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Unit Review thread
Very strong unit, but yeah Taiki Wing Zero has no problem dealing with Shinji since its twice as fast, the double seishin its very interesting, but i'm not sold on the counter since it can mostly miss, don't give Shinji a core and knowing that he will counter you will attack with him with a solid taiki shooter after all.

however Shinji DOES counter Quan't and that's good
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Shinkiro (Shooter Taiki)

[Image: 12400125.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  13060
ATK 10050
DEF 6020
AGI 10280

Druid System
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 2 Cores; 3x3 Range; Greatly reduces ATK and DEF
- (Arena Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3x3 Range; 100% Accuracy; Ignores Bunshin; For 3 turns, reduce targets' ATK by 10%, DEF by 100%, Evasion by 40%, and Action Gauge by 30%.

Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; Covers entire field; Large Damage
- (Arena Mode) Costs 5 Cores; 3x3 Range; 150% Damage; Ignores Bunshin; Reduce Action Gauge by 50%.

Seishins (will use terms from SRW V)

Impossible Faith (揺るがぬ信念|Yuruganu Shinnen)
- (Normal/Conquest) Boost ATK and DEF
- (Arena) 70% chance of Guard

Absolute Defense System Lv 2
- (Normal/Conquest) Greatly reduces damage
- (Arena) If HP is above 1/2, erects a Barrier that reduces damage by 100%.

A Rebellious Individual (反逆する者|Hangyaku Suru Mono)
- (Normal/Conquest) While HP is above 50%, raise ATK and DEF
- (Arena) For every turn, increase allies' ATK by 5%, DEF by 10%.

Highest Tactical Command (最高戦術指揮|Saiko Senjutsu Shiki)
- (Normal/Conquest) Raise ATK and Critical Hit Rate to all allies.
- (Arena) Raise allies's ATK and Evasion by 30%, Action Gauge Speed by 300.

EX Ability
- For each use of Hissatsu, 60% chance of producing Rainbow Cores.

I guess if we are to find a unit that's closest to having the damn Orgon Cloud, Taiki Shooter Le-douche's has it. His Barrier is designed to virtually nullify an attack completely unless the enemy's attack pierces Barriers. And even then, there's that Guard of his that greatly reduces damage. So if you want to take Le-douche down, you need units that ignores both Barrier and Guard.

Fortunately, there are a number of units that can do that, such as Shin Getter (his Normal Attacks ignore both and DEF) and Daimos's Reppu Seikentsuki. Those with the Fury Seishin such as Athrun's pilot part can do the work as well. The Shinkiro's also susceptible to status effects, so give Le-douche hell with Burning, Darkness, Stun, and Slow.

What I would do with Le-douche is put him in front alongside two tankers (preferably the Granzon and Kisaragi), an All-Unit Healer like Iris's Koubu, and either a Blaster or a Fighter unit to farm Rainbow Cores. Le-douche and Iris would spam nerfs on the enemy party while the rest just attack. Because Le-douche's 3rd Ability boost the party's ATK and DEF, the longer the fight goes, the harder it is for my team to be taken out. Defensively it keeps the attacking party at bay until the Guardian is ready to dish out some major damage.

Le-douche's high DEF makes him crucial in Conquest Mode and in Advent Events where you are surrounded by a horde of enemies. Not to mention he gives a power boost to your party.
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You expected another review but Madoka its 3 times faster, on this section of reviews we will continue on the Rinne no Lagrange unis and after it we will go to the Astray units

This Lagrange units cannot be acquired any longer, however all the players should have one of the Vox units, since they're all Taikis its important to give a write up on all of them.

Vox Aura (MARUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuu)
Pilot:Madoka Kyo
Cost: 17 (regular)
Size: Medium
[Image: DoMaDTS.jpg]

Vox Aura its draw as a normal unit and turns into a Taiki once you reach level 70, the game encourages you to use SSR limit break crysals on these types of units.

