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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Anyone else looking forward to this game?  Or even know about it?  It's by the developer of the Zero Escape and Danganronpa games as well as some of the team that made them.  Dungeon crawler with interesting leveling/strengthening mechanics involving dying in loads of different ways and being reborn as a clone with a lifespan of 13ish days.

The English subbed/dubbed demo was added to SEA's region PSN store for download so I've been playing that.  That version is also out to be bought, but I've already got my preorder down for the NA version due out April 9th.

It was actually due out earlier but got delayed so some cutscenes and images could be censored.  Here's what's been changed: Western Release Changes
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Sounds interesting. I always enjoy dungeon crawlers.
Can we create characters?
How's the difficulty?
You can't create characters since it's very story driven when it comes to the 8 characters you play. Each of the characters has one chapter that mainly focuses on them, but you're playing them all at the same time.

The difficulty starts with your choice between levels 1-3 with 1 saying it's really easy for just story mode and 3 being rather hard at the start where you need to keep an eye on different gauges for stamina. (this is both energy and food meter) stress, and bladder. I've seen in a stream of the game that you can unlock levels 4 and 5 difficulties but I haven't been able to try those myself. I was playing on level 3 and found it challenging in a fun way.

While looking up more places where folks might talk about the game, I found out that the NA PSN should have the demo available on the 26th. If you play that demo, you get some bonus items in the regular game with your demo save loading into it. The digital PS4 preorder is also 10% off atm and comes with a digital soundtrack and PS4 theme compared to just a physical soundtrack with the physical preorder you can place at stores like GameStop. The game is also releasing on Steam but I haven't looked into that much.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Demo did come out today and I spent a few hours streaming it and a few more messing around with it some. Smile
[Image: DragenGD.png]

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