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Hitman 2
[Image: WebHeader_01.jpg]
Decided to make a thread for Hitman 2, since IOI deserved to be recognized.

What is Hitman 2? Basically you're the most bald professional and effective assassin sent all over the globe to do some "cleaning". From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world's most creative assassin, Agent 47.

[Image: 04_Mumbai-1000x500.png]

Continuing on from Hitman (2016) First Season, Hitman 2 adds some new features, mainly 6 whole new locations, ability to hide in the bushes, carry a concealed weapon (sniper, usually) in a suitcase, along with blending in the crowd and two new game modes, Sniper Assassin along with Ghost Mode.

Ghost Mode
[Image: HITMAN2_Ghost_Mode_Knife-1-1000x500.jpg]
Quote:Ghost Mode challenges you to earn 5 points before your opponent by eliminating targets. To earn a point, the kill must be unnoticed and the body cannot be found for a short time afterwards. You’ll also lose a point for eliminating non-targets, so be smart and precise. Once one target has been eliminated, both players will begun the hunt again with a new target. To help you in your mission, you can pick up items, disguises and weapons from Ghost Crates. The items in each one are randomised but they are the same for you and your opponent. You can only take one item from each Ghost Crate and doing so removes that item as a choice for your opponent.

The unique twist with Ghost Mode is that each player is in their own ‘reality’, where your actions only affect your reality – but you’ll always be able to see a ‘Ghost’ version of your opponent. You’ll see exactly what they’re doing, what they’re wearing and any items they’re holding. One key strategic element in Ghost Mode is the use of Ghost Items, as these are the only way to impact your opponents reality. For example, throwing a Ghost Coin will attract attention in your reality, but will also do so in your opponents reality.

Sniper Assassin
[Image: HITMAN-Episode-5-Colorado__Vantage-Point...00x500.jpg]
Quote:HITMAN Sniper Assassin is a stand-alone experience that embraces the core elements of a HITMAN game, as seen through the sniper scope of Agent 47. You choose how and when to manipulate your environment and eliminate your targets to earn the highest score on the leaderboards. Play alone or through online co-op with a friend.

Location 1: Himmelstein - Perched in a sniper nest overlooking a lush Chateau during a lavish wedding ceremony, eliminate an international gang of thieves

At first, I thought Sniper Assassin was just a pre-order bonus. Since I bought it a little bit late, I'm surprised that I actually got that mode as well, a whole new version. In fact, the pre-order Sniper Assassin was discontinued, so I'm happy I got it.

Getting Hitman First Season in Hitman 2
[Image: HITMAN2-Gamescom-1-1000x500.png]
If you own the first Hitman, be it digitally or physically, you can actually claimed a DLC in that game. A DLC that works on Hitman 2. You'll get the whole 6 stages of the first season, depending on what version you bought, be it Complete First Season or the GOTY one (GOTY one got more contents).

In fact, you don't even have to own the first Hitman unless you're on Steam. Just borrow it from someone who bought Hitman The Complete First Season disc, install it, update it, claim the DLC, then delete the game. Do note that while this allows you to play all First Season stages in Hitman 2, your unlocks and mastery do not carry over. You'll have to replay the game again from the beginning. Which I don't mind doing, since it's quite fun.

Fun fact: You don't have to own Hitman 2 at all, just claim the DLC from the first Hitman, get the Hitman 2 prologue, and you're set to play the first Hitman with Hitman 2 engine. It's just that simple.

Updates Galore
The first update gave us a new elusive target: The Undying, starring Sean Bean.

Good old Beany has already been assassinated, so up next, we got these:
[Image: DecemberRoadmapV2-600x338.png]

I'm happy with my purchase. Big Grin
Managed to get Silent Assassin Rating on this new Elusive Target. Big Grin


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