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Super Robot Taisen stream Nov. 19
I actually thought Outlaw Star would make it in before Cowboy Bebop. Go figure!

From previous page:
SRW T on PS4 and Switch

Getter Armageddon
Might Gaine
Z Gundam
ZZ Gundam
Char's Counterattack
Char's Counterattack Hi Nu Gundam thing
Trider G7
Three VOTOMses are back
All the Crossbone Gundam stuff is back

Returning New:
Nadesico Movie
Gun x Sword
G Gundam
Actual Dunbine OVA (not just units only)

Mazinger Z Infinity
Expelled from Paradise, that one CG movie written by Buchi, is in
Cowboy Bebop
Harlock SSX
Rayearth TV
I am very happy with this list, also expected Outlaw Star before Bebop, lol
I have not been this hyped for an SRW since Z2
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Really a good list,some unexpected new series with some good return. I like very much Gundam G
Technically, " Dunbine OVA is back " too. (It was in Compact 3, units, story and all).

Oh, Skullheart and Steel Seven are again Unit only. Pity.
Well shit, another sprawling Leiji Matsumoto work to be added to the anime backlog...
Ahh, thanks for the catch there.

Although LOL @ having way more good alternate world stories this time, but Wataru is absent... <_<
Surprisingly more Super robot series than I thought
Wait, seriously... RAYEARTH?!?! That's something I always hoped for but never expected to see. GaoGaiGar, Nadesico and Gunbuster are back, yay! Harlock and Cowboy Bebop? Uh... okay? I mean they are good shows, but... this just feels too weird.
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Super Robot Wars DD announced??? With Devilman in it???? O_O

Also Valvrave

Looks like a legit SRW on a phone. Has a bunch of originals shown. 2019 Google Play and App Store.

Sprites appear to be constructed out of pre-rendered elements. Couldn't tell at first, but fairly obvious after a while.

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