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Post Your video Game Purchases here.
Fishin' Acomplished.
[Image: ixOf7K2.jpg]

[Image: T9UT1A1.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Here is why I am quite grateful to have a very good small local used game store chain

[Image: ZTeYwww.jpg]

Good Black Friday sales knocked the prices down pretty far. Although it is going to annoy me having a gap between Dead or Alive 1 and 3 for a while (I don't know why everyone let their dog chew on their copy of 2)

Also please enjoy my lovely Thanksgiving table cloth
[Image: 27844309299_f377926bc6_c.jpg] labtop from walmarts switch games from amazon, dragon quest 8 from bestbuy
battery for sp and nes clone pocket from amazon. 360 game from gamestop
I forgot to post them, but since Well, the year is over, and my final holiday shopping tally ended up at

-Skyrim PSVR bundle $349
-Kingdom Hearts 1.5 $20
-Kingdom Hearts 2.8 $20
-Splatoon 2 $60
-that Senran Kagura sex game on Switch $12 for a 1000 yen eshop card
-$20 PSN card that I used to buy Tricky Tower
-FF14 Storm Blood $20
-CoD WWII $35 I think we got it for?
-Final Fantasy XV $20
-Xenoblade 2: $60
-Xenoblade 2 Custom Homura Pro Controller $85
-Macross Delta Scrabbled Eggs (Vita) $25
-.hack//G.U. Last Recode $30
-Golden Dual Shock 4 $30
-Camo Dual Sock 4 $30
-Full House the complete Series on DVD (Sister wanted it since she loves it even though it being a show way past her era) $50 or so.

So yeah, this was probably the most expensive fucking holiday season for me in my 30 years, and I probably will never even start half this stuff until god only knows.

Too lazy to take snaps of it all so all I have is a picture of my desk.

[Image: Nh3nsED.jpg]

Also I can't bring myself to get rid of my little christmas town on top of it anymore, it lights up the night.
[Image: jSMLTXJ.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
It's simple, but I love your setting there. Big Grin
I thought you put Sen games somewhere prominent, though. ^^
Sen stuff is with the rest of my ps4 games. I have different crappy shelf things so everything is scattered about.

I'm probably going to buy a large shelf tower and just put everything up on it. It'll let me get rid of like 3 pieces of crap that just take up space in the room.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
2nd half of amazon order
[Image: 25779563928_b793c3ff90_c.jpg]
Is there a reason to get PAL versions of Switch games that aren't exclusive to the region? Cheaper in those instances maybe?

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