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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
At this point I feel even with the mazinger infinity stuff, we will basically only have one dimension, and that thrills the hell out of me.

This is a really interesting world setup here. Theres space colonization, but its stagnated somewhat, lots of space is rundown and earth is most rundown of all.

Earth is probably pretty shit, except for Tokyo. This probably works well both with CCA and with Devil Gundam plot. Maybe with the opposing side being that corporations from Mightgaine and Trider wanting to rebuild, and tokyo acting as an example of what earth can be again.

I dont think we will see anything approaching actual shin getters plot. Probably it will have echoes of it here and there, but itll probably be fairly different. I doubt we will see the Gou, Kei and Gai, but maybe just maybe, they could show up in Getter Emperor or something. I was really hoping to see the Stelba in this game, but I imagine thats not to be.

Im really interested in the AI in this game as well. Diva from expelled from paradise, Black Noir, Wiseman, and Frontier Setter. I wouldnt be surprised to see Ed and Angela have a lot to do with each other, and possibly for some of that to intersect with later plot.

Speaking of Diva, i wonder if they might have some arrangement with the Claw Man.

I feel like the Dunbine stuff and the first season of Rayearth will kinda play out together, and then a lot of the 2nd season of rayearth stuff will bring about the dunbine ova stuff. I think that Cephiro and the different factions coming to it could play well with some of the space travel stuff from harlock as well. Maybe even something where once the first season rayearth stuff is over, Cephiro becomes part of normal space or something strange like that.

Jupiter is really gonna be a place to look out for in this game. Nadesico's jovians, crossbone enemies, ties to gunbuster, and shin getter, huge parts of bebop take place on its moons.

So that said, I do have some hopes for the various series, mostly that we get Emma, Haman, Chara, Mashmyre, Jerid and the Deathgale Squadron all to show up, and maybe be playable. Aura Battleships would be nice, Emeraldas better show up, and we better get the Brownie
Daikessen's Shin Getter Dragon was actually one of the two original concept designs for Armageddon's Shin Dragon.
My thoughts on PV2

Mazinger Infintiy's Tetsuya's voice isn't exactly as good as the other version...(and also since he's voiced Embryo in the past 2 SRW, that's what Tetsuya now sounds more like) I wish he would have use more of his Momotaros type hot blooded voice for Tetsuya but I'll give it a chance to grow on me.

Velbine or whatever it's called that Shion's piloting is a bit of a surprise, If we don't get any combo attack for Dunbine +Billbine, I'm putting Dunbine into retirement and give it to Marvel since Shou would have his "custom" Aura Road attack if he pilots Billbine if I remember right from X.

And of course, Shin Getter Dragon from Daikessen. That was a surprise in the sense that they REALLY did it and put it in. We thought that it was a possibility from the Music list but it was more of a wish in the dark type thought. So... I hope that either this game or next game with Getter in, we get the Getter Zan and maybe the Manga+Anime hybrid version of Getter Gou (since they haven't shown any inkling of putting in TV Getter Gou at all in mainstream SRW since SRW started)

Now my thoughts are that the Shin Getter Dragon would be maybe some sort of hidden unit that you can choose ala SRW Impact whether you want Rine Weisbritter or Shin Getter. So if you choose 1. You get the normal Shin Getter Dragon that's a battleship piloted by Gou's Getter Team while if you choose 2. You get the Robot Shin Getter Dragon pilotd by Ryouma's Getter team while Gou's team continues in the Shin Getter Robo.

But I think we're not going to do that since Hayato in the PV is the younger version seen in the 1st 3 episode. and we're going to get something of an original story or a big What IF .. I don't mind these type of changes to the story this time since Shin Getter Armageddon wasn't exactly a masterpiece of a good plot. that needs to be adhered to. You pretty much watched it for the action AND we haven't had anything new for the Armageddon version since Z3 unlike Shin Mazinger which got SOME new stuff added in like Mazinger Zero/ Great Mazinger/ Mazinkaiser, etc

I loved how they did Armageddon in the Z2-1 version when it came back after SRW D. You get to pilot the original Getter like in the Toei TV version for most of the game and even get Musashi to pilot Shin Getter till the end so it was very refreshing to see. However everything after Z2 was the same old story again and again which made it boring.
Having Belbine is probably for the sake of an early joiner Shion, as Sirbine has always (C3 excluded) been treated as a step up from Bilbine (even if with nonexistent range at times) and a late-game addition, since the long past days of SRW 4.
And apropos of that, i find mildy amusing how Silky of all people is by far the more often featured character from the OVA (even in 4 and 64, for example).
It could be the other way around with the Velbine being the upgrade from Sirbine.... we know nothing about its capabilities.

I love the design, more so than Sirbine which is still a nice design. Although I kind of wished it had also ranged weapons rather than just a sword...

As for Silky, she is featured because she is the main connection from Dunbine to Neo Byston Well aside from Shot Weapon.
Eh, it seems more mechanical and with less flair in its attack that Sirbine (which will probably be mostly or completely the X version), and more similar to the original series mechs.
Was Silky in the original series? Some scenes in the fairy homeland, perhaps? I can't remember. I'd think back then she was featured just to give yet another switchable spirit bank, though. Was she plot relevant in X?
And looking at the PV again, i'm starting to wonder if they are going to do something weird with Dunbine, like having only Alan and Sheryll as part of their enemies (like Todd or Marianne in X, from what i have seen) and having the OVA as the main plot; they could even be recruitable, given that we had Jerid and Yazan and Gremy of all people in V and X and Sheryll is pretty much between Jerid and Yazan from a personality/moral standpoint (can work in an army, is not completely lacking loyalty to it, is quite bloodthirsty).
Silky was the ferrario trapped by Drake and was the one who brought Sho and the others from Upper Earth to Byston Well. She was punished by the Jacoba, leader of the Ferrario and was later reincarnated into a fairy/Mi Farrario in Neo Byston Well.

She was kind of just there in X with the Sirbine... nothing else really. Since Sho is the earlier incarnation of Shion Saba in Neo Byston Well she played the same role.
Ah, minor (but significant) and at the very start; it has been ages since i last watched the series.
Its all good, I watched Dunbine again recently because I got the Bluray boxset a few months ago.

It still holds up good. And the music/score is fantastic. Pity that the composer has barely done any other anime...
Bellvine is almost guaranteed to be the upgrade. We get Sirbine early and then an actually good Aura Battler later.

Remember, despite how SRW treats it, Sirbine’s a fucking awful Aura Battler by most standards.
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