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Unit Review thread
I believe its 600% Hokuto, i will try to see if its really this latter, the problem with Li vs Maria its that her attack pattern its really fuzzy the little missiles go making curves i don't know if this makes her shoot slower than normal, have to search this, sadly i don't have Maria to compare the shooter speed, but i do have Leavatain that also has a shooter speed increase and OO Raiser, and i will compare her with those to see how much DPS she has vs Maria
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I have both, shooting speed is the same.
One nice thing about the curvy trajectory is that sometimes she hits enemies who stand one row above or below the shooting line.
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With almost there on my second battleship and Ap over again lets review some units :o

SSR - Infinity Justice
[Image: bscK8tF.jpg]

Total Status:

Hp - 9500
Attack -5900
Armor - 4790
Mobility - 5710

Total output:

Pilot: Athrun Zala
[Image: 8wCaimj.jpg]

One of the factor that ended the great war between plant and Earth, he got tired of wars and decided to not return to the Plant colonies, after the war ended however the people of plant was with no hero, as no one knew where the person who ended the war was, he was serving as Cagalli's guardian and lover.

Mecha: Infinity Justice Gundam
[Image: bcTalDz.jpg]

Said to be one of the more advanced mobile suits that exists it was developed along with Strike Freedom Gundam, its equipped with a Laser engine and a new Fatumm 01 a improved version of the last one


With ok status the shooter I.Justice don't let us down on that, he is a unusual case of unit with high status and a special unlock ability, 5900 attack can reach 6200 with parts alone, and that's pretty impressive for a non Taiki Shooter, i believe that this unit carries one of the heavier numbers backing his attack power, as all the Seed units he has a problem with the armor being too low, but he is a shooter and have less problems with that.

a big change between this version and the attacker one, its that this one its rather slow he don't have the insane speed that the other versions of this unit have in trade you get more attack power out of him, but its a fair trade.


Hisatsu: Barrage Fire/volley firing/full shoot
Modifier 600%

That's the regular modifier for AOE hisatsus on SSR units Justice does a single shoot that pierces a line of enemies, it can hit two if you position him right.

its not a spectacular Hisatsu, the modifier its low and it don't apply any effect however you can work around it, and make good use of it with the right parts.



Focus -- you know this is rather useless outside Conquest Mode of course, but them you will probably be using this unit on conquest mode

Acell -- make the unit goes faster (as usual bad seishin)

Soul -- help on the dmg and stuff



Emerald Eyes - Increase critical hit and accuracy (5%)

Justice whiteout end - Increase attack after every enemy destroyed (2%/ total of 15%)

Hyperdue Trion - gives you a shooter core

Ace Pilot - at every 3 attacks increase attack power and hit rate (3%/ stacks on 15%)


full stacked

I.Justice abilities gives him 900 + 900 = 1800 of attack if you get it going with his already high status you get 8000 of attack out of a regular SSR unit, for comparation shooter Taiki Zegapain has 9500, majority of the Taikis on 75 has 8800 or 9000 of attack.

if you equip him with Tamaki coin its possible to reach about 9k+

however it better to give out and slot to eqquip a speed truster on the unit.

this unit has zero defensive options, he can't block or has PSA or dodge on normal game, if anything shoot at you they will hit.


On arena mode however things are different, I.Justice its very fast and very dodgy, his normal attacks ignore 100% of the armor of the unit and penetrate barriers, and if he menage to hit anything that has an abnormal status on it his attack increase by 100% skyrocketing to Taiki levels

Ex skill gives 30% of burn at every 2 turns.

as you can see this unit its a keeper
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Good unit, if only using it for the added core I find it's very useful. Thanks for the review.
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Correcting myself since datamine on Shooter I.Justice is out

the units abilities are

20% and 35% attack up stacking on a total of 55% attack up full stacked, the final numbers are the same however.

and the modifier of the hisatsu its of 700% not 600%
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Something else I like about this unit, while it has low defensive capability, it also doesn't have any HP conditional skills.

There's some other shooters with high offensive power but no defense like Taiki Shooter Destiny, which when damaged loses a ton of its offense.

I was very tempted to buy another copy of this to unlock the last skill, but trying to save crystals like a madman for the Summer events.
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Dengeki actualized their ratings on the newest taiki units:

~ CrossBone its a 8.0
~ Daitarn 9.5
~ Gurren Laggan 8.0
~ V2 its a 9.5 its the highest rate attacker unit of the game
~ Wing Zero its a 9.0
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I think Mai missed Taiki Sazabi as the highest Attacker with 10 rating on normal mode.

Dengeki review of 14 SSRs adjustment

Dengeki review of Daizyjujin, Final Dancouga, Dancouga Nova Maxgod, Eva 02 Mari (Beast Mode)
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oh yeah my bad Smile not even was aware that he was an attacker since i didn't used the banner at all
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Dengeki evaluation for Taiki Z Gundam, Eva Mark.6, Gloucester.
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