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SRW T - BGM Wish List
What BGM do you want in this game?

Dunbine: Tales of Neo Byston Well
- Guardian Deity
- Last No
- Monologue wo Somete 
*Guardian Deity was last in Compact 3
*Dunbine OVA ending themes are pretty catchy

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
- Anything but Fleet Battle
* It's always Fleet Battle

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
- It's Not Anime
* I just really love the song

G Gundam
- Flying In The Sky
- Trust You Forever
* J and AP didn't have these songs, so T should have them.

Might Gaine
- Perfect Cannon theme
* Great for Perfect Cannon

- Toki no Kawa wo Koete
* This song as has to play during "Welcome Back" 

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
- Dearest
* Ending theme to Prince of Darkness

- A Rising Tide
* Ending theme, that I just like.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236

Hehe. Big Grin

Well, Domon obviously will have his Meikyou Shizui Theme.

While I love Heats and wants it in the game, please bring back "Ima ga Sono Toki da".
Mizu no Hoshi - Z Gundam needs a comeback.
Even if Season 2 might take a big bulk of Rayearth, I still want to mainly hear Yuzurenai Negai throughout the whole MKR section.

And yeah, Flying In The Sky would be nice for G Gundam. Missed that song since, like, forever.
Good thing Impact has Trust you Forever, we can just grab it over the net and use it on custom BGM. The King of Heart theme is boring for me for G Gundam.

For a change, I'd use Nu Gundam as Amuro's theme for Nu Gundam. That was last used in Shin SRW and SRWF

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