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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
Quote:the final boss of T just came out of left field at the end
THIS. 100% THIS.
Super Expert Mode Smile
.... and still no SR Points Sad

I guess the Standard Mode all SR Point run is still the hardest mode.
I'll try it out later.
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(05-23-2019, 04:35 PM)thebigb Wrote: Super Expert Mode Smile
.... and still no SR Points Sad

I guess the Standard Mode all SR Point run is still the hardest mode.
I'll try it out later.

SR points are piss easy to get in this game, just like they usually are, and when every enemy has a CB and all the lategame ones have FUBs, and every boss that can have one has an ace bonus...
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Super Robot Wars T To Get ‘Super Expert Mode’ Difficulty In Latest Update

Quote:Upgraded Customization Parameters
To match with the new difficulty, the update adds a few new things for players to try out as well. Ally units who earn 300 kills will be elevated from Great Ace to the new Super Ace tier. Super Aces start maps with +10 Morale and earn 1.3x funds when shooting down enemies.

Additionally, certain skills are getting EX versions that are only gained by giving pilots that same skill when they have already learned the max level version previously. Special skills that were only learnable once previously are now treated as Lv 1.

Here’s the list below:

Attacker EX: Damage boosted by 1.3x when at 130 Morale or above.
Dash EX: Unit movement increased +2.
SP Recovery EX: 20 SP recovered at start of Player Phase.
ExC Bonus EX: Extra Count +3 at start of map/deployment.
Fighter’s Spirit EX: Increases Morale when deployed +20.
Break Morale Limit EX: Morale upper limit +30.
Save E EX: EN weapons cost 70% of regular EN to use.
Save B EX: 2x regular amount of ammo for ammo-based weapons.
Instinct EX: Final accuracy and evasion increased by +25% when at 130 Morale or above.
Guard EX: Reduces damage taken by 30% when at 130 Morale or above.
Lucky Star EX: Casts ‘Fortune’ Spirit upon first deployment, recasts ‘Fortune’ Spirit on the pilot at the start of every Player Phase, and adds 3000 Funds to every enemy kill.

Apart from the skills, the Pilot Level cap has been increased from Lv99 –> Lv200, Pilot Stats cap has been increased from 400 –> 999, and Unit Upgrade rank caps have been increased from 10 (15 on 3rd playthrough and after) to 20.

Well that's awesome. But I really don't want to replay the game even with these new awesome additions.
Finally, I may be getting the game in a few weeks, it's been 2 years since I've actually played SRW >_>
Ok so I finished the game and a lot of factors in the game is worth reviewing unlike SRW X last year which
didn't have much for me to think about (except that Wataru and the Mazinkaisers were awesome)

1. Systems

1a. Suborder:Suborder began in Z2 as a way to use some of the unused roster since there were too many to deploy and it's
been a staple for the Z and the VTX series since. I like that you can use it from the beginning since for the previous
games, it takes a while for the roster to bloat up BUT with the way it is now...outside of LV and Kills for individual
pilot, the act of selecting who to be in the suborder for Tacp and money feels unnecessary.It was different in the early
days (Z2,etc where the higher the level of the person doing Suborder, the more Tacp or money you get since you have to
be picky about who you put in the suborder.  I think a mixture of old and new may be best for Suborder since it's not doing
it's original purpose anymore outside of LV and Killcount.  

Ex. You can pick all pilot but if it's one you don't deploy then they gain a x 1.5 than if you select one you already deploy
and TacP & Money are affected by LV and so on so that you have to think instead of just selecting whoever.

Also the Special Order is useful but I get the feeling that it being tied to some play achievement that you need a guide
to know how to unlock isn't the way to go with it

1b. TacP Management and the 6 development bonus:
I think this game does better than V or X in terms of what is available to choose in the 6 development bonus. I think V and X was
a bit broken  regarding some of the bonus you can choose so the one in T are good enough but not too strong that it makes
the game absolutely easy on expert mode. Also the fact that the TacP needed to get the bonuses are higher than in the other two games makes it that
in my first game I decided not to complete the 6 development bonus in favor of buying special parts and upgrading my pilot
individually but that's because I was on expert in my first run and upgrading your pilot with essential skills was a priority.

1c. Shoot Down: This is a welcomed addition since it helps influence my decision whether to try dodging/tanking or counterattacking and know
that outside of criticals from the enemy side, whether my units will live or not. It also helps that, outside of boss or mooks that have high level
potentials activated, I can more accurately use lesser EN consuming attack to down an enemy. Ex. For some low HP mook, I would usually use Beam
Saber to finish them off without trying for the Vulcan since I think it may be too weak but here knowing the Vulcan can finish the enemy means
I've used it as a finishing move more time than I remember in V or X. It really is going to be annoying going back to older SRW without this function.

