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Tales of...
(11-15-2018, 09:21 PM)Top Nep Wrote: Though might be more remasters for Destiny and Phantasia.

*waves a little flag for this possibility, no matter how remote*
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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Tales of Vesperia HD is coming out this week and there is still a Tales event planned for June of this year. So atleast we have SOMETHING to keep us busy.

I wouldn't mind a Graces F HD version. Add in the JP voices and maybe even some of the anime costumes that were Japan only like the Geass ones although I'm a bit skeptical about those ones.

Graces F was a fun game, the combat was great (easily one of the best in the Tales franchise) and I liked the story too, the F epilogue was a good wrap up.

Vesperia I believe people like more because of its characters which is very true. Plot I thought was good but the interactions of Yuri and Repede are the main spotlight. Looking forward to playing that again this Friday with the extra stuff from the PS3 JP version. I still have my strategy guide from the 360 version but that guide is quite useless for sidequests about 2/3 into the game...

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