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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
SDG in Daikessen doesn't spawn the big boosters however. I could see them maybe pulling a SKL with swappable pilots with unique movesets. Give Hayato all the Drill/Speed stuff, Mushashi /Benkei the unarmed and missile moves and Ryoma the Tomahawks, Laser Cannon and beams.

More interested what it means narritively given we see Ryouma in cuffs.
DD DID have a sprite for younger Benkei, and it appears we had younger Hayato in this. Could we be witnessing pre-timeskip only?
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(01-12-2019, 03:02 AM)Mattman324 Wrote: DD DID have a sprite for younger Benkei, and it appears we had younger Hayato in this.  Could we be witnessing pre-timeskip only?

I don't think they'd skip out on Go and co but I've been wrong before. I could see it being a completely different context though. We've never actually seen Ryoma in cuffs before, right? I don't think Z2 covered that (iirc Z2 was basically covering the Moon Wars Audio Drama without actually covering it and it only got the OVA plot near the end of Hakai) and D I know for sure didn't, given D's prologue is the raid on the Saotome labs by Ryoma and co.

Perhaps Hayato forms a New Getter Team not because Ryoma goes MIA, but because he screws up?

I did just realize that they tapped Michiru's VA for DD. It theoretically could be a "What if Michiru was never infected?" route, thus not needing Saotome to go nuts while still have Invader/Metal Beast fodder to deal with. So technically, it would be pre-timeskip only.
I noticed they did a lot of polishing up in the menu. Even the map sprites for the units look updated. Battleships really look like miniature battleships, units actually look like miniature units instead of their usual chibified design. Very impressed.

Glad Getter is getting some recognition. Had a strong feeling Getter was going to get something special for T since Mazinger got it in V, Gundam got it in X with bringing back Hi-Nu & Nightengale, and more Mazinger stuff, so now it's Getter's turn. They are the holy trinity of SRW after all.

Didn't think the OG Mecha would turn out like that. Was hoping something larger than that as usual. Will have to warm up to it. Hopefully, the upgrade makes up for it, which i'm sure by the way of the design is SCREAMING for one. The main characters are awesome. Both are serious-type characters and are assholes in a way. My cup of tea.

Looking forward to this one. It's a good chance I'll enjoy it more than V, and it will definitely be way more enjoyable than X for me.
[Image: Prime_Ani.gif]
Translated info on the original characters from Siliconera.

They are indeed "salarymen". Particularly notable:

Quote:Finally, Terada explained that while the main character you choose will pilot the Tiranado, the other unpicked character will also appear in the story, but pilots the Gespenst instead.
I'm fine with the OG characters here. The male OG is voiced by Future Trunks VA. And having a bit older male OG is kind of nice too. Not Rand from Z level but a cool headed one it seems.

The detail with the not chosen other protgonist piloting the Gespenst I think is done on purpose since it would be a callback to SRW 4/F where the OG characters started off in Gespensts. Although its only the Gespenst R this time and only for the non-chosen OG character. But that is fine with me.

Atleast they won't go the tired cliche of V with Nine being the AI loli getting sentience... V's OG characters were the most bland with their story and villains too, the only thing they had going for them was the character designs... Atleast X had a troll parrot which was far more amusing, more so than its sub-par OG characters too...

Seriously... I really hope they do a better job with the OG characters this time around... V and X left me disappointment in that regard..
(01-11-2019, 12:46 PM)thebigb Wrote: Want I want for the PV

Let's see how correct I was.

Quote:Trider G7 - The Shuttle, I like this thing more than Trider itself in Z3.

Shuttle is in the game, I am happy

Quote:Dunbine - Show in the Sirbine

Nothing from Dunbine, but some random bad guys

Quote:Dunbine OVA - Shion in the Billbine

We are getting something better than the Billbine
This is much better than what I expected.

Quote:Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ - Zeta and ZZ combo attack back
Char's Counterattack - Amuro and Char's combo attack back
CCA BH - Amuro and Char's combo attack back with the Hi-Nu and Nightingale

Nope nothing...

Quote:Crossbone Gundam - Mother Vanguard

Nope nothing...

Quote:G Gundam - Shining Gundam

No... ok then

Quote:VOTOMS - The Plane from OE

No Plane, he is a Support.
While I like the new Support System, it means no plane

Quote:Might Gaine, GaoGaiGar - Brave Combo

Ane nothing

Quote:Cowboy Bebop - The Bebop

No Bebop, I don't think it will even be in the game.
The Crew are all assist attacks for Spike

Quote:Gunbuster - Buster Machine 3

Jutipter is ok.. so don't think we are getting that

Quote:The Prince of Darkness - Gekinganger 3


Quote:Shin Getter, Mazinger Infinity - Final Dynamic Speical

Shin Getter G, I am way more happy about this

GUNxSWORD - Van and Ray combo


Expelled from Paradise - Frontier Steller has a Sub pilot

He is a part of her attacks, Frontier Steller may end up being a Support pilot.
Glad he is in the game.

Very happy with the PV.

OG cast looks good
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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Here's a video showing off what Shin Getter Dragon could do back in Daikessen:
Man... I am actually excited for SRW T for real after seeing this PV. Everything just looked really solid in it. Animations gave me hope for seeing some really cool attacks in the game. I fell in love with the OG characters instantly because I really like them being quite ordinary. Robot looks really cool as well!

Having 3D on a map in SRW was quite some time for me now (haven't played either X or V) so that feels a little extra spicy for me personally. The systems in place feels interesting, do we however know anything about any squad systems yet?

The huge sprites during dialogues is a godsend as well, they look amazing! Where they this big in X and V as well?
3D Maps were in V and X.

As for the portraits? Not to that extent in other recent games...

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