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Post Your video Game Purchases here.
Bought Samurai Warriors 4 Empires digitally in my Vita.
[Image: _sw4-20160407_003239mlkg3.jpg]
So, I may have gotten 4 of Rightstuf's april fools crates.

They're, as expected, 4 unknown movies. BUT! The one I got is Ultimate Crop Circles: Signs from Space. That's gonna be fun.
Also got the package with my previous order from a month or two ago. Finished my Voltron set, finally have all the tins. Also might have gotten the Viewtiful Joe anime's third dvd for the poor quality Joe toy that comes with it. It's so fun and cheap.
They were out of the SD horse model kit I ordered, very sad day.

Maybe not video games but I wanted to share with someone.
No pictures but

Wii U (Second Hand) + Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World Wii U
DQ Monster Joker 3
Gundam Breaker 3

I'm pretty much set for a couple of months before Moon Dwellers
[Image: 26458212370_87c7726d0e_c.jpg]
3ds games and Ragnarok Odyssey ACE from gamestop, zelda manga from walmarts, everything else from amazon.

Imports are


Ex trooper
Gundam: Extreme VS

Gundam Seed: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3

ps vita
Airship Q
Phantasy Star Nova

Blood of Bahamut
Shining Force Feather
EX Troopers is fairly cheap now, relatively speaking, isn't it? I might pick that up before the online dies any more than it probably already has.

Also lol @ how labored the text is on the spine of Rengou vs ZAFT.
ex trooper is 19$
According to the store, I'm one of the two guys who pre-ordered this game.
[Image: _sword4ekqu.jpg]

As a result, I'm one of the two guys who actually own this game in my area. The store didn't bother to stock more than the pre-ordered ones.
They said the game is not prominent enough to stock. What they do have in stock, though, is Gundam Breaker 3. Tons of them. So I didn't bother to buy it. ^^

I personally like the artwork of this game, and I happen to like dungeon crawlers too. Although would it kill them to stop using the same sound effect as Demon Gaze?!?
[Image: 26826157810_66b71af579_c.jpg]
ps4games/anime movie, bestbuy, wii u stuff from gamestop.
[Image: swdrMmv.jpg]

I really luckied it out, many stores in my country were thinking on not bringing Odin's Sphere (and many didn't; it has happened with a bunch of games I'm interested in, blergh). Fortunately Valkyria Remastered was a sure buy for these crappy providers..... Xrd Revelator still hasn't arrived and I couldn't find more interesting titles in my short trip (they had Nights of Azure; but I don't want it full price).

 As you can see, my cat has reservations about strategy & playing war with innocent lives.
[Image: 27290756064_b3c89cfa41_c.jpg]
from last month

this month
[Image: 28070773235_dea9b13597_c.jpg]

movie from walmarts. games from gamestop buy 2 get one free used deal.

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