020 (15020)
ATK 6770 (11270)
DEF 8620 (13120)
AGI 4790 (6790)

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 1 Core; Full Horizontal Range; Deals Small Damage + Chance of Stun
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Targets 1 Row; CRT Hit Rate Up 50%; Deal 230% Damage; Ignores Guard and Bunshin; 50% Chance of Stun for 1 Turn


Misaka Exclusive Raiden
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK and DEF
- (Arena/VS/Battle) CRT Damage Up 30%; DEF Up 200%; Accuracy Up 100%; AGS Up 700

V Converter
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal Attacks ignore Guard
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal Attacks ignore Guard, Bunshin, and 100% of DEF; Reduces Action Gauge by 30%

Judge Igniters
- (Normal/Conquest) Hissatsu Attacks increase the chances of Stun
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For each Turn, boost ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion by 20%, AGS by 200

Electro Master
- (Normal/Conquest) Special Defense that reduces damage from all ranged attacks
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Special Defense that reduces damage from all attacks by 4000 points

EX Ability
- Immune to Action Gauge Reduction

A Blaster that can be quite the tanker is indeed something if it weren't for its low AGI. It does get some AGS boosts, but not enough to keep up with high speed units. Once it's the Raiden's turn to attack, you better make sure the attack counts and hits hard. It does get better the longer it stays in the field, so you'd want to pair this with the Taiki Getter Go and a healer to keep it alive.

The designers can't seem to think of a way to describe Judge Igniters in Normal Mode so it just slaps a further probability of Stun even though it has one already. If they're going to give a high probability anyway, why not just stick it to the VM in one place? Seems like a waste, really.

Specineff "Rusty Blood"

[Image: 18550047.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki in parenthesis)
HP 9070 (10740)
ATK 8760 (13260)
DEF 3270 (5270)
AGI 8570 (13070)

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 4 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Deal 50% Damage; Ignore Bunshin; Reduce AGS to 0; For 2 Turns, reduce Evasion by 100%, boost Status Effect Resistance by 100%, and restore 10,000 HP.

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Boost ATK, CRT Hit Rate and Accuracy for the next Attack
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) For 1 Turn, increase damage to enemies by 30% and ignore Guard

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Boost ATK, CRT Hit Rate and pierce Barrier for the next Attack
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) For 7 Turns, increase damage to enemies and Accuracy by 65%, boost AGS by 350, and ignore Barriers

Accelerator Exclusive Specineff
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly Boost Accuracy and Evasion
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Accuracy and Evasion Up 120%; AGS Up 1200

Malignant V Disk Quality (悪性Vディスク質 Akusei V Disk Shitsu)
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Able to attack the target 2 more times

Vector Manipulator
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks reduce enemies' DEF
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal attacks ignore Guard and Barrier and heals 40% HP

- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK when attacking every 3 units
- (Arena/VS/Battle) When HP is full, survive a fatal attack with 20% HP remaining (can be used up to 13 times)

EX Ability
- Able to Counterattack enemies

Very impressive unit. For starters, it is an Anti-Dodger unit thanks to the VM, but also because Accelerator has a high Accuracy and Evasion to begin with. Its low DEF serves a purpose to ensure its final ability is triggered, which is an upgraded version of Toughness. And thanks to its other abilities, it can easily recover its HP back to full, thus allowing Accelerator to be active again. It's for this reason it also has the same Seishins as Godzilla and the Harukaiser.

Watch out for units that can perform Combo Attacks as you will not be able to heal and trigger Accelerator again in the process. Its Evasion maxes out at 120% unless given Dodge V-Parts and additional boost from other units. So high accuracy units can still take it on. Despite its ability to ignore Guard and Barrier, it lacks a lot of power, so you'll need others to take out tankers. Finally, it lacks immunity to Status Effects, so you can actually lock out its ability to heal with units like Shin Getter.

