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13 Sentinels Aegis Rim
Vita version of Vanillaware's upcoming game has been cancelled and is confirmed to be PS4 only for the time being. No update on game's release.

No surprise Vita is cancelled since the system is on its way out in Japan. As for the game's release? Given that Vanillaware is a pretty small developer studio and was working on Odin Sphere Leifthraser on PS4/Vita and also did a simple remaster of Dragon's Crown, it makes since this game's release was pushed back. They can take their time with this game, I enjoy their games a lot.

I doubt a Switch version is happening, since Vanillaware is a small studio and doesn't have much resources to make a Switch port cause the Switch is a very different machine to program compared to the PS4 which they are used to working on, although Atlus can help, they don't have much experience with the Switch either outside of the upcoming SMT game.
I don't really remember much about 13 Sentinels except that they pilot the mechs nude.

Sad to see the Vita go. And my Vita is collecting dust already Sad

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