1d. Expert Mode: I played my first game in Expert Mode which ramps up the difficulty by giving enemy higher upgrades + Ace Bonus
+ Custom unit bonus so... it was ..sorta a way...I took advantage of enemy units's reach,command area, made sure that  those with
good barrier (Gunbuster, Sizzler) have strong armor and can support defend a lot and more but a lot of the non-fun part boil down to enemy always
hitting extremely hard and accurately due to thehem being highly modified (7 bars up)and I have to use spirit on enemy turns to keep dodging, tanking etc
that it felt a bit repetitious and not exactly thrilling like the old SRW where some units can dodge or tank for a while (being attacked consecutively
3-4 times before they start getting hit or their HP dips to dangerously low level).

I would have preferred an expert mode with maybe a bit less of enemy hitting extremely accurately
and one or two-shotting your units and more of the Alpha 3 hard where you gain will slower than in Normal mode and maybe not able to use spirit on enemy
phase. Put back Sword Cut and Shoot Down (The Gun equivalent of Sword Cut from SRW R) and that would be more of a thrilling expert mode for me.

1e. Supporter Command: This is useful...sometime, and allows non-fighting character to contribute to the gameplay but the fact that the SP Pool here
is meager and builds up too slowly, it really wasn't of much use to me WHEN I need to use it. I think that it's better than the old
3DS SRW commander/cheerleader function for non-fighters since you don't have to set people for it and some of them were just superior to others.

1f. Route Split:

The route split here are at least a bit more varied than SRW X where every split is the same in who goes where. (Every MS
goes with the Buddy Complex/G-Reco team and every Super and miscellaneous (Code Geass, Dunbine) goes with Wataru) That got
extremely predictable and boring for me fast. Here it's a bit varied where you divide between lawful team and maverick team
for some split and for some split it's UC only or UC with Nadesico and everyone else goes the other route.

Mind you it's not a perfect split in SRW T. I love SRW where there is variety and shuffling in who goes where each split so
that I can have variety.

I think a good example is something like Alpha where there's the usual three way split (MS, Super, Misc)
and Mazinger Z usually goes with the SR split but in one split... instead of having Mazinger Z go with the Super Robot,
he goes with the Misc. team instead (Stage 45 or something if I'm not mistaken) which makes it a lot more fun because of variety
in team composition.

AND the fact that the UC only  or UC+ Nadesico split is so uneven in terms of the number of aces you can field makes me wonder what the heck
were they thinking with this lopsided split. Can't they put the no-story Trider or Votoms on the UC+ Nadesico split to even it up a bit?
I mean, the UC+ Nadesico route split meant that I have a small pool of units to deploy and four or more of those UC pilots
(Mondo,Ino, Faa and Beecha)are below mediocre.

1g. Pilot locked Attack: I'm not too fond of this for units that can swap pilot. While I understand that some attack
are plot related and iconic to a certain pilot (Nu Gundam for Amuro , Mazinger Z for Kouji, Billbine for Shou). the fact
that for  Amuro and Shou who have upgrade units that they can swap to and their old units having the pilot locked
attack means that their original units can't be used as well in other pilot's hand.

It sort of coerce you to keep Amuro, Kouji, Shou in their iconic unit to get the most out of it and not swap out for the new stuff
which storywise Amuro and Shou should and we can't get to see how other pilot would do with a better machine.
(I sort of sortied Shiro in Mazinger Z and Todd in Billbine a lot too and it can be annoying seeing an attack greyed out because
the specific pilot isn't in it)

(Shou's case is also infuriating since the new Vellbine ALSO has a Pilot locked attack for him which means that either Billbine
or Vellbine would end up being a lesser unit if Shou didn't use it AND Vellbine's locked attack is a normal Hyper Aura Giri which
doesn't make sense since everyone can do it on other machines. I think Bandai Namco needs to change this if they have Dunbine return
for the next game with Vellbine. (Hope not, I've had enough of it for a while.))

I think that for the Nu Gundam..they should have given us the Nu HWS attachment afterward so that it would have stronger attack that is
on par with the final attack that you'd have if you kept Amuro in the Nu.  So that you can have Amuro in the Hi Nu as per story
and have someone else pilot the Nu and not get short changed.

