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Unit Review thread
Getter Go (Taiki Attacker)

[Image: 13700025.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP 17610
ATK 11070
DEF 13210
AGI 6880

Mag Force Thunder
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 4x3 Wide Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 2x3 Wide Range; Boost Accuracy by 50%; Deal 210% Damage; Ignores Guard, Bunshin, and 100% of DEF; 60% chance of inducing Slow and Stun for 1 turn


Prof. Tachibana's Getter Robo
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK and DEF
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For each turn until Turn 6, boost ATK and Accuracy by 25%, DEF by 40%, and greatly heal HP

Scythe of Maintenance
- (Normal/Conquest) Guard greatly reduces damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If HP is more than 50%, survive a fatal attack with 20% HP remaining (effect can be done 6 times)

Plasma Bombs
- (Normal/Conquest) Regular attacks ignore Guard and reduces DEF
- (Arena/VS) If HP is below 50%, boost DEF by 250% and AGS by 3500

New Getter Team
- (Normal/Conquest) Attacking each enemy boosts ATK and DEF
- (Arena/VS) EDIT: This unit and other allies adjacent to it above and below gets a boost in Accuracy, Status Resistance, and Counter-Attack by 50%. Also reduce damage from all attacks by half

EX Ability
- Status Resistance up 50%; Action Gauge cannot be reduced

The tankiest Attacker by far. And surprisingly, it can also be quite fast if you trigger Getter Go's Plasma Bomb ability. It also has a better version of Char's Toughness ability as it has more HP remaining and can be done 6 times vs Char's 2 (which is why this unit doesn't have an HP boost like its Defender counterpart). Getter Go is built for the long game, so you need to form a team that can last 6 turns to really get things going.

The draw is its final ability, that allows any unit behind Getter Go to be capable of Counter-Attacking and can tank attacks. Imagine units like the Destroy Gundam or the Omega Gunbuster getting those boosts.

Go also relishes in being in the field the longer the battle gets. So when it comes to taking on bosses in Events or in Conquest Mode, you'd want him in your team as he gradually becomes stronger. So if you've got 150 Omega Crystals to spare, and enough LBs for Limit-Breaking, then go get this Getter.
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A correction about Getter Go's 4th ability, it applies to him and to people that are on the squares right above and below him. As shown in this picture, see how Oldrin, Getter Go and Harukaiser all have a square under them. The square under XAN is from Oldrin, btw.

[Image: Getter_Go_Buff.png]
Reborns Gundam

[Image: 11300405.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  12940
ATK 11160
DEF 5900
AGI 10270

GN Buster Rifle
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 1 Core; Full Horizontal Range; Targets 1 Enemy; Deals Small Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 1 Core; Targets 1 Enemy; Ranged Beam Attack that deals 100% x3 damage; Ignores Guard

GN Fin Fang
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Wide Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 4 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Boost Accuracy by 100%; Beam Attack that deals 150% damage; Ignores Bunshin; Reduce Action Gauge by 30%; 60% Chance of inducing Slow for 2 Turns


The Absolute
- (Normal/Conquest) Immune to Status Ailments
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If HP is over 50%, survive a fatal attack with 20% HP remaining (one time only)

Veda's Backup
- (Normal/Conquest) Attacking Bunshin units greatly increases Accuracy
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal Attacks have an 80% chance of hitting the enemy twice

Binder of Innovade
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion, and boost Attack Speed
- (Arena/VS) Normal Attacks ignore Guard and Bunshin and reduces target's Action Gauge by 20%

Twin Drive System [T]
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks ignore Guard and Barrier
- (Arena/VS) Each ally destroyed increases this unit's ATK by 30%, Accuracy by 60%, and AGS by 1000.

EX Ability
- Full Guard and reduces all damage by 20%

This unit is trying hard to become a combination of the Sazabi and Nu Gundam. Its main feature is that it can keep an enemy from doing their turn because of the Action Gauge reduction. And in order to unleash its full potential, Reborns must be the last unit standing. A tall order given that it's not a tanker-type unit to begin with. In fact the best way to utilize the Reborns Gundam is in conjunction with units like Taiki Getter Go, Santa Oldrin, and the Dougram to give it all the necessary boosts in places where it lacks.

Reborns is far more capable in Normal and Conquest Modes as its immune to status effects and ignores Barrier and Guard. In addition to a great boost in ATK, it also has a boost in Attack Speed, allowing for rapid fire. This is basically the only reasons you'd want your hands on this unit as it's not a competitive one in the Arena. And if you already have the Nu Gundam and/or the Sazabi in your inventory, you won't need the Reborns at all.