Maru at level 80
[Image: 9XhgXeM.png]

to level up your Madoka follow the same steps to level up your woof

Madoka its the main character of the show and this is not her first participation on SRW games,  was on one of the action games that the series had, i forgot the name now, but it was a PSP game, its a very old game and probably very hard to find now, fact its that the series was remembered, despite the poor event we got some nice units.

regarding status Vox Aura has regular base staus for a taiki unit, nothing extraordinary happening with her, the numbers are comparable to those of  Taiki Freedom, and that's not very nice to look at, Vox Aura falls short to older units like Taiki Kallen and Infinity Justice due to the ridiculous high speed of those two units.

Proms(Sword Mode) (1100%)  3 cores

Madoka hits 3 times but its not all the 3 at 1100% but like 300 + 300 + 500% on the last hit, the hisatsu has no special effects and don't apply any status effect, its a medium damage modifier to hit one enemy, this is very underwhelming for a single target weapon on this game, and its 3 cores meaning that Proms its not a weapon that you will rely a lot, its different from Freedom 2 core beam javelin, this one does nothing just pure damage, the reach its also pretty short just two squares in front of Vox Aura.

as bad as it is on the normal game modes on the Arena it does 70% x 3 for 2 cores, apply burn and ignore defenses and penetrate barriers, meaning that this is a weapon that's pretty valuable on the arena, if you reach gold rank you will see various units that looks like they're immortal, Madoka can help you with that, however...her overall perfomance there its not really optimal despite her hisatsu.


Focus ~ This is a good seishin to have around when you're a dodger, the problem its that his unit can't really dodge..., on the Arena mode however yes its useful and almost everyone uses it

Hot Blood ~ you know, same thing as always you use this because you have no other options, and despite being a bad unit for a single target big dmg, that's what Madoka does, so you better of bring it.

Hope+ ~ this increases dmg for allies near Madoka and also increases defense a little, its a good seishin to use on a emergency when maxed it also restore a litlle HP

as you can see nothing exceptional its happening with Madoka seishins as well nothing really shines despite hope that you should max.


Jersey Club ~ Attack power, armor, hit rate (5%)

Leader of the Jersey Club(Commander skill) ~ Increase critical rate and accuracy of the team (5%)

remember the owner of the commander skill its not affected by it, for example if you deploy Char or Oldrin they will raise the other attackers, attack power of your team by 10%, however they own units will only receive buffs if there's another commander on the field with the same skill.

Clear and Cheerful (Commander Skill) ~ Slow,Burn,Dark resistance to the team

pretty much like Kaworu Madoka also defends her team against status effect when she is on the field, and that's her better ability and pretty much what makes her shine

Lagrange Flowers ~ when vox Aura hp reaches 50%.. Madoka gains a huge evade up and a large critical rate up, so there we have it, that's the secret we have to make Vox Aura fight at 50% hp, when this happens it becomes pretty strong, if you heal Madoka, the ability its set off till she reaches 50% again.

Overall i rank Vox Aura as a regular Taiki attacker, nothing special is happening with it till it reaches low HP, then she becomes a dodge Sakura with a bad weapon for hisatsu, this would not be a problem if we didn't had so many better options do to what Madoka does, however if you plan to use her as a commander she can shine when enemies have a lot of status to hit you

on the arena you best bet its to deploy her and use her skills to enable you other units, and when she crits on the Hisatsu she gains a rainbow core, pretty much like Fail, she is also a pretty fast attacker.

works well with:

- Ange
- Kira
- Lan

if you have more than one Jersey club girl you should give other one priority over Madoka, they're better units.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

My Quick Review of the new Defender Taiki the Best Girl Fail with her new Unit.

[Image: 19900665.jpg]

Stats: They are pretty high armor is low at but that is not a problem.
Special: It's an ok Special.[/font]

Pilot Skills:
Iron-wall: reduce damage
Intuition: Accuracy up and evasion up
(Last) Surprise: She removes her Mask and Shouts, giving her Attack, Movement, Evasion and Accuracy up[/font]

(Last) Suprise is best her skill, every time she uses it this song plays in my head.