Kouji is pretty much stuck to the Mazinger Z and his Pilot locked attack is plot related to him only..but if they add Mazinkaiser in next game
for him to upgrade it's going to be the Shou situation again which like I said I'm not TOO fond of.

2. Cast

The cast list is pretty good though I do have some problems with how they're animated or treated...

For Exiled from Paradise, Magic Knight Rayearth,GunxSword, Gunbuster, Harlock, I have no problem with them 90% except for the 10% annoyed that Sizzler
didn't get the Sizzler Beam attack. Also Spike's Swordfish, while fun to see was totally outclassed in the Expert mode far too often that it wasn't
that much fun to deploy him. I also didn't like that his own story wasn't as integral to the story as I originally thought (Vicious)  which isn't something I like
for a debut series.  Harlock is fine though his final attack feels really funny when done to enemy that isn't a ship. Like with Cowboy Bebop
I get the feeling that they didn't push his story as much as they should for a debut series.

G-Gundam was also ok, they did try to make a good post-plot story and it roughly succeed.While redoing a lot of its story/villain
Domon was also used well in relating to the revenge obsessed Van,Akito,etc and the early part played well with the Gundam Fighter
trying to find their worth in a world where the Gundam Fight is abolished/cancelled.

One annoyance I have with it is how high the EN cost was for the four Shuffle's mid-main attack. Also Seki and Master Asia's VA voice
performance is unfortunately a lot less than what they performed in previous SRW which is to be expected due to smoking, their age and the
stress they put on their vocal cord over the decades....though it isn't as bad as Akito's VA.

(I wonder if they're allowed to mix and match Domon and Master's voice from T with their older voice recording from Impact, F, Advance Portable
to get a sort of better performance or if it will sound weird if you do that.)

Speaking of Akito and POD... While it fit with the revenge theme...I was sort of hoping that they didn't put it in, partly because we just
had it in V with the same story. It had additional cut-in,a revised attack but...nothing REALLY new. Also since Gundam IBO is going to come
sooner or later and that deals with Mars also, it might have been worth it to wait until then to put POD in or will they put in TV Nadesico
then to mix with IBO??

Due to the deterioration of his voice as shown in BX, I don't think his VA can really do TV Akito well anymore and we'll be stuck with POD.

Regarding UC Gundam. It's been a while since we got a story FULLY deep within the Z-ZZ-CCA era. V was more Unicorn and a bit of Crossbone,
X was G-Reco,F-91 with some ZZ bits (Glemy) thrown in so I sort of like that there's a story focus for Amuro, Kamille and Judo who struggles
with their emotion during the conflict with Haman and Char's Neo Zeon. I can't say the same for the Crossbone duo though. They say that it's
post-story but Tobia seem to have regress a bit from the end of the manga. They technically did the Steel Seven Colony Laser scenario but with  
Dougachi and the rest of the UC heroes instead, I would have preferred that they took Dougachi out and put in that annoying twin boss in order
to not feel like a rehash of the first Crossbone if they say it's post-plot.

The biggest problem I have with the UC in this game is that, visually and unit wise, there is really nothing new to be excited about and that
"Trap attack" for the Hi Nu or the extra bit of animation for the Z and ZZ does not cut it. Having played Z3- X, All of the enemies, allies asset
are in the seen em all category.  We also are stuck with just the Shangrila gang ,Roux, Kamille, Fa, Amuro, Tobia and Kincaid for most of the game
for the UC offering.

(Outside of Puru who is a secret (I actually think it works well story-wise not having her automatically around to make Judo angsty)

There is nothing new from this UC period to dazzle me with since I've used them all in previous SRW. I wish they would have given us something
REALLY new, maybe a Zeta II, or a GM III or Jegan Variant or NU HWS or MP Nu or maybe new pilots (Kayla Su or Harrison), at the very least
the 2nd MP F-91 should have been in the Blue Harrison color.

As is, we're stuck UC-wise for the majority of the game with pilots and units I've already seen at least 4-5 times in older games.
In V and X we can put some of the pilot in Unicorn or G-Reco material to switch things up a bit but here we can't
and that is the major problem I have with UC in this game. It also doesn't help that the enemies turned allies like Haman, Quess, Puru II,Char
(secret or not) only joins you late in the game so you don't have much time to use them or their units.

For Trider, I'd like to think that as a reused asset, he works well playing with MightGaine and the OG but I can't remember outside of his
introduction and the DLC that I've heard about (Bonus Day) where he really shines at all. Watta might as well not be here. At the very least
they could have add one or two enemy mecha from his series and say that the UND defeated them off-screen and took some of their mecha to use
for example.

