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Super Robot Taisen V
(Yesterday, 11:56 AM)yazi Wrote:
Spoiler Show
There are MULTIPLE dimensions going on, not just Cross Ange's, like how SRW Z1 had 3 dimensions.

Spoiler Show
It actually had at the very least five of them. Land's, Setsuko's, the SEEDverse + Orguss, Aquarion, E7's, and I think like one other one as well.

We've got our first secret unit nearly confirmed now, anyone who knows a little about Might Gaine probably knows who it is.
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Good! Would've been blatantly absurd not to have that particular secret, but...good!
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(Yesterday, 04:03 AM)ryoga316 Wrote: Japanese companies don't really recognize Fair Use. This is based on my personal experience when Sony and Bamco did block some of my SRW videos, while TMS landed a copyright strike on me for my Lupin III Part 4 review, even though I never used actual clips.

Japanese hates spoilers, period. In fact, this is one of the worst things (AFIK and based from what I read in the net) you can do against a Japanese with spoiling the ending of some movie, TV or game. In fact, there's many laws there that prevent Japanese VAs to spoil anything about the work they're working on it (according with the anime series Sore ga Seiyuu!) and many Japanese companies took many pains to prevent spoilers from their own countrymen, and foreigners too 

(Yesterday, 11:09 AM)crazyidiots Wrote: Interesting. I figured the concept of fair use would be quickly spread to major countries with certain exceptions depending on the country and material. Even then I have no idea of the extent of Japan's fair use clauses if they do exist considering that there are works such as doujins that use copyrighted material and what not.

 Indeed. About the whole sharing thing with the PS4, certainly it was made for non-Japanese use in mind. In fact, while the console was made in Japan, design-wise it was made by Sony's American branch. The reason for this is because the Japanese VG industry is moving towards mobile gaming and dedicated home consoles are starting to fall out from favor for the Japanese for many reasons, in contrast with the U.S. and many other countries, that I'm not going to detail here.
(Yesterday, 03:39 PM)Kicksville Wrote: Good! Would've been blatantly absurd not to have that particular secret, but...good!

Well, there was an existent chance of it just not being in the game in general, given that it was a one episode thing, but fortunately it's in.

Now come on, Kouchou, you can pull your way in too!
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The translation seems really good from what I read on 4chan. They even correctly spelled Roche Saber. Awesome!
Also a Huckebein Ka Signature (so it should be a Robot Spirits) was announced, as well as a new pilot designed by Sachiko Kohno, so she came back! Two dreams became reality! Yesterday was indeed a great day!!!!! Now I'm waiting for the game from Play-Asia.
I unfortunately had to work today, so the FedEx wasn't properly delivered, so I'm going to have to go through that pain...

So, yeah, trying to figure out my "preferred roster" for this. I know the Originals (first time in a long time they're going to be a priority launch for me), the cast of Might Gaine, Getter Robo, Ange and the Aestivalis team will be on there. I will probably try the new Mazingers, but not sure I'm going to priority launch either of the new ones, and the Gundams is probably going to favor Crossbone and Hathaway's Flash MS.
Quick first impression

The game is pretty good...though pretty Yamato centric for the 6-7 stages that I'm in.
The Yamato is probably the strongest ship I've seen so far in the series, even the Nadesico in SRW J where it was very good (for me) doesn't come close.It deals more damage than Getter/ Great so far.
I really like the focus on Single units though everything seems to use either EN/ bullets, there seems to be no freebie weapon so I'm seeing units run low on energy a LOT.

There is now a gallery of save skit quit so that you can view them...I wonder why they didn't think of this sooner.
A lot of new unit's sprite (Crossbone, F-91, Great) seems to be pretty stiff in movement unlike the things ported over from Z3/Z2. It feels pretty jarring.
While I like the new TACP for allowing us to buff whoever we want...the fact that I have to gain some skill (that I may not want to waste TACP on opening the route) is annoying... and the skill tree seems pretty limited...
There are some units with not much new animations, just straight from Z3.2.. I was hoping for at least some tweaks and a new attack or 2.
Captain Okita being level 10 at the start while everyone else is level 1 is a good touch.
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So you can use seishins during the enemy's turn now o_o.
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