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The Hot Deals Thread of Hot Deals
I saw something people might be interested in, which I figure is likely to get lost in other threads - so since we have individual game store threads, maybe a general one would be fine for random, occasional stuff like this. It's more prone to being regional of course, but obviously anyone should feel free to post stuff from where they're at which may be useful to anyone else there.

As for what I saw, I figure a bunch of us may be looking to watch Magic Knight Rayearth right now, which has a Region A Blu-ray from Discotek.

[Image: Y2O2amm.jpg]

It consists of the entire TV show (Rayearth + Rayearth II, 49 episodes total). There is no OVA, but that's a separate alternate story anyway.

So for US buyers, Barnes and Noble has it for $49.99, which is the best standard price I've seen online. But on top of that, if you use the code BLKFRIDAY this weekend, it'll knock another 10 dollars off, so it's only $39.99 before taxes. Pretty darn good. The only place that might compete with that is Right Stuf, but since they're starting it at 74.99 I doubt they'll do better than that (maybe the same at best).

It turns out Barnes and Nobles has some very competitive Blu ray prices, better than Amazon and other places, so if there's anything else you're looking for, it's worth checking (they have all the various Gundam stuff). The code is actually for 20% an entire order, so that could end up being even better if you're looking for a lot. They also have Gundam models, toys for Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Ghibli, etc, although stock varies.

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