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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
So far, I'm liking:
- Anime cutscenes
- Big character picture poses
- the banter between the main OG characters
- Some of my fave units showing up early
Gameplay wise...which among the 3 is hardest???
(Yesterday, 04:53 AM)Jeck_Heck Wrote: Gameplay wise...which among the 3 is hardest???

So far seems the difficulty is close to X not crazy easy like V. All three games have a common battle system and it's easier to level up and exploit the system especially ExC and multi-action.

I'm still in the 22nd stage of T.
One of the best things in this game so far, this had me laughing hard, lol
[Image: D2RikXPWsAIpIDP.jpg]
Already the memes have come over that.

[Image: suit_yourself.jpg]
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I am loving this game so far, and it has some surprises like portraying certain characters long after their series are over and how some of them are stuggling to deal with it and their life choices especially ones that are very public, some with their romance too. HD Kirin on twitter brought that up and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Also refreshing to see actual character development with Judau, since its not exactly post series for him either and that there are interesting changes in how some of these UC series and other series have gone in this world. No actual parallel alternate worlds here outside from Dunbine/RayEarth's world I'm guessing. Just got Gaogaigar in stage 11.

This game without a doubt is far better story telling and even unit/series wise than SRW X which was a lazy isekai warp of majority post series without any substance to most of them...
Stage 28. Still the best of the VTX trilogy, and best entry point for new players at the moment.

Only missing a few music... I was forced to use bgm custom today.

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El Dorado Theme...

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