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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
Yep, seems like heads of gone nova here too.
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
That's Getter Robo Daikessen's Shin Getter Dragon [Edit:Confirmed by Terada] it looks like it doesn't even transform into 2 or 3.

Is it me or overall animation is sluggish I was worried having the game on Switch would reduce the overall quality.
(01-11-2019, 08:00 PM)Kicksville Wrote: Shin Getter Dragon O_O

Yes, THAT Shin Getter Dragon, not Shin Dragon - Ryoma in it

There seems to be a new system involving skills given by various side characters (Ed, the VOTOMS side crew, etc)

Shin Getter Dragon is shown piloted by Hayato with a drill and a Shin Getter 2 style backpack - is that how it always worked...?

Are they cheating with this, by the way? Usually there's always some kind of hint in the series list...this looks like the Daikessen one.

EDIT: Beat me to it...guess it is...? I wonder what the story to this is.
Anyway, the OG seems quite boring
(01-11-2019, 08:26 PM)MegaMustaine Wrote: Anyway, the OG seems quite boring

I do wish the the designers would look at past installments and realize, yes, there's a bit of a surplus of Cool Black Real Robots...
It's always a SRW tradition that Tetsuya is gonna have more roles than what the original series gave him.

Also we didn't see Master Asia or Schwarz... bad feelings abound.
[Image: jp8I1os.jpg]

Getter Robo Daikessen was mentioned by name to boot.

Announcer in the commercial announces "TERADA!" in it. Huh.

JAM Project song is called Tread on the Tiger's Tail. Get it? GET IT???

Also looks like some Cross Omega stuff for you nerds. EDIT: Galaxy Angel added to that, see relevant thread.


Notably, by the way, Shion from New Story of Dunbine is piloting something that isn't Sirbine:

[Image: tZYA6Es.jpg]

They're promoting a toy of it on the stream.

[Image: mZ6nPHb.jpg]

"Bellbine" or something?

There's also another unit shown I don't recognize, and the green one in Billbine colors.

[Image: dCRFY4O.jpg][Image: If8gxyB.jpg]

The original characters:

[Image: QCMTYJZ.jpg]

Described as "salary man" in the stream. The male protag is shown as also being able to pilot the Gespenst in the trailer.
(01-11-2019, 08:25 PM)Devilman Wrote: Is it me or overall animation is sluggish I was worried having the game on Switch would reduce the overall quality.

Both X and V were Vita/Ps4 and geared to Vita's performance at the base, so it wouldn't make sense for a Switch SRW to be worse; i don't really see anything wrong with the attacks shown in the PV2, except one or two uninspired ones.

Jung Freud and Dunbine Ova antagonist are both there, that's nice. And they finally took some liberties with Getter Armageddon.
I'm more interested in the Supporters system, as it might have the potential to break the game over your knee if you use it right.
The non-Sirbine unit is the Bellvine. It's one of the Aura Phantasm units alongside Sirbine and Zwauth.

Regarding Shin Getter Dragon; it technically does appear in Armageddon/Change, albeit in a different form. The Shin Dragon in Change is a combination of two different units; that being the guardian serpent Uzahra as well as Shin Getter Dragon's upper half. I am curious of how they'll handle it though; if it'll be an upgraded form of Shin or if they're bringing back swappable Getter pilots like in D and this is simply the Old Getter Team's version of Shin Dragon while the New Getter Team can still use Shin.

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