EDIT: My argument as to why Ribbons isn't competitive is that he has a number of weaknesses that can be exploited - He doesn't have an Evasion boost for starters, no self-heal, no special defense, can't break through Barrier units and those with high DEF, and no immunity to Status Ailments, So unless Ribbons is paired with units that help make up for his weaknesses, he can be taken down easily by Anemone, Stella, Harukaiser, and many others.

Arche Gundam

[Image: 11300375.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  11810
ATK 10210
DEF 5900
AGI 10120

GN Buster Sword
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; 3 Squares Vertical Range; Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Targets 1 Column; Boost Accuracy and CRT Hit Rate by 50%; Deal 200% Damage; Ignores Guard and Barrier; Boost AGS by 1000 for 1 turn

GN Fang
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Wide Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 5 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Beam Attack that deals 200% damage; Ignores Barrier and Bunshin; 80% Chance of blocking Healing Effects for 3 turns


Throne Series
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK and Movement Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost ATK and CRT Hit Rate by 50%, Accuracy and Evasion by 100%, and AGS by 1000

War Profiteer (戦争屋 | Senso-ya)
- (Normal/Conquest) When in the enemy area, boost Movement Speed and greatly boost CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Immune to Burning, Stun, and Action Gauge reduction

Live to The Fullest (至上の生き甲斐 | Shijo no Ikigai)
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal Attacks recover HP (void if the target is destroyed)
- (Arena/VS) If a Normal Attack lands a Critical Hit, ignore Guard, Bunshin, and Barrier. Also recover 30% HP

Ecstasy for War (戦意高揚 | Senikouyou)*
- (Normal/Conquest) Each time this unit attacks an enemy, boost ATK and CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS) For each enemy destroyed, boost Accuracy and CRT Damage by 50% and AGS by 700. But reduce Evasion by 20%

EX Ability
- If HP is above 1/3, survive a fatal attack with 3% HP remaining by up to 3 times

*This is more of a Japanese term meaning to boost one's fighting spirit. But since Al-Saachez is more of a psychopath and just revels in warfare, I would think he gets 'high' just by being on the battlefield alone. So I chose to interpret it as Ecstasy for War.

The abilities of the Arche Gundam highly reflect Ali Al-Saachez's character - that of being high risk, high reward. Al-Saachez starts with a 100% boost to Evasion that goes down as each enemy is destroyed in exchange for a boost in CRT Damage, Accuracy, and AGS. By the time only 1 enemy unit remains, Al-Saachez would have a total Accuracy boost of 300% and an AGS of 3800.

Best way to deal with Al-Saachez is to take him out early in the game, as he lacks any kind of unique defenses besides the Evasion boost and immunity to Stun, Burn, and Action Gauge reduction. There's plenty of units with enough Accuracy to cancel his Evasion rate and a good power-based unit like the Shin Getter can do him in rather quickly. Others like Blaster Nu can take out the Arche Gundam easily with combo attacks that can nullify the latter's Toughness ability.

Like Reborns, you'd likely get the most out of the Arche Gundam when teamed with the Taiki Getter Go, Santa Oldrin, and the Dougram. None of its abilities makes it useful in Conquest Mode, however.
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Hell King Gordon

[Image: 13200075.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP 30090(!)
ATK 10050
DEF 12710
AGI 5590

Finger Shock
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; 3x3 Wide Range; Deals Medium Change + Chance of Stun
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Boost Accuracy by 50%; Deal 100% Damage; Ignore Bunshin; 60% Chance of inducing Stun for 2 Turns

Inazuma Sword
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 2x3 Wide Range; Deals Large Damage + High Chance of Stun
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 2x3 Range; Deal 180% Damage; Ignore Guard, Bunshin, and Barrier; Reduce Action Gauge by half; 80% Chance of Stun for 1 Turn

Fierce Fight

Ashura's Resolve
- (Normal/Conquest) Succesful Guard greatly reduces damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Immune to Slow, Stun, and Action Gauge reduction

Ultimate Combined Kikaiju
- (Normal/Conquest) For each enemy destroyed, boost ATK and CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost Accuracy, DEF, and Guard by 100%. Also, at the start of battle, increase this unit's HP by 25,000

Finger Barrier
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly reduces damage from all attacks
- (Arena/VS) Barrier that reduces all damage by 10,000

Loyal to Dr. Hell
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost DEF each time this unit is hit
- (Arena/VS) For each enemy destroyed, boost ATK by 50%, DEF by 125%, AGS by 600

EX Ability
- Produce 2 Cores every turn

This unit not only has the highest HP ever in the game, but the highest defense as well. The AT Field from the Evas got nothing with this one's Finger Barrier. Defeating Ashura requires your team to be capable of ignoring DEF and Barrier, as well as induce Burn (and hope Ashura doesn't use the Belief Seishin). Naturally, thanks to its ridiculous HP and DEF, it won't be able to attack high Evasion units like the Durandal or Taiki Chirico, nor can it heal itself and is quite slow. Be prepared for a lot of arbitrary scenarios with this unit. The real test is how well Hell King Gordon can do in Conquest Mode thanks to its high HP and DEF. Regardless, if you get your hands on this unit, a lot of people WILL hate you.

