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Post Your video Game Purchases here.
Based Vita chan has never betrayed me, and never left my site. Other countries, flying in the air, on ships, trains , auto mobiles, funerals, drunken las Vegas Vacations, and even tonight as I took my mother to the Urgent Care center as she cut the hell out of her finger. And I won't betray it! But the case of SRW I've basically gotten all of them on Vita. Since it's a 100+ hour game, and one that you don't realy rush through, I like to play it when I'm outside the house, traveling, cooking in the kitchet, etc etc etc.
[Image: Iit6tcM.png]

To be honest I'm surprised I havn't destroyed it yet after almost 5 years of taking it everywhere. I got it before I ever even got a smart phone so it doubled as my music player at work, trips etc as well.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
[Image: 42892023022_04355cb287_c.jpg] all from bestbuy.
[Image: 29514213888_f170307229_c.jpg] everything from amazon. with that i own all gundam vs psp(and vita) and macross psp plus vita
[Image: 44905198102_5997a9ab05_c.jpg]
gba ds and psp games and dbz ocean dub dvd from local video game shop. pokemon from fye other 2 dvds from walmarts
[Image: 45385269802_35e7788bbc_c.jpg] got back from local retro game store
epic mickey 1.99 super bost a move 1.99 pokemon pinball 6.00 14$ for aladdin blu ray animatrix 1.00
[Image: 45927758801_cfa0b4cbd6_c.jpg]
pokemon and penny and korra 3ds and switch game case from amazon. pokemon sun and moon anime, and final fanatsy 15/ Last guardian from walmarts
chicago pd from local retro game store movies and cards from dollar tree.
I haven't been buying physical games lately, soooo:
- Hitman 2
- SoulCalibur VI
- Resident Evil Revelations 2
That's in the last two months. All discounted. Big Grin
Persona 3 – Dancing In Moonlight and Persona 5 – Dancing In Starlight. My wife is playing the P5 one, and I am playing the P3 one. Because we got them together in the two-pack, though, we also got a free download of the PS4 version of Dancing All Night.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

[Image: Signature%20ndash%20Cool%20Pegas_zpstuoxf14q.jpg]
There's a Persona 4 Dancing All Stars PS4 version?!? O_o
[Image: 44646470260_ac3c7f8553_c.jpg]

smash, roku and undertale before xmas, rest including amazon gift card are presents. bought 4 switch games already, will be here Friday

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