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Telltale Games undergoing bankruptcy proceedings :(
#1 @gamedailybiz

BREAKING: @telltalegames' games are being removed from @steam_games, which led us to discover that the company is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.

324 6:28 AM - Nov 15, 2018

Oh my, there goes another game developer. Sad
I've yet to play some of their games in my library like Game of Thrones and Tales from Borderlands.
No more Telltale Batman I guess.
This was announced like 2 months ago. Everyone got fired, no one got severance packages b3cause they went bankrupt, and people who bought the season pass for the walking deads last season got screwed because all episodes aee now cancelled.
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Maybe a new developer will pick up The Walking Dead's last season?
One could hope so.
IIRC, the Netflix Telltale whatever it is is still in development, everything else is pretty much canned. Telltale took on too many projects at once and their quality of product decreased a lot by dividing up their talent. A lot of games in the past few years did not do so well. Bad management and misuse of funds did them in.
They were into quantity over quality. And every game they sold sold significantly less then the previous one. They were at the point where theu were rushing out 4 to 6 games a year. The best derps and Woolie being an idiot aside, this pretty much fills in a lot.

No one would pick up TWD since it just didnt sell to begin with. Not to mention the tv ratings have been getting worse each season as well. Albeit the games and series have no connection
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A quote from this article seems particularly revealing:

Quote:"Telltale Games often got knocked for being very buggy and having a lot of frame skips," said Buck. "Yes, we had some of those, but a lot of the time what people thought were frame skips or buggy parts of our engine, were actually scenes that had gotten redone so last minute, that there was no time to smooth out the cinematography or the animation.... what you were seeing was not a product of a buggy engine, but buggy management system."

Yeah ... reading about this in the last few months is kinda disturbing. I always quite enjoyed the games but it seems I gave my money quite a shitty company Sad (not the devs).
On a side note the last two episodes aren't canceled anymore but will be handed by Skybound games who also last time I checked try to get some of the original staff for that.
I never went beyond the first walking dead. Partly because Lee was best MC and I never cared about Clementine.

And also because all Telltale games were the exact same BS where most choices dont matter and youre always railroaded into the same paths. Similar to almost all of David Cages garbage game. (Except Detroit which was amusing).
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How was the Game of Thrones games?
i was excited about them back when i was marathoning the TV Show but the last few seasons made less excited.
Not good from what I hear since they were severely limited in what they could do with a still on going franchise.

I think I got it ages ago but never started it.
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