Final Dancouga (Omega Version)

[Image: 14300086.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  18340
ATK 10760
DEF 10120
AGI 5690

Final Dankuukougaken
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores (4 for Omega version); Full Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 3 Cores (4 for Omega version; Full Horizontal Range; Boost Accuracy and CRT Hit Rate by 50%; Deal 300% Damage; Ignore Guard, Barrier, and 100% DEF; Reduce Action Gauge by 100%


The 5 Beast Machines
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Immune to all Status Ailments and Action Gauge Reduction

Power Beyond Gods
- (Normal/Conquest) Attacking each enemy increases ATK and greatly increases Movement Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost DEF and Guard by 100%; At the start of battle, increase this unit's HP by 20,000

Wild To The Extreme (極限の野生 | Kyokugen no Yasei)
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK and CRT Hit Rage and greatly boosts Accuracy
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Normal Attacks ignore Guard, Barrier, 100% of DEF, and reduces Action Gauge by half

Burning Rage (灼熱の怒り | Shakunetsu no Ikari)
- (Normal/Conquest) Attacking each enemy increases ATK and CRT Hit Rate
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost allied Attackers' Accuracy by 20%, DEF by 50%, and AGS by 200 each turn

EX Ability
- Normal Attacks have an 80% chance of hitting twice

In Normal Mode, it has such an ATK boost you could use it in Boss Battles for increased damage. While it lacks an Accuracy and Evasion boost, it does have a decent amount of defense and can buff fellow Attackers. You can also use this unit against the GGG team in VS Mode. As Final Dancouga is meant to fight in the long run, you would pair this with the Taiki Getter Go. A killer combination team that will get you far in the Arena would be this unit along with Taiki Getter Go, Omega Shin Getter or the Alteissen, DGG, and Hell King Gordon.
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Hell King Gordon spec is beautiful. So this is the power of Teki gacha..not bad. Maybe Salamandine can help buff him. I would like to know if Loyal to Dr Hell and Ecstasy for War have upper limit against multiple enemies multiple waves on conquest versus.
Hell King Gordon has a wrong translation on its 4th ability. It should be for every party member killed.
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The DPS of Reborns is freaking insane lol the is the fastest shooter of the game
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Datamine is out here are the numbers and comments:

Neo Zeong
[Image: Fg1HYDJ.jpg]

His DPS is rather slow and it hurts the unit a little, its a huge mobile armor its to be expected, this unit its huge and has a great range on its hisatsu, some skills are good as well, but its he good enough? here is his numbers:

The attack up skill stacks to + 30%

the other stack the critical one stacks 60 times, however lets be sincere, 60 shoots a little overboard you won't hit 60 times for anything to be alive save for well.. if you plan to use him on conquest 26B, overall not a bad unit to have around we been getting more and more better ones, but still nice for the novelty to finally having this playable for how good the unit is.

Hisatsu modifier its 800%

Legend Gundam:

[Image: DjxpDD4.jpg]

The last of the Zaft trio of Destiny and also the second unit of this event, you still have some days to get Ray if you want him Smile

Legend Gundam is a critical based unit, you have to crit, but he has a very high critical rate, around 80% of the shoots will indeed crit after a while.

his commander ability its nothing to write home about and sincerely i ask myself why they been nerfing the commander abilities so much now, maybe they where afraid of buffing the Op commanders even more and them decided to release weak ones now, well Ray only buff your units for 5%

difference from providence Legend Gundam attack speed is bellow average it not really a good unit, so if you're not a colector or like the character or the unit somehow i recommend skipping it and saving 30 Omgs

Hisatsu its 600%

on a general basis chances are that you will be using Frontal a lot more than Ray


a Great shooter to have around, this unit plays pretty different from every other shooter, he attacks very very fast, its the fatest attack speed of the game.

Hisatsu its 800% and 100% x 3 (it cost 1 core so there's that)

Reborns lack any sort of instant burst dmg its more of a constant DPS monster.

Arche Gundam

For some reason we can't have Neena playable so we have Ali, ok

His attack up skill stack up to 65% attack up and critical up , however you need to hit a poor creature 65 times and that's just ridiculous nothing (save for some conquest mode bosses) will survive a Taiki attacker criting them to 65 hits, but like i said its better safe than sorry..

