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SD Gundam G Generation Crossrays
Confirmed for be SD Gundam Genesis sequel with AUs, as most people expected. Platforms are PS4 and Switch.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So, they're announcing a teaser.
Teasing a teaser. Which we have to see in a game.
Oh well, such is today's gaming world.
They really just announced that they'r egoing to reveal the trailer in Battle Op 2, and then the next day up loaded to Youtube. Nothing really bad or odd about it.

It's better then most other companies these days that hold an event just to announce that they're going to hold another event just to finally reveal the release date.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Hoping for a new G Gen game, likely to reuse assets from Genesis which is fine. Hopefully not locked to just UC this time and have AU series too. If that means kicking out some of the sidestory UC series stages from G Gen Genesis I'm fine with that.

Past G gen games re-use assets from previous games all the time so I'm fine with that. Plus its been over 2 years since Genesis came out...
What went wrong with the Gundam Vs series? i heard that that all consoles games after Full Boost where bad...
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Problem was that the main team was working on Extreme Vs 2 for the arcade after Maxi Boost On which only stayed in the arcades. Gundam Versus was made by a different team compared to the main team that was working on Extreme 2. While I enjoyed the game, the net code was lacking and it also lacked mission mode from Full Boost. Online was pretty rough overall...

A number of units/series were also missing from Gundam Versus compared to Full Boost and Maxi Boost. Although Versus had a lot more UC grunts and a few new units that were later added to Maxi Boost on. I believe Lupus and Atlas were on Gundam Versus before going over to Maxi Boost. Some of the mechanics were different on units that were also in Full Boost, a few played differently but not in a bad way for the most part. A few more button inputs were added for the triggers and each units had a extra attack compared to Full Boost. Strikers were not a bad idea although opinion is kind of divided on it although some were more useful than other while a lot were also useless. It was a interesting idea, but not executed well...

Namco Bandai didn't want to detract from the arcade scene hence why they didn't make a console port of Maxi Boost. They only want to stick to the arcade games for the VS series since those are still quite popular there along with Bonds of the Battlefield simulator game.

Sales wise, Full Boost did not do as well as Extreme Vs on PS3 but given it was a expansion it was to be expected... And for the most part Gundam game sales have been slipping since the PS2 days...

Overall, it was a fun game but lacking a number of features... DLC prices didn't help much but atleast it didn't have the useless clone units from Full Boost and the DLC was also a issue in Full Boost too...
Many are speculating that they might pull a miracle and release Maxi On port. Largly because While Gundam Versus was fun overall, it still was disliked by Maxi fans for the reset roster and being toned down and they can get some of those fans back with the Maxi port that wouldn't cost much to just port to PS4. But the other and most important reason is that this February, Maxi Boost On will officially cease all operations and Extreme Versus 2 will replace it in full operation so now there would be no arcade sales to threaten.

A few fans are hoping for a real Gundam Breaker 4 but the way they fired the sub contractor and all the original staff, seems unlikely.

But the big bet is in fact that it'll be the next G Generation Genesis with AU suits included. Which Id be okay with but it needs some sort of Original story or more depth to the quests. I want the old days of G Generation DS. The Rivals Route will forever be legendary.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Normally I'd be pulling for Versus Something as I always have all these years, but I'm kind of sick of it at this point, especially having to inevitably put up with the assholes its small community is full of (sorry to anyone reading this who is not an asshole).

It does seem about time for a new G Gen, so I won't complain if that's it. Localize it, while you're at it!!

And if it's something new, which I don't doubt either, I hope they manage to not completely embarrass themselves this time.
Because of the music and other licensing costs, it most likely won't get a real localization but Bandai will definitely release an Asia English version.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
well... so i hope that they end up doing a better game, i loved full boost didn't own Versus yet but i will probably get it its a pretty cheap game here
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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