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Unit Review thread
Didn't have much trouble with them for now, OGGG dies about as fast as Defender Taiki GGG against Red Ogre (Ashley Ashura) as long as you don't use his 100% crit seishin.

I have way more trouble with the various setups using Christmas Oldrin (new version), with many options to fully destroy your team in one clean sweep. Gotta have a "full speed" setup to kill her asap.

But she made things interesting, many units are now viable because of her.
MazinKaiser SKL (Shooter Ver.)

[Image: 13350025.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  10970
ATK 5250
DEF 5960
AGI 6090

Breast Trigger
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Full Horizontal Range; Targets 1 Enemy; Deals Small Combo Damage
- (Arena/VS Mode) Costs 1 Core; Targets 1 Enemy; Boost CRT Hit Rate by 50%; Deal 80% x5 Damage; Ignores Bunshin; For 1 Turn, boost ATK by 50% and ignore Guard; For 2 Turns, increase AGS by 800.


- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost Accuracy and Evasion.
- (Arena/VS) Boost Accuracy and Evasion by 80%; DEF by 150%; AGS up 800; At start of the battle, increase HP by 15000.

Defying Destiny (運命に抗う意志 | Unmei ni aragau ishi)
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly boost Accuracy against Bunshin units.
- (Arena/VS) Heal 20% HP and give 1 Shooter Core every turn.

Hell's Shooter
- (Normal/Conquest) Attacking each enemy boosts Evasion and Attack.
- (Arena/VS) Each time SKL attacks, boost Accuracy, Evasion, and CRT Damage by 10%.

Codename "Lucifer 4"
- (Normal/Conquest) Each time the enemy dodges an attack, boost Accuracy and ATK.
- (Arena/VS) Reduce damage from Shooters by 50%.

EX Ability
- 80% Chance of performing a Counterattack.

*Have no idea how this is supposed to be spelt or pronounced, but according to the SRW Wiki, it refers to the artificial clones of Faust (the real Ryo Magami), of which the current Ryo is one of them.

Ryo's abilities reflect heavily on how he performs in the actual OVA - with Ryo in control, SKL is very nimble and can shoot enemies from a distance with quite the accuracy.

Thanks to his EX Ability, you're assured for triggering Hell's Shooter a good portion of the time, giving SKL quite a boost in accuracy and evasion, as well as CRT Hit Damage. Lucifer 4 allows you to tank from the likes of Taiki Chirico, the Durandal, and Destroy Gundam from their attacks. When that's done, Defying Destiny will give you the much needed heal and an extra Core for you to use.

In the OVA, SKL lost against the Gestteles as the latter is able to tank all of Ryo's attacks. Like the anime, this is the biggest weakeness to SKL in which he's got nothing against strong tankers, especially ones with Barriers or Special Defenses (unless you use the Fury Seishin). So units like the GGG and the Eva-13 has the advantage SKL.

SKL is actually more useful in Normal and Conquest Mode, as he gets a continuous boost to ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion. This is especially in stages where the enemies have either high evasion or can use Bunshin.

We can pretty much expect at this point that the next time SKL is available, it will be with the Wing Cross attached, is an Attacker, and a Taiki.

Mazinger Z (Infinity Ver)

[Image: 13360017.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP 11090
ATK 5570
DEF 8710
AGI 4420

Max Stats at Limit Break (Taiki)
HP 18090
ATK 10070
DEF 13210
AGI 5590

Barrage Attack (一斉発射 | Issei Hasha)
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Range; Deals Large Damage
- (Arena/VS Mode) Cost 5 Cores; Targets All Enemies; 50% boost to Accuracy; Deal 200% Damage; Ignores Guard, Barrier, and Bunshin; 50% Chance of four Burning effects for 2 Turns.

Iron Wall

Rebirth of The Iron Castle (復活の鉄の城 | Fukkatsu no Tetsu no Shiro)
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost DEF and CRT Hit rate and greatly boost ATK,
- (Arena/VS) ATK and DEF up by 30%; Accuracy up by 100%; AGS up by 800; At the start of battle, increase HP by 12000.

Legendary Pilot
- (Normal/Conquest) In each Wave, boost ATK and DEF to all allies.
- (Arena/VS) Immune to all Status Ailments and Action Gauge reduction.

Photon Energy
- (Normal/Conquest) In each Wave, boost DEF and CRT Hit Rate and greatly boost ATK.
- (Arena/VS) Each successful Guard removes all Status Effects, heals 25% HP, and produces 2 Rainbow Cores.

Flawless Super Robot
- (Normal/Conquest) Normal attacks ignore Barrier and Guard
- (Arena/VS) Normal Attacks ignore Guard, Barrier, and 100% of DEF.

EX Ability
- Full Guard; Damage from enemies reduced by 30%.

Z is basically a Shooter with tanker qualities. This is also the only version of Z that has an accuracy boost, though only in the same level as Shin Getter. Without the Bullseye Seishin, Koji won't be able to hit opponents whose Evasion is over 150%. (his Pilot Part does have one, however)

Z's main purpose in the Arena is as a foil against units whose primary attacks are Status Ailments and nerfs, like the RA164 Allelujah, or the Destroy Gundam's Burning effects. But because Z relies heavily on Guard for defense and to heal, Anti-Guard units can take it out. He is far more useful in Normal and Conquest/VS/Battle Mode.