Arche Gundam DPS has been normal to me, on this recent event if you have 80 seconds of only Arche hitting the boss it will stack up, unfortunately mine is still only 60 so i can't see all the crit power up close, but its still ridiculous to see that i could do dmg near Omega Dancouga normals

a good unit to have around.

Hisatsu its 800%(fangs) 700%(sword)

King Gordon

killing 10 units give it +70 crit, its the same problem as Omega Kallen, if there's not enough units around to explode you don't reach the full potential, i run Kallen a lot, and she rarely rarely shines out on this skill.

this thing is a stupid huge wall of defense, it reduces all dmg by 30% and have 25% to ignore it completely it also have a ridiculous huge HP

Hisatsu its 900% and 500%

he is very annoying to deal with on the Arena mode.

DPS is very slow
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I want my 30 omg back :<
Thanks for the reviews Mai, pretty happy with Reborn, just what I needed for 29B.
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[Image: 14050015.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  9950
ATK 6270
DEF 5380
AGI 5250

Thunder Drill
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; 4 Square Horizontal Range; Medium Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 5 Cores; Targets Single Row; Deals 250% Damage; Ignores Guard, Barrier, and 100% of DEF


Gunfight Lv 3
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost ATK and boost Accuracy
- (Arena/VS/Battle) ATK up 15%; Accuracy up 30%

Laserion Action
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK in Boss Waves
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For 10 Turns, boost ATK by 100%, AGS by 1500

Input Love and Courage
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK, Evasion and CRT Hit Rate to all allies except this unit during Boss Waves
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost Accuracy by 100%; Full Guard and reduces all damage by 30%

Video Warrior
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost Accuracy and CRT Hit Rate to all allies except this unit during Boss Waves
- (Arena/VS/Battle) For each successful Guard, heal 20% HP and produce 2 Rainbow Cores

EX Ability
- Heal 30% HP each turn

Disappointed this one isn't a Taiki. To make up for it, it has Full Guard and with the Bullseye and Scope V-Parts, it would have a max accuracy of 220%, which helps take on a number of dodgers. Takashi doesn't have anything against Bunshin units, however. The deal breaker would be the Laserion Action, which doubles ATK and gives a 1500 AGS boost for 10 turns. If only the ability stacks, then Laserion would be worth getting to take down Baron Ashura and Zengar, who are known for their high HP and DEF. Its abilities in Normal mode are quite standard and nothing exceptional.

Temjin 707

[Image: 18550017.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki in parenthesis)
HP  10480 (13480)
ATK 6080 (10580)
DEF 5380 (9880)
AGI 6150 (10650)

- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; 3 Square Horizontal Range; Targets 1 Enemy; Large Combo Damage
- (Arena/VS/Battle Mode) Costs 2 Cores; Targets 1 Enemy; Deal 25% + 250% Damage; Ignores Guard; Reduce target's Action Gauge to 0. For 2 Turns, the target's Hissatsu, Barrier, Bunshin, and other Special Defenses are nullified


Kamijo Exclusive Temjin
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost Accuracy, Evasion, and Movement Speed
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost Accuracy, Evasion, and CRT Hit Rate by 40%, AGS up 800

Mind Booster
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK in Boss Waves
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If the Hissatsu lands a Critical Hit, ignore Bunshin and 100% of DEF and cancel any Hissatsu or Seishin effects

No Question Blow (問答無用の一撃 | Mondomuyo no Ichigeki)
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks ignore Barrier and Guard
- (Arena/VS/Battle) If the Hissatsu lands a Critical Hit, heal 20% HP and a 60% chance of producing a Rainbow Core

Omen of Perception
- (Normal/Conquest) Immune to Status Effects; Increase Accuracy against units with Bunshin
- (Arena/VS/Battle) Boost allies' Accuracy by 30%, AGS by 300

EX Ability
- Immune to Status Effects and Action Gauge Reduction

The Temjin's VM interests me because according to its description, it nullifies Special Defenses for 2 turns as well as locking out the target's Hissatsu. For example, the Raiden has a Special Defense that reduces damage from all attacks by 4000. If it gets hit with the Temjin's VM, that ability is gone for 2 turns. So this may be worth getting against tankers that rely on their Special Defenses, as well as to make sure they can't use Hissatsus, which is also a plus since there aren't that many units that are immune to Hissatsu blocking. You do not want to use the Temjin against dodgers, however, as it doesn't have that much of an accuracy boost, nor a defensive one despite being a Defender itself. Its ability to pierce Barrier and ignore Status Effects makes it worth using in Conquest Mode.
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