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NieR: Automata Gameplay Video
finished last night 65 hours good luck on the secret boss you will freaking need it
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Haha, I even need some luck fighting non bosses. I found several quests beyond my level already. Still can't figure out how to reach that desert scenery photo too.
Got killed on the desert giant boss, respawned, tried to get back the body and figured out what kills me: A suicide bomber. Got killed again, then I gave up trying to retrieve the body.
So why aren't you people playing NieR: Automata?
Are you people playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, buying Switch to play that new Zelda or what?

Me still play this:

Based Yoko Taro.
Finished the game with Ending A. Damn that was good.
Lots of plot holes, but I think it will be explained if I replay the game.
Ending A is like .... half or a 1/3 of the Game in Yoko Taro Games so expect 87%+ more SOUL CRUSHING DESPAIR or something.
No idea if it happens since I haven't finished even Ending A yet but I know Yoko Taro Games :p

... stupid Semi open World Games with their unexplored Nook and Crannys and my short Attention SpOHSOMETHINGSHINY!

Seriously though they like to sneak them in, for example (small Weapon Spoilers):
Spoiler Show
When I found the Iron Pipe ... a Joke weapon by all definition.
... it's Shadowlord PapaNiers Iron Pipe from the Nier Prologue, the Weapon Story is from Yonahs perspective.
Yes they sneaked in some FEELS in the Joke Weapon Sad
Yeah I noticed the new game plus gave me a very different... beginning.
... so I finally passed Route B and went into Route C.
... Yeah this is a Yoko Taro Game, totally awesome though.
Finished Ending B. On to the next game.... whoa.
Sad that most people who don't know any better would probably stop playing once they see the first credits roll.

Spoiler Show
They're playing only 30% of the game, me thinks?
That fits, I crushed B Route in around 5-7 Hours and murdered my way through C/D in 10 but I already spend 30 Hours in A alone and was SEVERELY overleveled (60+ at the end of A) / cleaned pretty much all Quests out.
Some Info about the DLC including a Video.
... yes that Video is real, seriously WTF?

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