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SRW OG The Inspector DVD Changes
Is there a website that has screenshots of the differences between the broadcast version and the home media release? Google isn't helping for English results.
So far no luck but if it's anything like Jojo and Shin Mazinger the main difference is better animation maybe more scenes and no censorship.
It was pretty much uncensored. Things like Excellen's tits in the first episode where she apperas in front of Bullet, Lamia in the showers, etc. As well as more blood in other scenes, and a lot of the animation was cleaned up like you said. Like many of the mechs, angelgs, etc close up shots were entirely re done.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
There's a site that shows the uncensored stuffs, but I forgot what the site is.
You could probably search some sites for the keyword "Wizard" and "fanservice compilation".
Yeah I came across that compilation video while trying to confirm that The Inspector actually got a bluray release but I haven't downloaded it yet. I'm guessing it only shows the T&A and not the redrawn scenes? ^_^;
Well, it does says "Fanservice Compilation". XD

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