There's not much to say other than this version of Mazinger Z, though an improvement from the previous versions, still isn't that all impressive. For the most part, you could only use it against players that lack Anti-Guard and love to spam Status Ailments and nerfs. Otherwise, you'd be benching Koji just as much.
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Great Mazinger (Infinity Ver)

[Image: 13360025.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  10970
ATK 6060
DEF 5710
AGI 5180

Thunder Break
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Full Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage + Chance of Stun
- (Arena/VS Mode) Cost 3 Cores; Targets 1 Row; Accuracy up 50%; Deal 240% Damage; Ignores Guard; 60% Chance of Stun for 2 Turns.


Gifted Pilot
- (Normal/Conquest) Succesful Guard greatly reduces damage
- (Arena/VS) DEF up 100%; AGS up 800; At the start of battle, increase HP by 15000.

Chogokin Nu-Z
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK, DEF, and CRT Hit Rate.
- (Arena/VS) Reduce damage from Shooters by half.

The Hero That Defeated The Myceneans
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is above 25%, boost allies' ATK and Movement Speed.
- (Arena/VS) Normal attacks ignore Guard and Barrier.

Friendship with Great
- (Normal/Conquest) Each successful Guard allows Great Mazinger to counterattack with a chance of inducing Stun.
- (Arena/VS) Normal Attacks have a 30% Chance of Stun.

Like Ryo in SKL, Great here is an Attacker with tanker qualities. While susceptible to Status Effects, Tetsuya does have his DEF doubled and a good HP boost. Pairing him with units that also boost DEF would potentially make Tetsuya a possible 'gate' to keep the enemy occupied while you build up Cores for a Hissatsu spam. He lacks an accuracy boost other than the Thunder Break, and has zero boost to ATK.

Unless I'm mistaken, Great is the first unit whose counterattacks can deal Burning. So he may be useful in some stages. He also has a high Guard and DEF and can boost allies' ATK and Move Speed. Other than the unique Burn effect when counterattacking, there really is no reason to get Tetsuya as there are other units that can perform much better than he is in all modes.

Shin Getter 1 (Omega Ver.)

[Image: 13800026.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break:
HP 19180
ATK 15260
DEF 7080
AGI 9850

Stoner Sunshine
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores (4 for Omega); 3 Rows Wide Horizontal Range; Deals Large Damage; Ignores Barrier
- (Arena/VS Mode) Cost 6 Cores (7 for Omega); 3x3 Range (Targets All Enemies for Omega); Accuracy up 100%; Deal 220% Damage; Ignores Guard and Barrier


Guided by Getter
- (Normal/Conquest) Immune to Status Ailments
- (Arena/VS) Immune to Status Ailments and Action Gauge Reduction

A Group of Valiant Men (熱血漢の塊 | Nekketsukan no Kataman)
- (Normal/Conquest) Have 2 Bonus Cores at the start of battle.
- (Arena/VS) Have 2 Bonus Cores and heal 50% HP each Turn.

Rising Getter Power
- (Normal/Conquest) When in the Enemy Area, boost CRT Hit Rate and Damage
- (Arena/VS) Normal attacks ignore Guard, Barrier, and 100% DEF; 80% Chance of producing a Rainbow Core.

Overlapping Three Hearts (重なる三つの心 | Kasanaru Mitsu no Kokoro)
- (Normal/Conquest) When in the Enemy Area, boost ATK, Accuracy, and Movement Speed.
- (Arena/VS) AGS up 1200; At the start of battle, incrase HP by 18000

EX Ability
- 80% chance of counterattacking

This Omega version of Shin Getter is a slight upgrade from the Taiki version. All of the original Taiki's abilities are converged in its last 3 abilities in order to make room for its initial ability of immunity to Status Ailments and AG reduction. With the Scope V-Parts and the Bullseye Seishin, Shin Getter's total accuracy when using the Stoner Sunshine is at 220% vs 170% from the Getter Beam. The Omega version can give you up to 3 Cores per turn, is faster with the extra 1200 boost in AGS, and can counterattack.

On the flip side, Shin Getter still has nothing against Bunshin units, and its 7000 DEF still means it can get struck down by Shooters quite easily. The Stoner Sunshine costs more Cores to execute, is 20% weaker than the Getter Beam, doesn't ignore DEF, nor does it prevent the target from healing when hit. I wouldn't be using the Omega Ver when tackling the GGG team in VS Mode, and would rather stick with the Taiki one.

Nevertheless, the Omega version of Shin Getter is still worth getting your hands on even if you already have the Taiki version. Thanks to its slight upgrades and with the right combination, the Omega Shin Getter can help you be competitive in the Arena, and can get through other modes when called for.
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Stoner Sunshine does pirce through barriers while Getter Beam doesn't and I never relay on it's healing seal, too unreliable, fighter Nono has a much better one.
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