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Super Robot Wars T - 2019, PS4 and Switch
The UI is different. That has to be fake.
Yeah I check the trailer and the UI is different that’s why I realise it’s fake
The UI is different, the animation style is completely different from what SRW uses, and most importantly we know what Death Army grunts look like thanks to the PV, and that’s not it.

Looks neat though.
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Just a reminder that PV2 drops tomorrow morning depending on where you live.
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
Back after a long time! Hoping to post more this time. Let's see of this PV will deliver Smile
Want I want for the PV

Trider G7 - The Shuttle, I like this thing more than Trider itself in Z3.
Dunbine - Show in the Sirbine
Dunbine OVA - Shion in the Billbine
Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ - Zeta and ZZ combo attack back
Char's Counterattack - Amuro and Char's combo attack back
CCA BH - Amuro and Char's combo attack back with the Hi-Nu and Nightingale
Crossbone Gundam - Mother Vanguard
G Gundam - Shining Gundam
VOTOMS - The Plane from OE
Might Gaine, GaoGaiGar - Brave Combo
Cowboy Bebop - The Bebop
Gunbuster - Buster Machine 3
The Prince of Darkness - Gekinganger 3
Shin Getter, Mazinger Infinity - Final Dynamic Speical
GUNxSWORD - Van and Ray combo
Expelled from Paradise - Frontier Steller has a Sub pilot

On my to watch list I have Rayearth and Arcadia of my Youth left to watch.

Trider is also on that List, but I have no place to watch it and it's not even subbed.
(my government even stop the website I can torrent the raws from, but not the torrent itself.)
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My body is ready!!! I'm watching Mazinger Z Infinity,it seems to go well with dimensional disasters….We will have a dimensional traveler as OG character?
Here we go

Shin Getter Dragon O_O

Yes, THAT Shin Getter Dragon, not Shin Dragon - Ryoma in it

There seems to be a new system involving skills given by various side characters (Ed, the VOTOMS side crew, etc)

Shin Getter Dragon is shown piloted by Hayato with a drill and a Shin Getter 2 style backpack - is that how it always worked...?
WTF,Shin Getter Dragon without the Dragon part? :O Are you kidding me?

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