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Resident Evil 7 biohazard Announced

Wow, it looked like a true horror game.
I think Capcom took ideas from PT.

It seems like a blend between Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. But I prefer it not to be first-person.

I'm wondering about that title, though.
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
They gonna call it Biohazard 7: Resident Evil in Japan? ^^;

Edit: Confirmed! lol!
[Image: Ck4NXloVEAE7-Mo.jpg]
[Image: Ck4NXyAUoAAVe7D.jpg]

PS Plus exclusive for PS4.
According to reports, Resident Evil 7 demo not part of the full game.

That really sounds familiar..... P.T. much? XD
Is this a reboot? I'm getting supernatural horror vibes, instead of sci-fi horror.
New Information from

Quoted from NeoGAF:
Quote:-The focus of RE7 is on the keywords, "escape, immersion & pursuit." Your goal is to survive the terrors, you can defeat them and sometimes you'll find yourself in a tight situation, but being able to utilize your limited arsenal and either fight or flee is important.

-Here is what Capcom thinks makes a good classic Resident Evil game (as well as notes from the interviewer):
*Fear of the Unknown – Not knowing what lies behind every door. Not understanding what is happening.
*Exploration – There will be puzzles and a lot of spaces and rooms to explore. (More on this later)
*Combat – And yes, they’ve eased our biggest fear, there will be combat. They’ve even emphasized that it is core to the Resident Evil feeling as it gives you the release of tension that you need by finding a shotgun and fighting back.
*Managing Survival (Item Management) – Item Boxes! They didn’t confirm it exactly, but the presentation slide showed that to be exact. More on this below, but basically, they mentioned that you had to manage what you will be bringing to progress the game as it adds another layer to survival horror.

-Mercenaries specifically or any other online mode is not in RE7, it is exclusively a single-player game, but there are other unlockables we know (the one confirmed at this time is Madhouse Mode).
-While there is no situations where you face hordes of enemies at once, there will be scenes where you're faced with more than one enemy at a time.
-Main inspiration for RE7 is the original RE1, not the REmake. They looked and broke it down a lot when working on RE7.
-They're waiting to see how first-person works with fans for RE7 before they consider it as a possibility for future titles, but they think first-person really fits RE7 and they chose to go in this direction for the project goals.
-The game is linear and is not split into chapters like the more recent RE games, the progression is fluid.
-The game's saving system changes based on what difficulty you're playing on. Some difficulties have an auto-save system, and harder difficulty's saving system "won't be nice to you."
-One key element for RE7 is that it is a RE game, and they think this helps a lot to separate it from other first-person horrors. the game is set after RE6 and pulls a lot from the series history and mechanics, lore and and what's built-up RE's name in the last 20 years. This is the 20th anniversary celebration title, and it is a RE game through and through.
-RE7 does continue plot elements from other RE games, but they won't talk about that right now.
-There will be a third and final demo update sometime before RE7 releases, there is no firm release date but it'll happen before the end of January. It will also be coming to other platforms.
-REmake 2 is under extensive development right now, but they hope to show something from it soon.
-When asked about Outbreak HD, they say that Outbreak was a huge undertaking at the time for them, but they are listening to fans and if there's a demand for Outbreak HD or a successor to it, they're all ears.

I'm all for Resident Evil Outbreak HD. Or RE-Outbreak. Or whatever. Make sure the game is peer-to-peer so we no longer have a server dead problem.

But if RE7 is first-person.... I don't think I want it. :/

Looks like a horror game, alright.

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