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Super Robot Taisen V
does this game have the horrible squad system from Z3?
Nope! Single Units!
(07-22-2017, 08:47 PM)GigaHero Wrote: Nope! Single Units!

It's a nice step back to the old days before squad systems took over, it's a refreshing switch.
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you've been staked.
I managed to finish the game only yesterday night. It was quite the experience. I got all the SRs, the true ending and all the secret units except Jill.
But the best part was being able to follow the story and the evolution of the characters.
I knew only partially the various plots so it was nice seeing how they interacted. I did not like how they concluded the plot for FMP duing the last stages, but in the end everything was really cool.
I hope the translation wasn't something related only to the anniversary. Let's wait for the new chapter on console!
Yep, I'll definitely continue to buy and play the series so long as it's translated like this.
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