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Super Robot Taisen V
(04-12-2017, 05:39 PM)Folka Wrote: I was able to start playing V only yesterday. Stage 3 right now. Loving it. Just a question. If I wanted to buy the DLC stages, would I have some restrictions (activation codes etc)? Or can I just buy them? I created a Singaporean account just to play Enghis versions of Bandai Games (next will be Gundam Versus)

Only restrictions the DLC stages have is that you have to reach a certain point to unlock the ability to play them
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After finally finishing V, here are some of my comments on it.

The game is a return to form after the 2 Z3 game which I consider very abysmal in terms of story flow and gameplay. V is more fun to play and enticing even though roster-wise Z3 feels like it should be more fun.

The newcomers like Mightgaine, Yamato and CrossAnge plays major part in the story and pretty much dominates it MOST of the time. Even Hathaway’s Flash which didn’t have its story done had the story referenced as a cautionary tale for the Hathaway that the game gave us as a player unit and we did get a VS.Penelope anyway so I’m not bummed that there isn’t a story for Hathaway’s flash because you really can’t follow the story much.

The OG chara of Souji and Chitose feels BETTER to me than that of Hibik in Z3 or Youta from BX since they’re fresher in terms of variety but their motivation to be in the story seems tied to the Yamato plot. Also the villain and their involvement in the plot feels very bare-boned…minimal. It felt that they were the final boss because they were lucky and survived after you’ve already defeated Embryo, Leonard, and the others that were responsible for the crisis plaguing your three Earth.

Also, as some people stated elsewhere, I wonder if they didn’t just start making the story with just one protagonist (probably Souji) and later decided to make the other one (Chitose) playable as well because while I’ve only played Chitose, some part of the story felt that it fits Souji more while other part felt like it fit Chitose more. I think Advance did it better with the Lamia-Axel duology where the protagonist you didn’t choose can both feel right as your team’s antagonist.

The extra OG protag don’t really have much of a story but I don’t think they need one since they are extras AND more like how your OG in SRW 4 or F doesn’t have much backstory outside of their personality quirk.

Systemwise, I think making the game just single units instead of pairs/group was better since the fight mechanic with partners were horrible in Z3. Being able to use your seishin during fights on enemy turns also make it a little easier but with the way things were in Z3 with all the enemy skills making Reals like the Gundams almost useless in later stages, it was welcomed.

However without something of a team system, if you rotate the deployment list (outside of the forced deploy) a lot of time, you may go 3-4 stages without reselecting a pilot. I think they need to increase the number of pilots for the Sub System, instead of 5, make it 7 or 10 as your group grow. Also, the fact that the money and TacPoint earned from the Subsystem are now fixed instead of increasing with pilots levels means that it didn’t matter who you picked unlike with the level or amount of kills where you can focus on levelling up the characters that are at the bottom of the scale level wise and kill wise in your group.

I do like the change made to the pilot modification in terms of Factory but really didn’t like that there was a fix route of skills you had to purchase first before you could get the one you want (although it really didn’t matter after you were past the midpoint since you had enough TacPoint to buy all the skills in the route but it still bugged me)

The game also combine the plot of the various series quite well, although I felt that the cast is a little too light in Super Robot and it could use one or two more in my eyes. Also every series feels like they have a chance to shine plotwise / focus wise whether with it’s own story like Yamato, Cross Ange, Eva, Mazinger or so on or as support like Daitarn 3 with Mightgaine, Zambot 3 with Nadesico & Mightgaine, the UC Gundam cast with Unicorn and the AU Gundam like DoubleO/ Seed with Cross Ange. However the weakest one storywise I think, is Zambot 3 since their story as support for MightGaine/ Nadesico was that they were helped by the Nadesico team and Mighto and that’s all…

Overall I think that V earns an 8/10 for me. Recent normal SRW like the two Z3, BX and so on either have lots of problem with me storywise/gameplay wise (Z3) or have parts that are BORING to me/ felt tedious in some part (too easy, stage objective very repetitive and so on) that I stopped for a while to play some other games before finishing it (BX) but V was refreshing enough for me to be able to play and clear it in one go enjoyably.

I hope that this isn’t a fluke but a return to form for SRW games.
PS.Now that Yamato made it in, we’ll probably see something like Captain Harlock or other ship-centric anime make it in. As long as they have enemies that you can fight with robot, I’m pretty sure the sky’s the limit. Makes me wonder what will be the WTF entry for the next game (I’m not counting X Omega, that thing had too many WTF entries like Godzilla vs EVA, Crayon ShinChan and Sakura Wars already and it’s not a traditional SRW )…

My best 3 guess are
1. Transformers
2. Super Sentai/ Ultraman…or any Tokusatsu (This includes Godzilla)
3. Doraemon
The bar has been raised considerably
I think because of Yamato being in SRW V, it can help open up other mecha like shows with ships like Infinite Ryvious and especially Outlaw Star. Outlaw Star could work very well because its especially a mobile armor.
(04-15-2017, 12:40 PM)yazi Wrote: I think because of Yamato being in SRW V, it can help open up other mecha like shows with ships like Infinite Ryvious and especially Outlaw Star. Outlaw Star could work very well because its especially a mobile armor.

Ryvius isn't that out there, it's got similar mech focus to Nadesico.
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Yeah but mecha were a primary focus in Nadeisco more compared to Ryvius which was a ship that had a mech tethered on to it. Starship Operator was a ship focused show that could also work for SRW.

But Yamato is extremely popular although its plot might be difficult to do in future SRW games due to interstellar travel, compared to SRW games which the majority of the time take place on Earth. Not to mention the settings of Yamato too...
Yamato, in my opinion, (at least the 2199 version) would dominate any SRW it is put in because it's plot isn't something you can write off too much or give very little focus on. I haven't seen the sequel 2202 so I don't know if it can be something akin to Endless Waltz or Trailblazer for Yamato (where they can pretty much put it in any game)
(04-15-2017, 03:43 PM)nitake92 Wrote: Yamato, in my opinion, (at least the 2199 version) would dominate any SRW it is put in because it's plot isn't something you can write off too much or give very little focus on.

Obviously they just run it with Goldran.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
Like I said, plot wise it'll be harder to do Yamato in SRW because of the space travel which its plot is based on. And the ruined Earth thing seems like it can tie with Evangelion and Gundam X/Xabungle.

But the SRW writing team have done pretty well so far and they usually do a good job trying to fit things in.
In my opinion, V is definitely much more fun to play than Z3 (which was getting stale).
But, for the English SRW, V is also very much easier than TMD. I feel that TMD's SR Points are ridiculously hard.
I really should've gotten all the skill points if not for the fact I missed two points thanks to the translation team mistranslating the friggin condiiton (and I failed to notice).

Also I managed to introduce one of my non SRW gamer to SRWV. He likes it! He even named Souji "Miguel C. Rojo". Big Grin
Finished the game. Ruri got like almost 300 kills. XD
[Image: _srwvdj6f.jpg]

Anyway, anybody got the opening and ending song in mp3 format?

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