Hopes to fill: Defense large up.
The force of Despair: Damage Reduction rate large-up.
Murderous intent: Greatly reduce the damage from a shooter type.
Destruction impulse: Attack and critical rate up, each time you attack.

Her Defence makes me low but with those abilities, you will be tanking everything and shooters won't be attacking you.
Destruction impulse is great on a tank more firepower.

Special: This is what her Special does.
Cost 1 core
Power 10
Hits 6 times
Invalid armour
Invalid defence
Invalid (almost) all the stupid annoying abilities
Attack Power 50% up *Final hit
Action force up by 1000 *Only for 2 turns

Her Power is really low at 10 and can do 0 damage to a tank unit, but it doesn't matter at all, as you gain attack with that last hit.
There is no reason to use a normal attack.

Pilot Skills:
Iron-wall: Reduce damage for 2 turns (4 turns to re-use)
Intuition: hit rate and avoid 100% for 1 turn (5 turns to re-use) 
(Last) Surprise: She removes her Mask and Shouts, granting her and adjacent allies with disabling defense for 1 turn. (6 turns to re-use)

Once again (Last) Surprise is her best skill.

Hopes to fill: Counter at 80%
The force of Despair: Critical Rate 50%, Hit rate 80% up, Action force 500.
Murderous intent: HP25% recovery up at start of turn
Destruction impulse: When the deadly skills of critical, recover HP5%, and 1 Rainbow Core at 70% chance.

EX Ability:
Barrier reduces the damage by 4800.

Remember that low powered Special well....
Critical Rate 50 is up my 50% and each Critical you land you get 1 core at 70% chance.
You have 6 hits, that 1 core can give you 5 cores back and recover your HP.
Cores there is no such thing as her speed you will be using Special Attacks every single turn.

Her Defence is really low, but her EX Ability is a barrier of 4800 damage and she can Counter.

The only way Fail is going down is a one-shot from some Attacker unit.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
MazinKaiser (Defender Taiki)
[Image: 13200035.jpg]

Max Stats at Limit Break
HP  19560
ATK 13260
DEF 15510
AGI 5690

Fire Blaster
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 2x3 Square Range; Large Damage + Burning Effect
- (Arena/VS Mode) Costs 4 Cores; Targets All Enemies; Increase Accuracy by 50%; 160% Damage; Ignores Bunshin; 70% Chance of Burning Effect 3 times for 3 turns.

Final Kaiser Blade
- (Normal/Conquest Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3 Square Horizontal Range; Large Damage + Burning Effect
- (Arena/VS Mode) Costs 3 Cores; 3 Square Horizontal Range; 200% Damage; Ignores Barrier; Reduce target's Action Gauge by 80%; 80% Chance of nullifying Healing effects for 3 turns.

Seishins (will use terms from SRW V)
Iron Wall

Strongest Mazinger
- (Normal/Conquest) If HP is less than 50%, greatly increase ATK and Critical Hit Rate (void if Battle ends)
- (Arena/VS) If HP is less than 2/3rds, increase ATK and Accuracy by 50%, DEF by 100% and AGS by 800.

Ultimate Mazin
- (Normal/Conquest) Immune to all Status Effects
- (Arena/VS) Immune to Burning, Darkness, and Action Gauge effects.

Chogokin Nu Z Alpha
- (Normal/Conquest) Successful Guard greatly reduces damage
- (Arena/VS) If HP is less than 2/3rds, reduce all damage by 80%.

Destructive Power (恐るべき破壊力 | Osorubeki Hakairyoku) (Requires Lvl 70 to Unlock)
- (Normal/Conquest) Increase effects of Hissatsu
- (Arena/VS) Boost Accuracy by 50%, DEF by 100%, AGS by 500. 90% Guard Rate. Each successful Guard reduces damage by 40%.

EX Ability
- Add 12000 HP at the start of the battle.

