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Emails are sent out
If you signed up for the beta, check your email, you might have it in there.  Only for IPhones though - some people who don’t have those might want to give their codes to people that do.

(Server maintenance is currently going on though.)
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I got an email, but I can't read them. Tongue
(12-14-2018, 11:10 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: I got an email, but I can't read them. Tongue

If you have an IPhone, download TestFlight, you’ll get a code that works with that... somehow.

I admit I’m using someone else’s code since they didn’t have an IPhone so no idea what they clicked.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
I got an email.

Don't have an iPhone
who wants my code?
how do I give you my code?
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Pretty straight forward at the moment. Game feels like a lovechild of Fire Emblem Heroes + King of Fighters All Star.

[Image: lSxvVPO.jpg]

[Image: uQMe9rd.jpg]

[Image: 3xCXVg6.jpg]

[Image: giiI899.jpg]

[Image: dphY5s6.jpg]

[Image: WOdecci.jpg]

[Image: 2kgmajB.jpg]

[Image: grnQAlM.jpg]

[Image: lfwC19y.jpg]
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
Nothing for android yet? Sad
Oh, what I got was a generic Bamco email about their games, including Queen's Blade, One Piece, SRWDD and Ultraman and stuffs. No code.
It looks nice.
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Damn, I didn't even know there was a way to sign up for a closed beta. =/
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The game is nice, just pretty heavy and lags a lot
Its never too late to start loving again

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