Being one of the series to be presented across 3 consecutive series along with the UC Gundam, MightGaine really offer nothing all that new. It
has a revised attack (Great Fire which goes into Great Beam,etc) but story wise with the addition of Gaogaigar, I was hoping for more cross
interaction or something better considering that it's a Post Plot story. The Post plot story we got is pretty much a rehash, diet version of the
Plot story we got in V and X. We get to fight his enemies who are up to no good again (Katherine, WolfGang) and they surrender or help you once
again after a while, fight his rival who joins you again (Joe...thankfully only one time) fight Exev and Black Noir again (only one time, and we
really didn't even have to kill Exev). We get Black MightGaine again (as a secret this time like V) The thing is we've done all that in V and X
and there really IS nothing newand distinct in Might Gaine's presentation here.

TO mix things up, I would have preferred him tied more with Gaogaigar stuff or the Mazinger stuff. Maybe pushing more in story & stages that he,Watta
and the GGG are the main force protecting Japan as their own mini-team  lot more before joining up with us so that Dr.Hell and other villains
target them to create unrest before Mazinger Z comes back from retirement and they all join the T3 team.

In hindsight, MIghtGaine should have been left out of X and made it's second appearance here since it really didn't play much plot crossovering
with the series in X (It got to redo it's plot again) By appearing in all three SRW,it's worn out it's welcome like Dancougar Nova and Macross F.

MightGaine at this point needs a rest for a while and when they use him again, his plot & interaction with other series needs to be interesting

As for Gaogaigar, it's annoying in that it's visual movement (and King J-Der's) really is quite stiff compared to previous version (Alpha 2&3, W, BX).
The storyline period (2nd half TV) was also done in it's previous outing in BX and I think compared to it, the BX one was more interesting
(Silverion Hammer and all) While I commend storywise that Gai knows of STMC before others (being an astronaut) so he ties to Gunbuster a bit
there wasn't as much cross-interaction with MightGaine or with Gunbuster or other series that I would have like that would have made this
outing as interesting as it should be. In fact, one of the backstory battle (with EI-01 & Black Noir with Trider and MightGaine involved) sounded
awesome for all three series involved and I wished that it would have been playable since you can cheese it with just EI-01 without the
four General and we already have Black Noir and other MightGaine asset)

For the Dynamic, Getter and Mazinger it's a mix bag. I like that they are having a semi-original story with Getter, though because it had
to use Armageddon as a base, you can't omit some stuff like convict Ryouma, Invader Saotome and Stinger and Cohen again. It was nice that
we got to use a version of Getter Dragon once more since Shin Getter is just beginning to be tiring. I'm hoping that if they use the Daikessen
Shin Getter Dragon again, we have the option of beign able to switch between having this version of SGD  and with the Gou team on Shin Getter
(where we get a  new attack with the Stoner Sunshine Spark where the Gou team fire Stoner Sunshine to the SGD adding to it's Shine Spark ala
SRW Advance Portable.)or the normal version where the Gou team gets the Mothership type Shin Dragon and Ryouma's team get Shin Getter.

However truth be told, I really am a little sick of the Armageddon version and would rather get the  NewGetter or Shin vs Neo version once in
a while to mix things up OR (since they're not doing the Toei version anymore) do a Daikessen/Manga hybrid version so they can use other enemies
like the Dinosaur Empire/ ONi, Bugs instead of just Invaders/Metal Beast and other Getter like Getter Zan, Super Getter Gou,etc.

As for Mazinger Infinity, I loved the movie and was a bit suprised that the version in T is a bit of a remixed story. It's ok but I really
was hoping for them to recreate a more faithful version in it's debut in the mainline game such as with the big return of Mazinger Z moment
or the Mazinger musou moment more than what we got here.Maybe next game.

The attack animation is also rather stiff compared to how Mazinger was animated in past SRW (both Toei version and Shin Mazinger version) where
most of it's attack action feel heavy,forceful and impactful. Maybe it's how the Infinity Design is stiff (I hate the fractured glass look,
too overdesigned)and I hope that they redo it in later game.

The new VA for both Kouji and Tetsuya were great in some battle dialogue and horrible in some other dialogue for me.
It's going to take a while and maybe more additional voice work to really hook me like with the past VA from Toeizinger , the OVA version and
the Shin version for Kouji & Tetsuya.