Imagine this scenario in Arena Mode. You somehow managed to reduce the MazinKaiser's HP to less than 2/3 (it's total HP when maxed out and all upgrades is 31560, so 2/3 of it would be 10415). Here's what you just did:

You boosted Kaiser's DEF to a whopping 200% and reduce all damage against it by 80%. This does not include its Guard that reduces damage by 40% (a 120% total reduction to damage). So to finish off Kaiser at this point, not only must your team completely ignore Guard, but must deal damage of at least 5000 or more to make up for the 80% reduction. It's also immune to Burning effects and you can't alter its AGS. This basically makes Kaiser perhaps the ultimate tank unit, surpassing the Granzon.

I guess I'm a bit glad the Fire Blaster is 160% in damage, which makes it the same as Attacker Wing Zero's Long Beam rifle, but not as powerful as the Shine Spark. Otherwise, this unit would've been totally broken and you should avoid the player using it at all costs.

Basically to defeat Kaiser, you need to reduce it's HP to just close to above 2/3rds or 10415 HP (if fully limit-breaked and upgraded). Then use an Attacker whose Hissatsu ignores Guard AND DEF and deals 10,500 damage.

Nothing needs to be said what it can do in Normal game. As Char puts it, the MazinKaiser " a monster".

A must-have unit indeed - if you're EXTREMELY lucky as the gacha only gives a 3% chance of dropping one. I tried getting him and spent most of my Omega Crystals getting nothing but Rs and SRs.
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Testing Grounds Episode 1, don't skip Tchyco

Test on Tchyco LVL 80 Full Buffed + Attack buff + 3 attack core parts.

at every dodge she gains 3% more dodge rate and attack, her attack stacks at + 60% that means that Tchyco must successful evade 20 attacks.

her attack power maxed its 6k + 3500 = 9.5k however she has infighter lvl 3 raising her attack power for more 15% 10.500, and her normal attack power up.

meaning that you can extract 11k attack power of a full stacked Chico.

but them you ask "but Mai this is useless because i will not wait for a unit to dodge 20 attacks, yeah you won't that's why you equip her with Tamaki coin, Tamaki coin raise attack by every unit defeated by 3% moreover it stacks at 20% so on the end when you dodge 10 hits you will get a 50% boost already

Buster Smash modifier its a 800% modifier area Hisatsu + slow.

to help her dodge you want her last seishin maxed.

Summer Akiha its Thyco's best friend

Summer Akiha has a leader skill that raises attackers dodge by 20%, and also she is a awesome SSR unit full buffed Summer Akiha has 6500 of attack.


we have a new Arena Entry,not entirely out of game, on arena her attack its auto raised by 45% no conditions attached to it she basically have 8800 attack on the Arena, also Tycho unit its fast and you should put her on position 2.

but wait there more... she is a disassembler on the Arena

she has two interesting seishins, one of them assure that she will get a critical hit every 3 turns, and one of her passives, make her critical hits ignore all special defenses and bushins, and special defenses, her hisatsu has a good dmg due to her high attack and also slow units... for comparative Sake...

This is Taiki Master Asia:

Attack + Maginifiers on Hisatsu = 15120

This is Tycho = 12056
This is the New L'arc = 11836

Master Gundam has a hp recovery and L'arc can produce cores, she is also quite fast.

overall, a excellent free unit for both game modes.

she is quite incredible to take out Taiki XAN and Sousukes in a single hit.

also if you play Arena mode get the new L'arc if you're lacking meta attackers she is ridiculous good there.

[Image: I54W4tu.png]

don't skip the event units! i will repeat don't skip it you will regret it latter.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

(08-22-2017, 09:48 AM)Mai Wrote: [Image: I54W4tu.png]

Says you! She was always the top Over the Top Ace!
[Image: 6wvf8DR.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Thycho is great!

following the schedule we would have Muginami but i decided to do some of the collab units first because of emergency event occasions and stuff, you expected that i wouldn't do this right? you where wrong! i will keep the bad reviews flowing i even woke up feeling more healthier today than yesterday that's good.

