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Super Robot Taisen stream Nov. 19
my impression is that basically Cross Omega keeps SRW alive as well
Its never too late to start loving again

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I personally think people are losing interest in the series as they get older, and mecha is becoming more of a niche too. These aspects are likely a reason for the decline in sales. Gundam games are no different either. And there were plenty of stinkers in previous gen systems mecha games yet people still played them.
Sales are low across the board for most things these days. A product like SRW though is at more a risk than other franchises though with consistently low sales due to the licensing cost of series. Thankfully X-Omega can help fund the franchise at this point, which is why even if you don't like the mobile game (or mobile games in general), you should still be happy about it or else you'd be stuck with a bunch of mediocre OG games or no games at all potentially.
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