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A Nice New Interview With Toru Furuya (Amuro Voice Actor)
Always did like him. Genuinely cool guy.

And yes, he would totally beat Vegeta if he reincarnated as Yamcha.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

[Image: Signature%20ndash%20Cool%20Pegas_zpstuoxf14q.jpg]
He is a really nice guy too from what I've heard from friends that have met him at conventions, he is happy to engage with fans. IIRC, a few years ago at a US convention he was happily surprised someone brought up Kimagure Orange Road alongside Tuxedo Kamen/Mask. Usually most people focus on Gundam for him.

And his twitter account is fun too, he likes traveling and golfing, even makes jokes about Gundam and Amuro, lol.

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