Haruksaiser (because you migtht have missed the Mazinkaiser!)
Pilot: Hellstein (also know by Idolmaster fans as Dark Haruka or Evil Haruka)

i will explain a little on SRW context, on SRW Hellstein and Haruka are not the same person, while Haruka its from Xenoglosia a different world, Hellstain its her own thing, she command a army of evil robots and its the president of the Hellstain corps, the recent events this month has brought a lot of love on the internet, idolmasters fans are posting images of the units and stuff and they are even advertising the inclusion of idol-master series on the SRW series as they did yesterday during a event, so despite we liking it or not they're here to stay

Class: Shooter
Function: Shooter commander and crowd controller.

Cost: 20
Size: (L)
Conquest Maps that this unit helps: 30

[Image: 0hJv6TA.jpg]

Helltein its the main villain of the Kirasagi movie, she is a fictional character on a anime, its Haruka acting, but on SRW she is the real thing, its her second unit on the game, also her second Taiki unit, if you somehow got both versions of her keep both, i will repeat don't feed one version of her to another, both versions of the Harukaisers are entirely different, from their Hisatsus, to their proficient areas, to their weapons and skills, the only thing that stays the same are her seishins, so keep both units you never know when you will need her defender version.

the total status of the Harukaiser on lvl 80 are high.
Hp + Attack = 27650
Hp =17200
Attack =10450
Armor = 6120
Mobility =10030

as you can see she is a super a shooter, and its not slow at all, her attack stats fails to impress but that's a lie she actually do ridiculous dmg she is ranked after only Lelouch, reaching a incredible 2nd place for a unit that you could have acquired for free that's incredible, the defender one its one of the best defenders in the game and the shooter one repeats the feat

Harukaiser Hisatsu its the Blissfull Hell, it uses 3 cores and reaches for a square area on front of her, the dmg  modifier its 800%

the DPS of the Harukaiser reach the Destiny Gundam levels of ridiculous, however for that to happen with Destiny you must not allow him to take any dmg at all, she has no conditions attached to it, i will explain how ridiculous this unit is for normal gameplay


Angel of the Darkness - Increase movement speed 

a Bad thing about shooter supers on general its that they're really slow and on this game moving slow its a pretty horrible thing, however Hallstein don't suffer from this, this skill allows her to move fast, its not Justice or Taiki Kallen levels of fast, but faster than any other super on the game.

Leader who conquer the universe - attack power up (10%)

Oblivion Fear(commander skill) - Increase on hit rate and attack for all shooters (10%)

and now we have that thing... a Taiki with a locked skill when i first read that i was "locked?" and thinned that it was just because she was one of the units that we could get for free, but not... its a real strong skill.

Abyss Darkness - Extra Large increase in attack and hit rate while on ally area (60%)

make the math here, we have a 70% increase for free, this means that Harukaiser have not 10k of attack but 17k while on ally area, but wait there's more yes, as i said she is powercreeped, Halstain has a curious seishin on her pilot part... called crime that increase her attack power,critical rate and gives her barrier penetration.

on normal game modes she is queen, however on the other game modes Harukaiser like the the VS battle system act as a tanker for strong attackers, on Vs mode...

she gains + 15000 HP can recover her status effects on critical hit, and her hisatsu burn things, also hits the entire field, however is quite....costly 5 cores, she heavily relies on critical hits to work well and you might want to build her with critical parts because of that, she  has extreme synergism with Lan and shooter core producers on general.

as a bad thing defenders can probably end your joy fast, Taiki Aquarion can probably one shoot her , the same can be said for many strong recent Taikis like Fail, GGG and other units that does ridiculous burst dmg, still worth the shoot  if you are looking for dependable shooter commander for your shooter squad look no further.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

SOLIS girls 2.0

mini guide

Heiherm Fortress Olive (attacker)

Hisatsu: Plasma Knuckle (piercing medim dmg (600%) modifier attack on a lane)

2/3Hp or above Large attack up (15%)
Wave Heal
seishin seal resistance

Commander skill:
Race queen cheer (attack power increased of the allies 5%, greatly increase armor 10%)

Olive its a support,  she can heal,give you a core with her seishin, heal with her seishin and raise your defense, nothing very good about her on VS mode like always despite the turn healing.

