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The Haunting of Hill House - Great Halloween Month Watch

Twenty-six years ago, residential contractor Hugh Crain and his architect wife Olivia decided to try to remodel and flip a century-old mansion known as Hill House. They moved in early in the summer along with their five children (Steve, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Nell), and that's when things immediately started to get bizarre. Because it turns out that the House has a history of deaths and disappearances...

The story flips between the past and the present-day, as those who escaped the House many years ago struggle to cope with the aftermath... particularly when someone in the family is called back to the structure and the Crain family becomes entangled with it all over again.

There's not much horror movies that can creep me out, but this Netflix series can.
Up to episode 7 now. I highly recommend it.
Apparently, this is the first season. Since the Crain family's story is resolved, I wonder what the second season will be about. Maybe a better version of the 1999 film, The Haunting?
The only way for them to make a second season (since the story is basically concluded for the Crains), is to make a group of students doing an experiment in the house. Which is basically what The Haunting was. So yes. XD
I'll be rewatching it again to look for the hidden ghosts.

Some of the cast (the Crain family) expressed interest in returning for the second season. I'm speculating it'll be the dad, mom, and twin sister.
If anything, I think
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Steve will be returning since he could probably be looking for things to write in his new book.

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