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Post Your video Game Purchases here.
Took a $20 U.S. Nintendo e-Shop card and walked away with a few choice downloads:

Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice (Only $11.99 U.S.)
Punch Club: The Dark Fist
Jewel Quest 4: Heritage
Jewel Quest 6: The Sapphire Something Or Other

(I've got a bit of a Match Three problem. It comes and goes. I blame Hunie Pop.) What's funny here is that Jewel Quest 5 is sold separately as DSi Ware, while JQ4 and JQ6 are 3DS exclusives. Makes no sense!

(12-06-2018, 09:46 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: There's a Persona 4 Dancing All Stars PS4 version?!? O_o

Sorry about the late answer: I don't know if it's for sale separately, but it's a bonus if you buy the Endless Night Collections that includes both of the other games.
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switch games from amazon. robotech and kai from local gameshop and the dbz movie set and mouse hunt from walmarts also 128 gigabyte micro sd card from there.
I bought... Mortal Kombat XL digitally. It's $5, sooooo yeah.
not video games but movies
last buys of 2018 for me, got back from fye buy 2 get one 1$

[Image: 46495092522_41230f3d59_c.jpg]
Didn't really buy any games this holiday season. In fact I actually cancelled my gamefly subscription because I came to the realization that as long as I had it, I'd never be able to play the games I wanted to that I actually owned. that and some RL depression personal issues etc sort of killed my gaming mood. I did buy a bunch of gaming merch though.

I bought way too much random stuff during my holiday depression suppression. Last of it finally came in today.
[Image: PgGXmM3.jpg]

Luckily most of it was on clearance for dirt cheap and impulse bought. Now it can sit there with all the stuff I bought and have yet to open when ToysRUs closed! Except Paddington. I push his tummy often.
[Image: x2SOMqF.jpg]

I need a larger or less shitty desk or something though. NepStation is packed and breaking apart, and the Walkure girls and Las Vegas pandas have monopolized the Neptral Tower.
[Image: TpmVYAV.jpg]

Also after finishing Macross Delta Scramble on the Vita decided to finallly get the final Walkure girls I was missing, Reina and Kaname.
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[Image: Qm5GGFH.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
While I don't have pictures, I used my Christmas money to get Puyo Puyo Tetris and Splatoon 2 for my Switch. Knowing me, I'm probably still going to mostly be playing Kirby Star Allies though.
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dbz fighterz and pac man from walmarts one piece and gameboy games from retro gameshop rest from amazon
[Image: _105jio.jpg]
Just one this month.
back from gamestop

[Image: BEPLPybl.jpg]
[Image: MQFONdn.jpg]

Kindle from bestbuy's sale last month 8 gigabyte model was all they had left

cheapo speaker from dollar store, unravel 2 and Penguin wars and overboard blu ray from amazon,

rechargeable fan, switch games and best of dbz dvd from walmarts

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