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Unit Review thread
(03-12-2018, 08:51 AM)Mai Wrote:
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(03-12-2018, 07:53 AM)srw785 Wrote:
(03-12-2018, 05:30 AM)Mai Wrote: 97%? that's pretty big, however her DPS seems to be the lower one out of all the shooters that i saw, she shoots slower than Ray i don't think she will be able to outdmage 26b bosses heal, in fact i doubt

on a non barrier environment she is probably out-damaged by Destiny Gundam

also Granzon don't have advantage over 3 types, he does neutral dmg on all types he only has advantage over Blasters, so basically she does more dmg than him on general, thing is she is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and Shu can hit 2 enemies at the same time

Attack speed doesn't matter in 26-B. The bosses recover so fast that nobody can DPS them down, it's all about timing normal attacks and hissatsus so that they all hit at the same time.

Destiny Gundam is good, but she is stronger. Look at it like this, his attack speed is 66% faster than hers, for every 3 attacks she does he does 5. Destiny Gundam does around 6500 crit damage to neutrals(no parts, buffs, support coins), 6500*5=32,500. Orihime does like 15500*3=46,500. (Neither of them has guaranteed crit, but they have similar crit rate, about 75%.)
Shu can hit more than 1 enemy, but so can she. Her bullets go through the enemy at lv70. Orihime has slow attack speed, but Shu's attack is almost as slow(it's the same as the original Granzon).

But yea, her drawback is that you need to have 4 cores, which isn't always an option.

Fighters do have type advantage over the 3 basic types. I wasn't so sure, so I checked right now. I'll post a video later.

that nice info, but interesting because  the bonus circle don't show us that fighters have the advantage of the 3 basic types, they just show Fighters --> Blasters, Blasters ---> Fighters

thanks for the info this change things and make Taiki fighters the strongest units of the game overall

i also don't remember Shinn's hisatsu modifier i think its 800% for 3 cores or 200+400% for 2 cores.

Hime has a area Hisatsu on a 1000% mod overall better safe than sorry i will pick her and Rani as well

When I started the game, I went through Udon's old articles and I found that there but I never verified it until now.
Here's the article:

Here's an excerpt(he tested it there):
Quote:So, the blaster does not have damage compensation for the existing 3 types (attacker, defender, shooter), but the fighter has applied damage compensation for existing 3 types.

Damage correction probably is 25% UP.

Here's my video.

Kallen has 5870 attack, Suzaku has 5885, he has just 15 more.
Suzaku has no attack up abilities. Kallen has 5% attack up, but only when she has 66% HP or more. If you look at her HP bar, the red arrow that signifies attack up is gone by the time that I switch to her, so she also has no attack up for this test.
The most damage that Suzaku does is 2931. The most damage that Kallen does is 3649.
3649 / 2931 = 1.2449675878539747526441487546912
So yea, fighters get 25% modifier against 3 types. I suppose I should test attackers and defenders too, but since Udon tested it too I'm satisfied Tongue

One other thing about Orihime(I mentioned it yesterday) is that she doesn't ignore block, so defenders take 50% damage from her. But only 4 high end shooters ignore block(Maria, Kira, Kira and Ribbons). Orihime is the other type of shooter, the slow attack-speed penetration type (Weiss, Strikedog, Index, etc...) and she is by far the strongest of that kind. Block aside she's also stronger than the other 4, although a good team would use both types to take advantage of both strengths.

So yea, she's not perfect, defenders and cores are her weakness, but her strengths are pretty impressive too. She's sort of like the shooter version of Grand Charion, both of them hit way harder than most units but have a core requirement to balance it out.
Numbers are out on the new Sakura Taisen units as promised here is the Datamine Smile hope it helps you to select your unit,remembering before power creep this is a game about playing your favorite units, so even if some unit happen to be weaker but you really like it from the Sakura Taisen Games/Animes, get him/her.

Datamine ~ you knew that all Reni weapons and attacks are named after the book Ring of the Nibelung?

[Image: Tzy0s3L.png]

Reni - Defender

I will begin Reni by her worst ability she has a attack speed up its her first skill, however pretty much like units with strange weapons the animation of her attack has too many frames and that result in her not being fast at all , but just  reaching a normal DPS, at least its not slow

However... here is what interest us, Reni can pierce barriers and Invalidate all the enemy armor and defenses, meaning that Reni will hurt anything she attacks always, she will never hit something for pitiful damage be it Neo Granzon or bosses of Conquest mode.

Blue Bird gives Reni + 25% attack power and 12% Critical / Wave, this skill don't count WAVE 1, meaning that normally her stack will be 50% attack and 25% critical rate, the good thing about this skill is:

1 - reliable attack up skill,you don't have to stack hitting attacks or destroying enemies
2 - it will always be useful to you since most bosses are on wave 3 anyway
3 - incredible Synergy with Ziggy

An Important Prey

This skill gives Rani a boost of 25% attack on the boss wave, so on the end of the day you have a 75% attack up + barrier pierce + defense nullifier Taiki unit

On the (vs) battle mode Rani has some interesting skills

she can support attacks 80% of the time, and each time she does a attack her attack is increased by 10% that stacks on 100% the Pc is not smart and its not hard to use 10 attacks at all, with very little HP she is most likely to be Oneshooted by most units, however she does have a dodge buff, not that this will help a lot since she is not compatible with Ange or Eureka.

Hisatsu its 700% at the cost of 2 cores.

Rani can turn into a Taiki once you reach LVL 70.

Orihime - (shooter)

This is the unit that everyone is selecting between those two, Hime is a nuker that once she has favorable conditions she will hit for a huge amount of damage.

Orihime is slow veeeeery slow, she is one of the slowest shooters on the game (if not the slowest) however at the trade she gets a huge firepower backing her up

her gameplay is relatively simple, Hime has a skill that when you have more than 4 cores, it gives her 80% attack up and 25% critical, however remember on most battles you not start with cores, however now  we have Index that can vomit exactly 4 cores with seishins so that's not a problem to maintain firepower

if all your units are alive she gets more 12% attack up and 5% from a skill on a total of 97% attack up on a condition that you won't be using Hisatsus most of the time, save of course if you use Index cores for that, so its difficult to say how strong she will be on the future for now a excellent choice.

her attack power gets to ridiculous 30.000 once every condition is satisfied under a full buff Orihime.

she is quite strong and probably one of the strongest shooters on the game based on dmg alone.

her hisatsu modifier its 1000% and 3 cores

Hime Does this:
1 - Huge dmg with penetration for normal attacks
2 - AOE Nuker, however once used you might lose your attack buff.
3 - Good Synergy with Index and Choco C.C

Orihime is a buffer on (Vs) she will help units that are near her with dodge,critical rate, and critical dmg, overall she is quite frail and has no defensive options, probably one shooted by a lot of units, i don't see this buff having a change to act vs units like Eureka for example,but well we don't fight Eureka on conquest vs (thankfully...), so to play against the PC she will be valuable and increase your dmg a lot.

Hime turns into a Taiki once she reaches lvl 70.
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