You'll find the Specineff useful in Normal and Conquest Mode thanks to its rapid attack, and the ability to reduce the enemies' DEF, making it easier to kill even bosses. Just keep in mind the Specineff still has a low DEF, so have it retreat and heal when necessary. Used properly, the Specineff is a force to be reckoned with.
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Fei Yen The Knight "Judge Igniters"

[Image: 18550057.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki in parenthesis)
HP  11250 (12920)
ATK 6570 (11070)
DEF 5370 (7370)
AGI 6220 (10720)

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Targets all enemies surrounding this unit; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Targets all enemies surrounding this unit; Deal 200% Damage; Ignores Bunshin and Barrier; Reduce Targets' DEF by 100% for 2 Turns; Boost Evasion by 100% for 2 Turns


Kuroko Exclusive Fei Yen
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly Boost Accuracy and ATK; Boost Evasion
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost Accuracy, ATK, and CRT Hit Rate by 50%, Evasion by 100%, AGS by 1000

Sage's Love Affair Sealing Ring (封印環「賢者の妄愛」 | Fuin wa [Kenja no Moai])
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Able to attack the target twice

- (Normal/Conquest) Hissatsu attacks have a chance of reducing the effects of the enemies' Hissatsus
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal attacks ignore Bunshin and Barrier. If the attack hits, produce 1 Rainbow Core

For A Sister's Love
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is less than 1/2, Greatly boost ATK, Accuracy, Movement Speed and CRT Hit Rate (void at the end of battle)
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If HP is less than 1/2, boost ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion by 100%, AGS by 1500

EX Ability
- 80% chance of performing a support attack.

Like the Specineff, Fei Yen has low DEF (though a bit higher), but ditches Toughness and healing in favor of being the second Taiki Chirico if you unlock all her abilities and perform her Hissatsu. Ensure she doesn't get wiped out early by giving her a DEF/HP boost, either with V-Parts or support from units like Santa Oldrin. Offensively, pairing the Fei Yen with units like the Sazabi and the Blaster Nu (and even with the Specineff) will easily fill the Core Gauge for a Hissatsu spam, not to mention all those Attack Again and Support Attack abilities being put to use to land all those pot shots. The VW also works great against tankers and can help against the likes of the DGG.

In Conquest Mode, you may want the Fei Yen's Judgement ability to be used against bosses that love to spam Hissatsus. Exactly how effective that is is another story, not to mention if you can gather enough cores to pull it off, given Conquest Mode's mechanics.
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(02-15-2018, 10:32 PM)ryoga316 Wrote: Disappointed this one isn't a Taiki.

No shit it’s not Taiki, it’s a guaranteed unit, and this is early Laserion.

The Laser Battle Gear will probably be a Taiki.
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[Image: 18550027.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki in parenthesis)
HP 9430 (12430)
ATK 6280 (10780)
DEF 5470 (7470)
AGI 5750 (10250)

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Range; Deals Medium Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 5 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Boost Accuracy by 50%; Deal 230% Damage; Ignore 100% of DEF; Reduce targets' ATK by 20% for 2 turns

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Boost Accuracy and CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) For 3 turns, all damage from enemies is reduced by half

Index Exclusive Bal Bados
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly Boost Accuracy Evasion, and Movement Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost Accuracy and Evasion by 50%, AGS by 800

- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost allies' Accuracy and Evasion by 25%, AGS by 250

Walking Church
- (Normal/Conquest) Nomral attacks can pierce through enemies
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Reduce damage from Defenders by 50%

Mage Book Library
- (Normal/Conquest) Can repeatedly use Seishin up to 3 times
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Heal 30% HP to all allies every turn

EX Ability
- Immune to Burning, Darkness, Slow, Stun, and Spark

Index has a unique Seishin that reduces all attacks by half for 3 turns. A question is when fighting Defenders if that Seishin and her Walking Church ability stacks. If so, she would have a virtual immunity against Defenders.

Natrually, Index's character makes her Bal a support unit, providing light buffs to all allies as well as being a healer. She does have a strong Hissatsu that adds a reduction to ATK. Best to use Index against Defenders, but not with other classes or units with special defenses, etc. as she's got nothing against them, and, as my recent run-in with her using Amuro, Char, and Ryoma shows, she didn't last that very long.

In Normal mode, she can cast her Seishin 3 times and her Normal attacks pierce enemies. This makes her quite essential in that and in Conquest Mode. Can't complain, really as this is an event unit that can be converted into a Taiki if you make it that far. So it is in your best interest to add Index to your collection and fully limit-breaked, regardless of your position in the game, overall.
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