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Telltale Games undergoing bankruptcy proceedings :(
Actually the choices did matter, usually at the end (I think four endings in the first walking dead game series) or the Joker thing in the Batman Games (which can SEVERELY change how the last game goes).
The Borderland games had changes too, especially in the last one. I'll avoid details due to spoilers.
To be honest I actually only played the Batman and Borderland Games but my friend adored the Walking Dead Games.
I've heard good things about the Wolf Among Us and the Back to the Future game by Telltale, although those were made not too far after the 1st Walking Dead game but also before they started going crazy with multiple projects at once I think. Game of Thrones one I heard was ok, not bad but not really memorable either.
The worst one is probably Jurassic Park. XD
Yeah that one is quite forgettable, but the Guardians of the Galaxy one was pretty bad too. Batman was pretty disappointing too, and there were high expectations from that one.

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