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Your Top Three Favorite SRW Games
I didn't see a topic like this in browsing through the forum, so I thought it might be a fun question to ask everyone, now that there have been several years of new games, new translations, etc. Here are my three, at least for now.

Super Robot Wars MX Portable. This was the first import SRW I ever played, and it still has my favorite roster and series list of the lot. Having Evangelion and Rahxephon in the same game is just great.

Super Robot Wars A(dvance). Granted, this game is pretty hard, and it's pretty rough around the edges, but it was still very satisfying to beat, and the last map is probably my favorite in the series (i.e. the "10-turn rush to down Zweizergain", as I think Kern put it). Great originals, fun story, excellent roster.

2nd Super Robot Wars OGs. As much as I like the U.S. releases of OG1 and OG2, this was the sequel that they deserved ... and so much more, too. Just a lot of fun, and I found it to be better, plot-wise, than OGG (my personal opinion).
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Hmm... this is a tough one.

Super Robot Wars Z1: I love the story, intregation of characters/world building, FIXING SEED DESTINY, and Setsuko is one of my all time favorite original characters.

Super Robot Wars W: A good standalone game that features a time skip to add in sequel series for Nadesico and Gaogaigar, thankfully it skips most of the boring Seed story by having Astray taking up the Gundam focus, even though boring X Astray is there too. Love the inclusion of Detonator Orgun and that it has relation to Tekkaman Blade and its sequel Blade II. Also a good inclusion of dynamic kills similar to Alpha 3.

Super Robot Wars OGs on PS2: A great remake of OG1 and OG2 with extra stuff not in those GBA games. Even including a brief prologue based on the meh SRW OG OVA that eventually became the basis for OG Gaiden.

I have to get back to finishing Alpha 2 and 3. Haven't started Impact on PS2 either... so this list might change after I play those games.
My favorite three, eh? Hard choice. But I'll go with these, in no particular order:

Super Robot Wars Alpha
As the first Super Robot Wars with proper animation, the game blew me away back then in PlayStation One. It also introduces Macross units, which I really like. The sequel, Alpha Gaiden, is no slouche. Introducing support attack and defense, but feels kinda lacking.

Super Robot Wars Z3
This is the only Super Robot Wars where I can use Gunbuster and Buster Machine No.7 in tandem. Also, there's Dancouga Nova and The Big O to boot! Too bad it lost some of the Z1 and Z2 units like Godsigma and Gravion.

Super Robot Wars V
There are a lot of SRW games that I love, like MX, D, K, OG series and such. But for this occasion, I'll pick SRWV for two reasons:
- It's the first main entry of SRW in English
- It has friggin Space Battleship Yamato
Big Grin
Top Three Favorite SRW Games (English)

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden - PSX
- The Worldbuilding in this game is cool

Super Robot Wars A Portable - PSP
- This game is Hard.. so Hard. I like playing it. Story is good

Super Robot Wars X or V - PS4
- X or V. I just don't know which game I like more.
- Series List is great

Top Three Favorite SRW Games (Japanese)

Super Robot Wars UX - 3DS
- Demonbane

Super Robot Wars W - DS
- Took J and made it better

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 - PS2
- Just a Fun Game
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GC, followed by whichever two of Z, the original MX, UX, and W I feel like I like most at the time the question is asked.
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1. Super Robot Wars W
2. Dai-2 Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai & Saisei
3. Super Robot Wars V (Although I have a feeling T will replace it.)

Very tough for top 3. Many, if not all, SRW's ever played I've enjoyed. Even X after going for a 2nd run doing the Doakdar routes since I skipped them all the first time I played. There's UX, Dai-2 OG, J. Man so many :|.
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1. Super Robot Wars 4: It's still the first thing that comes to mind when I think of SRW.
2. Super Robot Wars Z1: I probably would have put Z3 here had it been 1 game and not two, but Z1 definitely got me hooked into this trilogy.
3. Super Robot Wars X: Possibly to be replaced by T, but Expert mode pleasantly surprised when I tried it. Plus Show in the Sirbine...
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Not 100 % sure and I may change my mind tomorrow

1. SRW Alpha Gaiden... Took everything that I liked about Alpha and made it harder...and gave it a very good story with extremely unique addition (Turn A, Xabungle and stages that are STILL absolutely memorable to me almost 19 years later. (The assault on the Titans, Mazinkaiser vs Shin Getter Robo, etc)
AND a kickass theme song (Hagane no messiah)

2. SRW Alpha This was where SRW felt like it improved drastically in terms of gameplay fun, story, and visual compared to the past SRW and was probably where the series reached it's peak in terms of popularity. Good casts... good story and so on makes this a personal favourite.

3. There 's no real SRW that stands out for 3rd place...Maybe MX, Alpha 3, Z2.1 and Z2.2 , W and maybe R. Also maybe spin off like Scramble Commander 2. These are fun and memorable over the rest of the SRW but not as much as Alpha and Alpha Gaiden.
XO (the gamecube remake, not Cross Omega), W, and maybe Alpha 2.

Honorable mentions go to MX, Compact 3, all the other Alpha games, Z2 1 and 2
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To keep this alive.

Tally (everything over 3)
W - 6
Z2 - 4
MX - 4
V - 3

Glad W is up there
Z2 had problems, but it is a better game than Z1
I really need to play MX
We seem to like V, so SRW games are not getting worse.
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