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Iron Blooded Orphans Urzuhunt
The gundam's name is kind of similar to Venus' Japanese name, 太白星.
the character design its too bad and reminds me of Gundam Age, i'm skipping
Its never too late to start loving again

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(01-08-2019, 04:51 PM)Top Nep Wrote: It most likely is Marchosias. The sigils match just like Bael, Barbatos and Kimaris etc matched up. But it's not like the name has to be used. There's no rule stating they have to use the actual names and can't just cal it what they want.

They probably won't go into much story for the suit other then "it's just there". That was literally the story for almost all the other suits, it was basically just there and they took it, used it, stole it. Barbatos was just dug up and they used it as a generator and that's all they ever talked about it's past.

Aside from Bael, none of the frames have any any real story about them as to what they did back during the Calamity war. And even then, Bael is just Bael because it was the suit Angiku used, that was it, there's no real specific history to it aside from that and that it's the first Gundam Frame which is why it's so ill equipped.

Yeah, all of this is pretty much why I wanted a Calamity War-set prequel more than anything for IBO.
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Hmm. I am not going to complain about more IBO.
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