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NieR: Automata Gameplay Video
Ooh, Kaine DLC for 2B? I'll buy. Big Grin
Finished Ending C.
Got Chapter Select and I noticed there are TONS of side quests I missed. O_o

Anyway, I actually think that this garbled text was part of the game, instead of an actual glitch.
[Image: AwIcdxD.png]

Now that they fixed it, I realized that it's not part of the game ^^;
Finished the game last night, (started last friday or thursday).

Overall, it was amazing, a full 10/10. The story, the writing, the characters development and progression, the unfolding plot, all of it was just fucking amazing. The way it worked with it's running themes was just brilliantly done. Sorry, but Persona 5 get rekt, you're writing was crappy especially near the end.

It was great how the side quests also weren't just there as filler, they all helped to build up a bigger plot on their own and made you care about these characters.

It might have been because I was awake for 30 hours straight and was playing the game for the 10th hour straight ,but once you get to the start  of route C when you realize the entire first 2 routes/25 hours of the game were just the prologue/tutorial, I was blown the hell out.

Also Ending E....holy shit...That, was one of the most amazing things in pretty much game or fictional piece ever.
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And it's a nice nod to how in Route C after B2's death, Pod042 (I NAMED HIM SCRUFFY THE JANITOR, LEAVE ME ALONE) started developing into a character/sentient on his own and slowly evolved.

Route C though, everything from the Pascal events to Nines evolution as a character.  And not to mention this scene. THIS.FUCKING.SCENE.
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[Image: F6w4Wyz.jpg]
[Image: 7Dc1enl.jpg]
[Image: yQjgQ4T.jpg]
[Image: 6zTSOHZ.jpg]

[Image: Qdgcmzg.jpg]
[Image: vmTIwku.png]
[Image: Y8Kbdjn.jpg]
[Image: agman4G.png]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I don't even know why there is a need to make comparisons for Persona 5 and Nier which not only have completely different dynamics in storytelling but are also completely different genres of games... The writing for Nier Automata is to be expected to be like this given how different (and kind of screwed up) the plot of Drakengard games are (except Drakengard 2 where the plot was more generic) as well as the 1st Nier game. But it also goes farther than those games too.
It doesn't matter about the genre, or type of game, or setting, etc. Writing quality is writing quality. How good or bad a writer writes the story should never be affected by the the setting or style of the game.

In the case of persona 5, the writing started off good, (it wasn't amazing), but then as it went on, the writing quality started to drop. (Usually agreed around the 6th dungeon, and started falling from there) Overall Persona 5's main thing was it's aesthetic and style. Combat was fun at first, but eventually it starts to get really stale.

In the case of Nier, the writing started off great, got better, and once you get to playthrough C, HOLY SHIT. It has nothing to do with being dark or cryptic story telling, it was just really damn good, kept getting better, and expanded even further into it's themes, philosophy, and emotional development and attachment to the games cast. Nier's down fall is the gameplay. It doesn't really change that much throughout, and the camera does have issues when the game wants to change to a different style in a boss fight and you can't see where the goddamn boss is.

A nice part about it is that you don't need to have player Nier Replicant or Drag-on Dragoon 3 to play or understand it.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So in Nier Automata the game is pretty independent of the previous games, aside from a few vague references I'm guessing? That's interesting. Cause I don't remember how much of former Cavia developers were involved with the game aside from Yoko Taro, although he is the main reason why the story is the way it is in the Drakengard series in general (aside from Drakengard 2 as he was NOT involved with the writing), as his writing is pretty unique and unconventional, its also one of the reasons people find this game pretty refreshing.
Yoko Taro is a miracle of the universe and hero the industry needs.

His tragic fate.
[Image: FgpqYDB.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
This game and Persona 5 are totally different story types, besides P5 don't have a bad story at all.

Nier its of course better because duh its Nier, P5 its a little overhyped nowm the game has some flaws but is a fun game, a lot better than the previous ones
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

I got ending D and E, didn't bother to platinum the game, and deleted the savefile. Got a nice new title screen.
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[Image: nier208zlj.jpg]
Total worldwide shipments and digital sales for NieR: Automata have exceeded 1.5 million units, Square Enix announced.

The announcement comes nearly three months after the game reached one million shipments and digital sales.

The power of 2B. Guess Yoko Taro nailed her design that everyone wants her. Or 9S.

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