Ayame (attacker)

Ayame unit its made for rawpower and power alone, she is also a attacker and she does nothing besides damage, if you want damage and pure dmg she is a good pick.


Plasma Lariat
barrier penetration attack on one enemy regular modifier (400%)

Critical hits ignore barrier (good for 30)
every attack increase attack power and accuracy
increase attack power and critical rate every time you hit a enemy 3 times
increase attack speed by normal attacking 20 times. 

on vs mode Ayame can pierce barriers, but have nothing to write home about.

Bertha (defender)

Infighter lvl 3 (15%)
Greatly increase guard rate
Medium changes of burning and slow on normal attack
Brilliant Shadow Step its a conter attack, when Bertha blocks she counters like Monika but stronger.

Hisatsu: Plasma Combination

Medium damage to 1 enemy in range

on VS mode Bertha like the OG Katarina can heal 15% of the hp of your units on the start of her turn, despite nothing she also has a 90% guard chance, and when she blocks the dmg is further reduced by 30% making the math she has Taiki hp if you take into consideration her healing.

Bertha can help you not only on the Barrots map, but also on the slown map of conquest mode, and also on Vs Conquest, to battle the devil gundam by healing of course since her hisatsu its physical dmg.

Katarina (shooter)


Megaplasma Blaster:

Large Dmg to all enemies (800%) its a beam so you know Destroy gundam? it can hit it.
Gunfighteer lvl 2 (10%
Aim correction and dodge (5%)
Natural enemy (dmg against attackers increased by 50%)

Command Skill:

Midsummer Natural Girl (increase the attack of shooters and aim) 5%

on Vs mode Katarina healing has been nerfed, instead of healing everyone on her new unit she heals 30% of a single unit.

here's the 4 solis girls.

Olive - Command skill + support
Ayame - Damage
Bertha - Defender + status effects
Katarina - Command skill + Anti attacker.
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Hello its me again alternating the schedule because incidents happened, ok so Eureka Seven Rebirth apparently aired (you watched it? its good?) and they decided to release two new units to commemorate that.

SSR: Mistake
Pilot: Eureka
Class: Defender
Function: Support
Size: (M)
Cost: 16
Conquest Maps that this unit helps: All of them

[Image: nv1wZVt.jpg]

Mistake has a strange status line, she is overloaded with good status, she as a godlike mobility and a higher Hp than Taiki Sakura, looking at the numbers itself might not let you impressed since you already saw units that have higher status than her, and in fact lots of recent taiki units have them higher even free ones, i will go into this later, but that's not a problem for this unit at all, her status are decent, here is Mistake maxed:

[Image: 0KdCMOL.png]

Mistake Has 3 options for Hisatsu:

Assault cost 1 core - does little dmg to all enemies on range (400%)

Boomeerang knife cost also 1 core - she will shoot the boomerang hisatsu at a single enemy it also has a low modifier (400%)

Cut back drop turn 2 cores - Large damage to all enemies on range (800%)

Mistake has one usable hisatsu out of the 3 that the units carries, the one that you will mostly use its the 2 cores one that the non Taiki version already have, its a pretty good hisatsu since it has a low modifier and its a low cost one, her attack status its Taiki units normal baseline and her attack will not going up, so you will not exactly nuke things, but its still extremely usable like you use the attacker Eureka.

none of her hisatsus hit hard enough even Taiki Kallen can outdamage her, yeah outside of the (Vs) mode battle system, I'm bringing this up because that's not only the Arena, arena can be ignored, however we gave Conquest (vs) that use this battle system and on 3.0 we will be having another mode that will also use that same battle system, Mistake its made for that game mode, she is not that strong on the regular battle system however....

(vs) Hisatsus

Assault - ignore 100% of the armor, ignore barrier 50% of seal, increase you own dodge by 70% for 2 turns (3 cores)

the strongest hisatsu to date on the arena, the only problem its that the range is bad, but don't be happy (or sad) about this, because its not like the enemy team will get to act again before you can cast this 3 times.

Boomerange Knife - Ignore 100% armor, 140%  x2 reduce enemy gauge by 30% (2 cores)

horrible range its probably one of worst choices and still good.