I think that for the next SRW, we should get an original story with the Grendizer (INfinity design)put in since there's already a toy for it
and Grendizer hasn't been seen for a decade.(Beside think of the old international fans this will hook.)

As for Votoms,I don't mind Chirico's addition though I hated that they had to use the version used in Z3 since the AT there were mediocre compared
to the AT he had in Z2. The full armor version here needs a Space adaptor to be useful in most stages which is space and a flight adaptor to
use his most powerful attack on flying enemies and the other AT equipment he had here (Plain/ Space, Light armor)
are just way too light in ammo to really be useful even with cartridge and a B-Save

Lastly Dunbine is a step up from SRW X tying the TV character to the OVA plot. However, I think Shion was sidelined for Shou (in a less extreme
version of how Kira took the spotlight away from Shin ) after they discovered that he was Shou's reincarnation since the Black Knight target Shou
more than Shion afterward. Maybe they should have brought Burn Burning back also in the finale or something so that each could have their own story.

3. Story

I sort of like the fact that we're just on one earth this time around instead of the multi-dimension stuff that
has been a major part of many SRW since Z. It allows for a lot of world building where various people from
different series can form previous relationship before we meet them (the Mazinger-Getter-Gundam Trio), The Double Yuusha
and bringing in Trider G7 as well as Trider's relationship companywise to Maito and the OG's company or the fact that the
Kikaijuu are dreaded monsters to many of the younger SRW pilot (Maito, Guy, the Magic Knights)since they wrecked havoc when these
people were still little kids like Shiro and that Kouji, Ryouma, Amuro and the El Dorado team are famed in universe and looked up to.)

(I also really like the fact that the El Dora team were given great respect here from the beginning by a lot of the young SR pilots here
instead of like in the GunxSword anime  where they were first seen as blow hard liar or has-been by the youngs.)

(Regarding the salaryman thing.I actually wished that they added Daiguard as well to the Trider,Mightgaine, OG trio since the asset
were there but maybe the license lasped or they don't want to redo Daiguard after Z2,Z3 since they had enough scenario for the game
and Daiguard would have been unnecessary)

Overall I find the story of the Golden era / Twilight era thing and the invasion of the UTD intriguing (with them recruiting
some of the normal series mid-boss. It hasn't been done by an OG group since the original Divine Crusader in the original SRW series
but the OG being a salaryman/women and the last boss being someone who I can't shake the feeling that he's having a mid-life crisis
longing for the glory day feels a bit...uninteresting to me.... I think that of the three VTX series ,SRW X's protagonist feels the most enticing
while V and T, while breaking the mold of not a teenage male protagonist and so on aren't all that interesting to me.

I don't know, while I'm a salaryman myself, I don't think I can relate to Saizo who is married to the job all that much. I think
Daiguard did the Salaryman as pilot better because we know a lot more about the characters outside of their jobs, while here everything
relating to Saizo seems to just BE about his job test piloting the Tyranade. We don't know about his family or much else nor does anything
else that was stated about him  (Being a former racer) make him an interesting character like Akagi and the rest of the Daiguard team/ support crew.

I haven't done Sagiri yet but she doesn't seem interesting either but then again since Mr. Debtman Crowe, I haven't exactly
found any new OG protag all that interesting.

I haven't gotten the two secret scenarios for it but I've read online about the V, X people making cameo on that stage
and I sort of have to wonder why Bandai Namco wrote it in...maybe SRW T was supposed to be grander as a culmination
of an unofficial trilogy or if it was supposed to be a special bonus if you have the save for SRW V and SRW X for the Playstation
system but they had to rearranged it since the Switch version was announced and Switch didn't have SRW V & SRW X.

Overall, SRW T is enjoyable and the majority of the cast was fun to play with. Like with SRW V and X, it's a 7-8 for me. From the
cast list here, I wouldn't mind if Gunx Sword, G Gundam  and RayEarth gets reused in later SRW  (though hopefully not like MightGaine where
they keep appearing years after years and you're tired of it)

So... looking forward to next year. Maybe they can do OG and a Special Disk of V T and X with a small 40 ep of all the series in the 3 game together (Have Shin Mazinger cast meet Infinity cast and so on)
I am not even going to remotely bother reading that entire post, but I can tell from the little portion that I did read that you didn’t look through the menus enough as there is a place where Special Orders are very clearly laid out in terms of their requirements.
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Really?? Ok. I'll take another look... after a while when I want to do 2nd playthrough.
A report from our good pal BlackKite. T is gonna get an expansion pack.
As much as I like T, I've platinumed it and moved on from it.

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