Cutback drop turn
- Ignore block + 150%, barrier pierce+ seal, gives you 70% dodge for two turns

Anything that Eureka does on the arena make her enemies slower,sealed, she don't care for type disadvantages too, she can just ignore all these units defenses and status, slow them and kill them before they can act.


Amida Drive

Everytime wave increases dodge and critical rate (15%)

(Vs) Increase critical rate by 70%, Gauge by 1000, 100% chance of block.

ok lets stop to appreciate the strongest ability of the game for a moment...
[Image: 1L2Pih1.jpg]
This skill gives Mistake not only the ability to pierce trough any defense, but to be faster than any other unit on the game and to block all the attacks that she receives  and critical hit them to death, there's not a "weak point" there's not a hidden "innate weakness" this is the strongest unit of the game right now, you are fighting a Taiki attacker? who cares she can just destroy it before it can just moves, its a boss on conquest vs? joke on them you barely will lose hp

Satori Program
Large heal at the start of each wave.

(vs) 7% Healing of all the ally team.

This is sorta of the thing on her release, heal on your turn.

Proff of Living
as weaves goes on dodge up.

(vs)At each dodge, receives a rainbow core and recover 50% of its hp.

this is a dodger so you will mostly dodge things, not only you are healing all your team, you are also healing yourself making the only way to kill this unit being a single hit take blows it immediately or you will never lose, despite to say that there's not many units that will even hit you, they will need a attacker with lockon and a huge modifier on the hisatsu that survived you turns, so basically that won't happen.

Morning Glory

increase attack power by each living ally unit (10%) she can reach 14k attack

(vs)Critical rate,block rate and gauge increased by 70%,100% and 1000 for allies that don't have abilities raising those.

this is not stackable and only works on units that don't have anything raising these things, there's not many units at the moment, however you don't need many units to do this, since Mistake its almost invincible itself, and with all that we already saw at this point, its normal that even IF the enemy team has something danregous it will no even move before the battle is over.


Mistake is the strongest unit of the game as of right now, there's no counter to her and no way to survive her godspeed assault if her team is well composed, to add to injury this unit can also equip 3 parts like everyone else, she is a fantastic unit.

on the normal game mode she is a good support and a pretty awesome one to have outshining every other support of the game, and trivializing everything.

Dealing with the Mistake:

Mistake falls apart if you menage to act faster then her, she is very strong but still a defender, there's only one unit that can help you with that here is you savior
[Image: V91zxsl.png]

Ange does offer speed to keep up with Eureka she won't buff critical or block, however she will fix the most troublesome thing her speed, having that fixed, Ange can also ruin Eureka day with Frozen Bullet that its a 70% slow for 2 turns, also Eureka has no critical block so she can be crit by Vilkyss using the second Seishin of Ange Pilot part.

even if you don't win having Ange on your team its the way to make things go more evenly, of course if Eureka its paired with Anemone AND Ange them you probably won't stand a chance, Ange buff also applies to more units since Eureka buffs 3 status and if any of them its already buffed by innate abilities the 3 of them fails, Ange has more ways to build her team, you can probably make a turn back using better units Ange for example would make Taiki Aquarion and Shooter Harukaiser move faster and act, she would enable Van Raise to do something against a Eureka + Anemone formation.

of course to be able to do this you have to max buff her and V part her with the dodge set, do it with no regrets if you play Arena mode, Vilkyss got me some wins against Eureka on the arena already i'm sure that she can do it for you as well, you can get Ange from the Aces Base the VII one she was also she was a free choice on the last Solis girl event.

while Eureka does need Ange to be invincible, you can build a reasonable competitive team around Ange with no Eureka, sure you won't arrive at gold anymore since there now there's only Anemones + Eurekas + Vilkyss, however the silver ranking players rarely have those 3 together.

Ange good partners:

- Full Frontal
- Stella
- Shooter Destiny
- Fleur
- Katarina
- Idol Bertha (Heiherm Fortress)
- Shooter Olive (Heiherm Fortress)
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